Hijacking of architecture: Mughals
So first time when I visited place called Mandu, I was told that it's the center of How glory of Mughals started.
But the most striking feature to me was the beheaded statues of Hindu Gods on almost all the walls,
Or joined upside down.
Mandu is a classical example that proves that Mughals knew no architecture, it was just hijacked, & historians payed to repaint it for glorification.

Mandu or Mandavgad is an ancient city in the present-day Mandav area of the Dhar district, M. P.
Evidence show a flourishing city in 6th Century.
In the 11th century, Mandu was the sub division of the Tarangagadh or Taranga kingdom.

An inscription discovered from Talanpur (around 100km from Mandu) states that a merchant named Chandra Simha installed a statue
in a temple of Parshvanatha located in the Mandapa Durg.
While "Durg" means "Fort", the word "Mandu" is a Prakrit corruption of "mandapa", meaning "hall, temple".
The inscription is dated 612 VS (555 CE),
Confirming it's ancient glory

In 1305, the Muslim Sultan of Delhi
Alauddin Khalji captured Malwa, the Paramara territory. Ayn al-Mulk Multani, newly appointed Gov of Malwa,sent to expel the Paramara king Mahalakadeva from Mandu.
& to "cleanse that place from the odour of infidelity".
Read it as "Kafir"
With the help of a spy, Multani's forces found a way to enter the fort secretly. Mahalakadeva was killed while attempting to flee, on 24 November 1305.

So they recaptured the architecture present.

I will be sharing few pics.
It won't take u to be an engineer to realize
That the arches, domes pillars, & intricate carving of flowers are so Indian, that u can see the similarities in all temples across India.
Similar ones are also present in the claimed Mughal ones.

So what's the difference?

In the pic here is Hoshang's Tomb,
Also called the Mini Taj Mahal or it's template.
It's made of unpolished marble, internet & modern historians claim it to be first architecture of Marble.

Now let's go back earlier, to 3rd century, before Alexander attacked India.

This is a pic of inscription
Era of Ashoka
The Aramaic Inscription of Taxila, written in Aramaic, probably by the Indian emperor Ashoka around 260 BCE, the official language of the Achaemenid empire, which disappeared in 330 BCE

So mining & cutting of Marbles in India started in 3rd century at least
Pic 1: Hindola Mahal
Pic 2: Dai Mahal

Do I have to point out the similaritiesof arches & engraving on the walls?
Dai Mahal was later renamed after the Mughal king.
U can also compare the arches to Hoshang's tomb or Taj Mahal.
There goes the claim of Mughals 1
This is pic of Jahaz Mahal.
If u sit in the center of terrace u would see lakes all around. Shaped as a ship, it gives u feeling u are on one.

Now there is a swimming pool at the top. With intricately carved drains, in shape of lotus like flowers. 1
Filled with coal, sand, petal, to purify water before it drops on a bigger lotus in the swimming pool.
Shines like gold.

Now the knowledge of water purification, & transporting water from underground source to terrace, the carved drains, was 1st found in Mohanjodaro 😐
Asharfi Mahal.
So the legend says that the Mughal king asked his wife to climb these steps, for each step he gave 1 Asharfi.
2 things are proved:
1)it already existed when Mughals reached for wife to climb it
2) if u see resemblance to Rajasthan, u r right.
It is similar
What u won't get on internet are the pictures of those dieties lying in ruins, speaking about the plunder & cover up later.
The heads are still upside down
There is a cooler system too where in water passes through a ventilator near floor, hits a water chamber below, cools
Then circulated.
Now how will a desert tribe know about water cooling Is pretty logical.
Anyways, similar features are seen in Temples of TN.

So #Mughals
were thieves .
Only point is they were good in writing fake history,aided by Brits.

• • •

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My favorite 😍
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