One way of seeing the world is competing mafias:
- Most won't harm children directly (i.e. they have some limits).
- Reach a tacit settlement with society to manage "difficult" businesses (narcotics, prostitution, gambling).
- Aren't keen on being wiped out by genocidal maniacs.
You don't need to see the world in terms of pure evil vs absolute goodness to realise that a child-torturing, omni-industry, genocidal supermafia might not go down well with the "ordinary" mobsters — who would unite to fight it.
It's also not hard to see how a death cult would be ideal for maintaining total secrecy, vetting psychopaths for admittance, and staying "incredible" (hence invisible) to normal people. These dynamics are "baked in"; extremity always wins in a competition of criminal wrongdoing.
If humans are the host and the mob is the parasite, the #DeepState Cabal seems to me to have worked over a long time to free itself from the need for the host's society. Slaves, food, lab rats: as long a they got what they needed, the rest of civilisation was superfluous to them.
Several people have said to me that once you see what's been going on, so much of life and society makes more sense; everything "fits". We were the spiritual and semiotic equivalent of innumerate and illiterate people, unable to "read" the world around us and its "power symbols".

• • •

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22 Sep
Imagine two people with t-shirts on, one has the number "1" printed big, and the other "7". They stand next to each other. It is another number — and a political message. You could ban shirts with both digits, but you cannot censor all sub-assemblies of information.
Information can be seen through three "lenses":
- Intentional semantics - what idea did you want to convey?
- Denotational semantics - how did the idea get turned into a message?
- Operational semantics - how do you physically pass the message?
Let's look at our t-shirt example…
The intention might be "express public support for a certain 'fringe debunked conspiracy theory 😎'". The denotational encoding is a notorious number between 16 and 18. The physical expression is two t-shirts with a "1" and "7" on them.
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20 Sep
You cannot just “turn off tyranny”, since a sizeable chunk of the population actively welcomes it. Rescuing the public from despotism (without it being demanded) turns the rescuer into a new persecutor, and the rescuees (now denied their place in the autocracy) into new victims.
We are going through a paradoxical process whereby the tyranny has to not just manifest, but also absurdly overreach its claim to authority. The loss of freedom and harm done is very real, but without the painful experience a “new new normal” (i.e. genuine freedom) cannot stick.
If genocidal maniacs have a “lockstep” plan to impose medical martial law, you can bet that good people in the military will have worked tirelessly to infiltrate, sabotage, and hijack it. Allowing a limited rollout exposes all the devious plotting creeps to truth and justice.
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19 Sep
Many of us have done an open-minded, diligent, and evidence-based review of our understanding of world affairs and high level crime. For this we are defamed and smeared by the corrupt media as extremists, dangerous, cultists, “far right”, fantasists, and “conspiracy theorists”.
One of the sad burdens in this “silent war” is how propaganda turns family and friends against those who have an independent outlook and reach different conclusions. We are relentlessly mocked or ostracised for daring to investigate anomalies and question the motives of powerful.
Spiritual warfare is a constant struggle against the pain of being rejected and ridiculed for what ought to be laudable curiosity, freedom of thought, and diversity of belief. The non-physical nature of the chronic pain doesn’t stop it from hurting. Is slow torture to break you.
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11 Sep
Our world is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle where the media gives us an inverted picture on the box. Eventually life experience tells you the sea is below the horizon, and the sky above; so one piece must be upside down. But then it doesn't fit the rest of the puzzle, so… (THREAD)
…you begin looking at adjacent pieces, and find the are the wrong way up too. And you find other scattered pieces that cannot be the way the box lid tells you. Eventually you realise that the box picture is reversed. But then there's a problem…
…you try to point out to someone that a piece of their puzzle is upside down, but they tell you that cannot be, since it fits with all the other pieces around it. Their frame of reference is the box lid, not reality of that which was photographed originally. They must…
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11 Sep
In order to leave the "Cult of #QAnon", what do you have to believe? That Kevin Clinesmith is innocent? The @ClintonFdn is just bad at admin, not corrupt? Mueller really found Russian Collusion™ in Trumpville? There is a happy reason the media covers for Epstein/Maxwell clients?
We have entered a period where many people, often of good intent and who wish no harm, have invested themselves completely in the #OrangeManBad propaganda narrative. But this is objectively discredited by reality: no WW3, good economy until China virus, support from minorities…
When people are anxious they tend to behave badly; when fearful, they can behave appallingly. The #FakeNews media has whipped up a tornado of trouble, making normal people see everybody else as a vector of infection. Dissenters are enemies, and dehumanised as a cultural disease.
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10 Sep
A good person of faith recently wrote to me challenging my assertion that treason justifies the death penalty, even for those who feel "thou shalt not kill" applies. Here is a thread given the reasons why treason morally necessitates a different treatment "plain old murder".
Those charged with treason will typically have taken an oath of office. They are charged with the safety of others, and can order people into situations where death is possible. There is a voluntary undertaking of the death penalty (in most cases where treason applies).
Treason is associated with a "ruin risk" for society, as traitors can lead to societal collapse. A murder can kill a few people, a traitor can lead to the deaths of millions. Traitors cannot be allowed to reoffend. There is a category error in comparing treason to murder.
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