Good Morning Beautiful Paradise Earth, StarSeeds, Loved Ones, Earth & Galactic Guardians, Protectors, Executioners, Enforcers, Exchequers, Healers & Guest

Shall continue context DeCode remember in Space nations historically work together & agreed with

cooperating with galactic slave trade @CoreyGoode & @MichaelSalla along with others have Disclosed these unpleasant realities that transpired with the major nations of earth: It is essential to comprehend multiple existing parallel realities to begin to grasp the enormity
& multilayered depth of what has transpired & how this has brought us to this transitioning point: Comprehend again I AM under ZERO obligation to share what I historically perceived & continue to organically orchestrate: I share out of Love for my extended family of Earth:
The reason I wish to draw attention at this time to these unpleasant realities is to assist those whom are interested in looking beyond a dualist principle: For it is essential in order to perceive a greater perspective of reality: Until one has established inner discipline
over the attention upon swinging emotions & intellect the perception is easily distracted: Meaning another may readily control anyone by basic observation over time: Hence data collection on everyone is a precious commodity to discover people's driving points: Then if one
has knowledge & mastery over ourselves we will more readily recognize when another is utilizing deception for we will feel it as if blind via energetic frequency foreknowledge: For intent is telegraphed energetic frequency & to perceive it is tele-pathy: We have magnificent
natural gifts & infinite potential that is accelerating for many reason that alone may be discussed in multiple Threads: Thus I will simply express it here as the result of a progression of spiritual conscious advancement combined with entering an accelerated positive area
of galactic proportions: Hence what is transpiring here is of great interest & also impacts for more than just those of us upon Earth presently: Therefore let us return to the concepts I initiated this mornings DeCode & do keep in mind although it may be a strain is all the
threads I create are parallel existing aspects of multidimensional operating realities: Hence if one is alert will perceive how the threads will connect at various points & continue on to their own various destinations:


Further as a point of reference those same people also recognize (including to others chagrin🤭) that my perception is fluid beyond time & space: Hence since very young I simply naturally have avoided placing multiple substances in my body that impact conscious clarity: To
continue ... until I came forward via this platform the focus of my work was unknown publicly although aspects of it were advanced as a notification marker of historical unprecedented events: For those without context these manifestations have been interpreted as transpiring
based only upon public events: This is never the reality of manifestations: Yet to generations whom have looked to external reality for solutions versus recognizing everything created takes multiple procedures to manifest physically: Hence since coming forward I've Cautioned
people whom have been historically taking Credit for my achievements to consider carefully those attitudes & actions: The interesting dynamic about people who do this is they have relied upon me operating in a specific context & became brazen in their false belief of power:
Power is literally a very heady addiction, when it was never earned: Hence the tech giants did they actually create or were they placed into those positions by others for a reason & designated purpose? The same may be expressed about the former aristocracy & other oversight
fiduciaries throughout history, whom appeared to have attained entrusted administration authority in society or civilization: Quite an interesting topic: The alleged science fiction fantasy film John Carter touched eloquently upon this galactic context subject matter well:
John Carter - How life is from the negative Galactic "Therns" perspective scene of designated purpose

previously expressed: I highly recommend this film to anyone who is able to look beyond the packaging & comprehend the Notification markers disclosed
Many are discovering these truths that others have known love the brilliance, integrity & clarity of this highly advance man: Whoever he is & forgive me I have ZERO idea what his name:
However the newscaster just pulled a fast one: Hand symbolism
Demonstrates years of training & knowledge of symbolism: What it difficult to fathom unless one experiences these realities of great wealth that what others may consider an outsider is relative to your position & context: This why those involved choose specific people with
definitive training: This is interesting about the gentleman who made the comment

4) Secret Societies…
My point is these people know each other: Whether they get along is another issue entirely or agree with each other's specific types of interest:

• • •

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