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16 Sep, 14 tweets, 2 min read
All the red flags you need to consider before accepting a job offer:

You need to consider many factors before accepting a job offer. Salary is not the only criteria which matters.

You need to consider many other important aspects which play an important role ONCE you accept the job offer.

Here are the things you need to watch out for:

1⃣There are always multiple ways of solving a problem:

During an interview you should have the flexibility to solve a problem using your preferred technique.

If the interviewer wants you to use a specific technique and only that technique, that's a red flag!

This person could be your prospective colleague and you wouldn't want to join a team where you don't have enough flexibility to explore different solutions.

2⃣Pressure to accept the offer letter:

Once you get the job, you should get sufficient time to accept the offer. If a HR person or the hiring manager is constantly calling you and forcing you to accept the offer, that's a red flag.

Imagine the kind of work pressure you will have when your manager wants to get something done if you join such a team!

3⃣Not enough clarity about the role:

During the interview, if the hiring team doesn't have a clarity on the team you'll be joining or the product you'll be working on, that's a red flag too!

You don't want to be hired to be put in a pool of engineers and later assigned to some team.

Imagine if they have to layoff who do you think they're gonna get first?

An engineer who was hired to fill in a specific role or the one who was hired as a placeholder?

4⃣Lack of interest from interviewers:

As mentioned earlier the interviewers are your prospective colleagues. If you see a consistent lack of interest or low morale from them, you may want to pay attention to that.

5⃣Possible reasons for this:

- they're experiencing a burnout
- internal dissatisfaction within the company - culture, policies etc
- they're simply not interested in hiring you

6⃣Interviewers aren't prepared:

Sometimes interviewers may not have question ready during the interview. There can be multiple reasons for this:

- lack of proper planning from HR team
- busy schedules for the interviewer
- interviewer just wasn't prepared
This reason alone may not be a red flag. But this is something you should pay attention to.

7⃣Lack of clear direction on where the company is headed:

It's important to join a company which has clear goals and vision for themselves. If there is vagueness about the company’s direction and where the company was headed when you speak to HR / manger, that's a red flag.

The intention of this thread is not to scare you, but to equip you with knowledge which can used to identify these red flags when you encounter them during your next job hunt.

I hope this thread has been helpful in learning something new.

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