2020.09.13 - (1) The special counsel deleted the text on their phones AFTER Strzok & Page were caught. Do you think they were emailing others involved in the investigations?
2020.09.13 - (2) They dump all of these things out there 3-4 years later, after we found out about the text messages. It helps to have a timeline.
2020.09.13 - (3) He gave people the incentive to dig! He created an entire community of researchers.
2020.09.13 - (4) We were witness too and part of a counterintelligence investigation. Not to "get" Trump but to get those involved in the coup.
2020.09.13 - (5) Trump gets people that can help him attain a goal, even when it gives the appearance that those people are part of the Deep State. Some of the Republican are involved.
2020.09.13 - (6) You didn't even know who Paul Manafort was, but the Republican created a Delegate crisis so that he would be placed into the campaign.
2020.09.13 - (7) Our media told us that the Democrats were the ones involved, they didn't tell us that the Republicans were up to their necks in it as well. They were spinning a narrative.
2020.09.13 - (8) These media people do not interact with us. They react with their buddies or accounts that have a handful of tweets. They simply ignore us.
2020.09.13 - (9) They place junior Senators in the phone banks to get them involved with the corrupt people who are making donations.
2020.09.13 - (10) Donald Trump should have fired James Comey on the advice of counsel on the day that he was sworn in.
2020.09.13 - (11) When Donald Trump was sworn in he had already been in several one-on-one meetings with James Comey which is unprecedented in the FBI, DOJ or the White House.
2020.09.13 - (12) The only reason that you were given information is because James Comey was investigated for political bias by the I.G. which was requested by democrats.
2020.09.13 - (13) Is it a coincidence that a few hours after Gen. Flynn signed a plea deal that some of the Peter Strzok & Lisa Page text messages were released?
2020.09.13 - (14) Even if Comey was criminal, his answers that he gave the I.G. were truthful because the other peoples answers were proven to be false.
2020.09.13 - (15) When the President of the United States says that I hope you go easy on him, that is an order. This not only applies to Trump but also to Obama.
2020.09.13 - (16) McCabe then went down and opened an obstruction case against Trump for firing Comey
2020.09.13 - (17) You can't investigate your boss. You have to hand it off to a neutral party. That is what forced Rod Rosenstein to open the Special Counsel investigation.
2020.09.13 - (18) General Mattis was always Military Industrial Complex which was hidden from us. But he could get the military systems built to repair our depleted military.
2020.09.13 - (19) They might have chips in some of our Apache Helicopters and some of our radar systems but we still control our deadly missile ability (The Triad).
2020.09.13 - (20) The idea that Trump comes out and tells you that "we caught them all" has something to do with these text messages being deleted. They have the text messages.
2020.09.13 - (21) He was only presented information that painted a picture of espionage or criminal activity.
2020.09.13 - (22) I think this is going to be much bigger than we can even imagine. We have had so much data dumped in our laps, completely out of order.
2020.09.13 - (23) What we have is them trying to fight back but all they have are lies. These people have nothing but paid agitators & anarchists, it isn't the Democrats it is the marxists, the chinese, drug lords & child traders. (same thing)
2020.09.13 - (24) The Republicans sold out. Mike Pence didn't. There was evidence that said that he lied, but Flynn told him too. Mueller report said it was about National Security.
2020.09.13 - (25) The Mueller report as well as Van Grack, it came out that Flynn told those people to lie because it was a matter of National Security.
2020.09.13 - (26) Even though the media may have a copy of the phone call, you cannot confirm or deny what was on that call when it comes to National Security.
2020.09.13 - (27) Gen. Flynn was obligated to lie to the FBI agents who did not have the clearance to discuss matters of National Security.
2020.09.13 - (28) Be aware that when the IG sat down and looked at the phones of Strzok & Page. That were not text messages with other co-workers on those phones.
2020.09.13 - (29) I am not going to say that Comey is not a seditious guy, but all of the dominoes did not begin to tip over until there was an investigation into him.
2020.09.13 - (30) Sarge takes the complicated and makes it easy to understand from all the things that people share with him.
2020.09.13 - (31) People who are autistic are not different because of a vaccine. That is insulting.
2020.09.13 - (32) Autistic people have a different view on the world, if you sit and talk to them, you might understand.
2020.09.13 - (33) Evolution does not deny the existence of God. God made us all in his image but he did not make us Gods.
2020.09.13 - (34) Trump really beat them over the head last night. He lined them up with the communists, the marxists, the sex traders, the scum of the earth. They don't love America.
2020.09.13 - (35) Trump landslide victory. The voter rolls won't have the capacity to overturn it.
2020.09.13 - (36) The same team that did the Hillary email investigation is the same team that Robert Mueller inherited. How do we know that, Rod Rosenstein's testimony.
2020.09.13 - (37) In the Swing states, Trump will have so many votes that the mail in votes cannot overturn the in person votes.
2020.09.13 - (38) Is Peter Strzok a double agent? There is incendiary evidence that shows it is possible but more research is needed to give a conclusive answer.
2020.09.13 - (39) Gleeson argues that Trump inferred by lobbying for Flynn but there was no investigation underway, so that disproves his argument.
2020.09.13 - (40) Watch Football, Watch Baseball, Watch Basketball - This is our culture, we don't win by giving them what they want! These sports were created in America!

• • •

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26 Sep
Another absolutely wonderful thread by SGT FRIDAY (@MagaKarma1) and his analysis with a few clips for everyone. @stacykarma1 @KohanimKnew @iowa_trump @SusanFa87477655 @sludgediva @MattieRansom @easygoer67 @airbones79 @DawsonSField @indep_mind @cancerousToejam @Timdedicated
1. Everything falling together as it should be, based on a facts, not based on the drama by all these media people.

All these years being dragged around by media people who were lying to us, the right-wing media: Bongino, Hannity, Paul Sperry, John Solomon, Sara Carter.
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22 Sep
•Counterintelligence investigation vs. Criminal Investigation and Robert Mueller's job.

•The media and the narrative that they were pushing sent everyone down a rabbit hole and people are running around making baseless accusations because of it.
•The ignorance of the people who never question what the media is telling you.

•He mentions Paul Sperry and Dan Bongino and the falsehoods they put out there.

•He mentions the power that was given to Robert Mueller across the board, and that they could be prosecuted for
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21 Sep
(1) Two candidates - differntiate yourself from Biden.

The democrats are hostile about a vaccine coming out in record time. They began denigrating it about 3 weeks after they began working on it.
(2) They are in phase 3 trial, which could be ready really early. The companies will not put themselves on the line if those vaccines are not ready. Senior citizens will be getting the vaccines first.

Unsolicited ballots going to go to people that didn't ask for them.
(3) The Harris/Biden administration is blaming you for deaths due to Covid-19 but the governors ordered them into nursing homes or assisted living centers and over 40% of the deaths are from them. Kamala Harris is the most liberal person in the Senate.
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21 Sep
This is one of SGT FRIDAY's (@MagaKarma1) finest, all about the cabal. I thought I would post this for everyone who has not seen it.
@iowa_trump @SusanFa87477655 @KohanimKnew @DawsonSField @Davidwmiller91 @stacykarma1 @MattieRansom @sludgediva @BabeReflex_8 @Avery1776
(1) All of your media is bullshit. Researchers have been producing information over the past 3 years. Everything that Trump has done since he got into office was designed to take down the Deep State. The Dossier was for after she won so they could hide it all
(2) Durham expansion should not come to a shock to anyone.
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20 Sep
Time for some more partying to celebrate our wonderful President

I don't think I will ever get tired of celebrating

And is if it wasn't enough to Make America Great Again, regardless of the Demonic Democratic Obstruction

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19 Sep
Wonderful show last night SGT FRIDAY (@MagaKarma1

2020.09.18 - (1) 61 million aborted babies will not let RBG approach those pearly gates.
2020.09.18 - (2) I don't respect mass murderers, child killer, child pedophilia supporters, in life or in death.
2020.09.18 - (3) My shit has more value than Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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