So, you expect politics from me, but it's another thing for @hholdenthorp & @ScienceMagazine to be so vocal on the threats we face, be so explicitly political. Scientists are taught to "stay out of it," keep their heads down, write papers, get grants. 1/…
Even when it's clear their work has political implications, most are wary of speaking out because they'll look unscientific, risk career advancement in stodgy universities (like mine!) or simply are uncomfortable doing it. 2/
But there are areas where science matters beyond the pages of academic journals: climate change, pandemics, clinical trial methodology, evolution, reproductive health and there are probably more. 3/
And we've had a "war on science" for a long time in the US, @chriscmooney, now at @washingtonpost, has been writing about it for years. Does science matter? Not just in a platonic sense in terms of advancing knowledge, but for the world? 4/
I think it does. I think scientists know that too. Our survival against #COVID19 is about listening to the science, following the evidence, acting on it. The same with climate change, etc. 5/
To see @hholdenthorp speaking out like this is truly astounding. It's a culture shift. I don't expect him out on the barricades, but he's unafraid to say politics intersects with science in ways we can't ignore. And that is big. 6/
Desmond Tutu once said: "If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality." 7/
Well, there is an elephant in the room. And we're the mice. We are not bystanders when it comes to pandemics, climate change, our neutrality is self-defeating more than ever. end/

• • •

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19 Sep
Nothing has changed. Yesterday morning, @realDonaldTrump was leading our country towards thousands of more deaths from #COVID19 as we pass the 200,000 mark this weekend. 1/
.@senatemajldr ever cynical, never caring refuses any real relief bill on the pandemic because he simply doesn't give a shit about any of us. 2/
The entire @GOP from @GOPChairwoman, to @GOPLeader, @kayleighmcenany will lie, obfuscate and distract from all this, because each of them is willing to sacrifice human lives for power. 3/
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17 Sep
Today I had two talks, both of which started and ended with @nhannahjones' 1619 Project, one at @YaleLawSch, the other @ColumbiaGSAPP. To understand #COVID19, you have understand the intersection of white supremacy, health and public health in the United States. 1/
.@JInterlandi's 1619 piece: "Why doesn’t the US have universal health care? The answer has everything to do with race," helps us understand why US was uniquely vulnerable to this pandemic. Decisions, way before Trump, were made about health, which fulfilled a racist logic. 2/
Rather than embark on a national project to care for each other, we carved out a system that was based on purposeful exclusion, which left us with a patchwork, fragmented and unable to respond in a crisis. 3/
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15 Sep
Was supposed to give a lecture on AIDS activism today. Instead I started w/ @JInterlandi's 1619 Project piece healthcare in America & Rebecca Crumpler's quote “They seem to forget there is a cause for every ailment,” she wrote. “And that it may be in their power to remove it.” 1/
Talked about the exclusion of African-Americans from New Deal programs, the Hill-Burton Act and the construction of new rural hospitals in predominantly white counties in the South. 2/
Then talked about how this history of racial exclusion and white supremacy got turbo-charged in HIV/AIDS and got some fresh new homophobia thrown in to make it extra toxic. 3/
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14 Sep
So, the "real" Brian Williams sent an email to me and others in global health just now saying that he doesn't have #Twitter account and someone purporting to be him has been sending out tweets under @Brianzuluwi. 1/
I quote: "Someone, under the name Brian Williams has been sending out scurulous tweets about Lucica." This is in reference to @LucicaDitiu and @apoorva_nyc's story on her in the @nytimes this weekend. 2/
Brian is a South African scientist and has been a leader in TB for years. It was strange to hear him going after @LucicaDitiu AND @s_keshavjee over the past few days and something didn't seem right. 3/
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9 Sep
Everyone repeat after me. And say it to your friends, family. Retweet the f*@%k out of it. There is a way out of this pandemic, but @realDonaldTrump, @VP, @SWAtlasHoover, @MarkMeadows & @senatemajldr are going to get more people killed. 1/
The game now is to gaslight as many people as possible about the pandemic with @GOPChairwoman, @kayleighmcenany & @Alyssafarah working harder than Leni Reifenstahl at Nuremberg to put lipstick on this pig of an Administration. 2/
We need tests. Millions of them. We need to "know our epidemic." The bulls*$#^t from @WhiteHouse about protecting the vulnerable and letting it rip for everyone else is medical and public health malpractice. 3/
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5 Sep
.@SWAtlasHoover runs into the loving arms of @tunkuv at @WSJ to say, he has now & never been an advocate for herd immunity. Dr. Atlas supports letting the virus runs its course among all but the elderly & vulnerable, which has been debunked by many & by the Swedish experiment. 1/
The interview is pure sophistry. If you support most of the components of a fringe-approach to disease control just say it, don't say I didn't say the words "herd immunity," and think it immunizes you against the real idiocy of your proposals, statements. 2/
It is also interesting he talks in the @WSJ to a fellow fellow @HooverInst, someone who cannot evaluate his positions on the science, but shares the libertarianism of @SWAtlasHoover's views, where public health action sounds like state overreach. 3/
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