One major thing that brings people to the hospital is "PAIN" and today it brought a young man in his 20's, broad chested with muscles and beards...

Now he wasn't just in pains, he kept say "Doc abeg do something" and he said this with tears!

Now That's Serious!

After examination, I noticed he had "ACUTE APPENDICITIS", I asked the mother to take him for an ultrasound that confirmed my diagnosis

"He has to operated on immediately" I told the mother

Guy: Operation!, Is there no medicine I can take for it

Me: Let's Discuss "APPENDICITIS"

Breaking It Down
-Inflammation: It's the body's protective response against infection

-Appendix: It's 3.5-4 inch tube attached to the large intestine.

"Appendicits is the body's reaction to an infected appendix"
Appendicitis happens when the appendix gets blocked.

Things that could block the appendix;
1. Hardened stool
2. Worms
3. Tumors
4. Infection

When the appendix gets blocked, bacteria multiplies inside leading to the formation of pus and swelling.
1. Sudden pain that begins on the right side of the lower abdomen

2. Sudden pain that begins around the navel and shifts to the right lower abdomen

3. Pain that worsens when you walk, cough etc

4. Loss of appetite

5. Nausea and vomiting
6. Constipation or diarrhea

7. Low fever that gets worse with days

8. Bloating

• When To See A Doctor
- If you have atleast 2-3 of these signs especially the 1st 2 symptoms showing the location of the pain.

- Any sever abdominal pain requires a doctors attention.
- The treatment remains the surgical removal of the appendix, an operation called "APPENDECTOMY"

- There is no herbal drug that cures appendicitis please...None!

- The appendix is virtually "useless" so the removal won't harm/affect you at all.
Delay in removal can lead to "Ruptured Appendix" where the appendix tears open due to excessive swelling thereby spreading infection throughout your abdomen.

A Ruptured Appendix is a life threatening condition that requires surgery to remove the appendix and clean your abdomen.
APPENDICITIS is very common in our society

Hopefully you understand better now

Stay Educated!!!



Have A Bliss Filled Day!

• • •

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29 Sep
She was brought in unconscious with the BP very low, as we resuscitate, I asked the husband what happend

Husband: She's hypertensive

Me: Who said?

Husband: The chemist checked her BP 1week ago and placed her on BP drugs

Me: Let's Talk "HYPOTENSION"

#OdogwuTales Image
Now there many things that can raise your BP temporarily and after it goes down

Things like stress, dehydration, being pressed to urinate etc can all raise your BP and this does not make you "Hypertensive"

So when you're placed on antihypertensives based on just a BP Image
measurement done once maybe when you just came in after being hit by the hot sun, the drugs will push your BP down making it very low...thats what happened with that woman

Hypertension is diagnosed after your BP has been measured on different occasions for atleast 2days. Image
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29 Sep

1. Stroke
2. Aneurysm
3. Heart failure
4. Kidney failure
5. Blindness
6. Diabetes
7. Trouble understanding
8. Madness

In few words, I will explain "HOW"?


It's #WorldHeartDay
#OdogwuTales Image
1. Heart Attack/Stroke
- High BP causes hardening and thickening of the arteries that can cause heart attack or stroke

2. Aneurysm
- High BP causes the blood vessels to be weak and swell up, the swellings are called "Aneurysms". If swelling burst open,it can be life-threatening ImageImage
3. Heart Failure
- High BP makes pumping blood very difficult and it causes the walls of the heart to be thicker than normal making it more difficult to pump the amount of blood the body needs leading to heart failure.

4. Kidney Failure
- High BP weakens and narrows blood ... ImageImage
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28 Sep
"What A Day"

I was supposed to go to the island to pick something and in order to beat Lagos traffic...i entered boat as usual

We had just left, gotten to the middle of the river with no land in sight and the engine of the speed boat went off!

We floated on water for more...
than 45mins...the waves was moving the boat from side to side, driver what is happening?

The guy kept mute and went to the back to work on the engine, in the middle of the freaking river with no land in sight...

I was calm, didn't even know why, I can't swim to save my life...
I flipped out my phone and started making the thread on "HYPERTENSION" that I posted earlier today...

The girl beside held me thinking this guy will be a good swimmer incase if things get out of hand

I just called my elder sis "Nne we are floating on water oooo"...she started
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28 Sep
It was 2018 BC (Before Corona), he was the life of the party!

He was not called Ogene for the sake of it,a "dance machine", anytime I look at him, he reminds me of @pengmanmodel

Young, cute, successful...etc he had it all but...

#UseHeart Image
But at 25, Ogene was hypertensive and he ignored it until the day he was struck down by "Partial Stroke" on the dance floor!

While I shouted "Stroke", many shouted "Village People" but like we do, I decided to link it up


Blood Pressure (BP) is the force exerted by the blood against the body's arteries when it's flowing

BP is written as 2 numbers. The 1st one is called SYSTOLIC and it's the pressure in blood vessels when the heart beats Image
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26 Sep
I can NEVER forget that day...

I had told her the result when she fell on the floor and started shedding tears, later stood up and hugged everybody in the hospital...

She was 2months pregnant after almost 7yrs of marriage...we encouraged her to register for ANC

She agreed and left and that was the last we saw her.

2days ago around 2am, a newborn baby was rushed into our facility, blue in color and breathless

Whilst resuscitating, I asked "What Happened?"

Woman: We born the pikin for one woman place and the pikin come no dey breathe
After resuscitation and baby boy was now pink and breathing on his own...

Me: Where is his mother?

Woman: She still dey that place, she go come tomorrow morning but wetin fit cause pikin turn blue and almost die


Guess who his mother was???
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25 Sep
It was my break and I had just stepped out to eat when my phone rang...

• Nurse: Docki come back ooo
• Me: wetin happen?
• Nurse: We have a "PP" and he is violent...He's just 17

I ran back to the hospital and that was I lost my "Anon" shirt

It took the security and his friends to hold him down before we could sedate this boy...

He had gone out with his friends and they encouraged him to take just "1 DRAG" after which they DRAGGED him to the hospital...


- It's the most abused drug in Nigeria, commonly called "Weed" or "Igbo".

- It's made from dried parts of the "Cannabis Plant" such as the leaves, seed, stem etc.

- The "Tetrahydrocannabinoid" (THC) is the most active component of marijuana.
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