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16 Sep, 5 tweets, 1 min read
Capitalism is a distraction from the government, the system.
You struggle all your lives hoping to make millions and billions.
You are cool with not having the basic amenities that the government should be providing you.
No light, just buy a big Generator, bad roads, buy a jeep.
You fix the big problems for yourself on an individual level, hell yea, you can afford it, for now.
They pitch a few poster boys, you admire their lives, you want to be like that billionaire, this billionaire so you keep at it.
What you don't know is, in this country, only a few actually make it, the poster boys of capitalism usually don't climb the legitimate capitalist ladder to success.

By the time some catch up to this game, they are tired, spent, can't fight to adjust economic disparity anymore.
Their children are growing now, some of them are still distracted by capitalism and the cycle continues.

I'm not a socialist cunt, I dig personal accumulation of wealth.

It's good to admire Ferraris, but I'm saying that's not the most logical reason to wanna become rich.
And then, your wealth will stink if everyone else around you is poor.

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5 Nov 19
The needless massacres allegedly carried out by the Jewish warrior deity Yahweh portray the opposite of the ”God is love” narrative that modern admirers of this deity won't stop peddling.
The book ”drunk with blood” by Steve Wells discusses these massacres at length.
These are Bible talking points for Christians today and it's crazy that these people don't see anything wrong with these senseless killings, especially coming from an omnibenevolent deity who has a whole universe to run.
These are excerpts from the book, some with the Bible references narrating these events.
When you look into some of these events, you might realize that most of them probably had nothing to do with divinity, but hey, Yahweh’s prophets said he did it, so okay.
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12 Oct 19
Christian movies about Rapture gave me a full-blown anxiety problem as a child.
Heavy storms terrified me, honking sounds terrified me, randomly coming across 666 in a math problem gave me weird feelings.

American kids were watching Star Wars, we were watching Ibere Opin Aiye.
My friends in deeper life homes didn't even have TVs in their homes because Daddy Kumuyi has outlawed it.
We all know how imaginative children can be, the imagination you feed in your children is very crucial to their mental development.
Fill your children's heads with reason and rationale first, before religion.
If they end up choosing religion after they have been soaked in rationality then its all good but don't instill religion first, I do not think this is reasonable.
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4 Sep 19
Now let's talk about the most contradictory and most confused people these days who call themselves "Muslim Feminists". Separately I love Muslims and I care about Feminists, but I don't rate people who represent contradicting ideologies.
The fancy tags people give themselves on Twitter can be somewhat funny and interesting, Bibliophile, Sapiophile Hedonist, 🤣🤣🤣. Even i have a couple of those in my Bio, young people, trying to find our identifies, the Twitter Bio tags and their evolution makes a lot of sense.
These fancy tags are cool, but c'mon what the hell is a Muslim Feminist ? Like what does that even mean ? Are you a Muslim trying to fight for women's rights within the bounds of Islam or you are just a Muslim woman who wants to join the crew of cool feminist kids ?
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3 Sep 19
The Hadiths contain lots of beautiful words of wisdom, I am very sure that this is where all the knowledgeable and educated Muslims get all their wisdom from, in fact Muhammad was indeed a very smart man.
Satan has caused a lot of problems for mankind, and Muhammad the prophet of Islam has really nailed this problem for us by telling us all the plans of Satans, along with many other wise advises on how to deal with life and how to repel the attacks of Satan.
Let’s get into some of the wisdom that our MCM prophet told his 7th century followers, a load of Muslims still believe these things today anyway, please don’t laugh too hard because these things are quite funny but yet so full of rationality and wisdom.
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29 Aug 19
Olodumare (Orisa Oke), the supreme being in the Yoruba pantheon of gods makes more sense and is more inclusive than Abrahamic gods like Yahweh and Allah.
I would like to reiterate my stance, I do not believe in divinity of any kind but I appreciate great myths, especially when these myths and religions have a relatively peaceful undertone and are more realistic, non sadistic and certainly not monotheistic.
To me, our ancestors having the cognitive initiative to put together a bigger than life and a far more pious and inclusive, yet underrated mythology signals our mental superiority at some point in history, colonization and slavery must have...
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