1. Friends Of Light!

Energies Are Moving Rapidly As The Changing Density Is Close!

You Will Notice More Chaos, But Remember The Calm Before The Storm, And The Storm Changes Everything! The Rising Of Frequency Will Bring Peace And Joy!
2. Many Are Experiencing Dreams And Visions. Many Are Hearing Sounds. Many Are Feeling Emotions To The Depth Of Their Being. These Are All Signs Of Changing Dimensions And Densities.
3. As One Begins To Crystallize Their Awareness, Many Perceptions That Might Once Be Considered Negative Or To Be Avoided, Now Become Interesting And Draw In The Observer For A Second Look!
4. For The Many That Believed There Were No Visitors Or Life Elsewhere, The Proof Before You Has Grown Exponentially, As Crafts Are Now Over Your Homes!

We Smile. Now You Can Smile!
5. Ultimately, You Will Be Able To Look Up And Gaze In Joy And Amazement And Wonder How You Ever Doubted Or Feared.

It Is Understandable That You Would Be Reluctant As You Have Been Brainwashed With Horror Movies Of Aliens.
6. If You Could Fully Understand Our Way Of Life, You Would Welcome Us Into Your Homes!

We Are Here Now. Many Have Seen And Met Us. We Tend To Remain With Military And Do Not Stay In Frequency On-Going In This Density.
7. We Come And Go And Can Choose To Be Bi-Local In Body Form If Called On For A Purpose.

Many Pleiadians, Arcturians And Other Races Are Here Incarnated As Human. Knowing This Will Assist You In Understanding Our Great Love For You!
8. The Multiverses Are Aware Of Your Soon Coming Shift And Many Will Arrive For The Grand Celebration Of The Ages!

In As Much As You Are Able, Live From The Heart And Love One Another!

Soon We Flash And Split The Skies!

I Love You So!


• • •

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20 Sep

1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

As You Journey, We Are With You! 

The Numbers That Know We Are Here In Truth Are Growing And The Awakening Is Shifting To Light That Is Brighter Than The Planet Has Ever Known!
2. We Bow And Honor The Creator Of All Light! Beloved Ones, You Are This Light!

Your Journey Will Carry You Forth Through The Varied Scenery With Masses Of People With Billions Of Perspectives! You Need Only One Perspective. This Is The Perspective Of Truth!
3. On This Journey, You Long To Know What Is True, For You Have Been Deceived So Many Times!

We Would Tell You To Believe Your Own Heart!  Listen To Your Own Soul!  Ask God To Show You The Way!  Ask Yourself What You Are Feeling With The Information Given!
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19 Sep

1. Friends Of Light!

We Are Closer Than Your Breath As Love Cannot Be Divided!

As A Sacred Ethereal Blanket Has Been Woven Through The Ages, The Densities And Dimensions, You Appear In Some Areas In Form And Are Non-Physical In Others.
2. Indeed, We Have Made A Magnificent Tapestry Together!

In Some Densities You May Have Been A Ruler Or King!  In Another Density, You May Have Cleaned The Streets! 

Count It All Joy! For The Experience Of The Soul Is For Expansion And Mastery And Nothing Is Ever Lost!
3. You Are Perfect In Your Expression Of The One Source Of All!

In This Perfection, Free Will Was Gifted And Each Planetary System Made Their Own Rules! Some Are Not Governed At All, As There Is Only Peace Known There!
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18 Sep

1. Precious Friends Of The Light!

As These Moments Of Change Are Becoming More Intense, We Remind You Of The Gifts That Are Also There!

You May Have To Take A Second Look As You Remember That Nothing Just Happens!
2. The Outcome To You Is A Personal Perspective That Is Able To Grow Into A Collective Point Of View!

This Is A Period Where Radical Changes In Life Direction Are Happening. Relationships Are Being Terminated Suddenly,
3. Careers And Employment Have Changed Due To Closings And Violence In The Streets.

All That So Many Held Onto In Their Waking Dream, That Made Them Feel Worthy Or Accomplished, Is Now Gone!
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17 Sep

1. Friends Of Earth!

Is It Possible To Find Unity In Such Division?  Is Peace Possible When War Cries Out?

The Answer To Both Questions, Is 'Yes', Beloved Ones!
2. The Truth Will Show You That Nothing Expressing Around Your Being Has Any Power Or Control Over Your Own Belief Of Unity And Peace.

Allow All To Begin With One ...You... And All Who Read These Words!
3. It Is Ever A Choice To Perceive And Know You Are Part Of The Collective Consciousness.

Each Of You Has A Particular Focus That Has Been Preselected By The Higher Self, Upon Arrival To This Density!

This Is Your Higher Path To Awaken And Ascend!
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15 Sep

1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart! 

Life As You Are Perceiving It, Seems Very Real; And Yet In A Moment, All Energy Has Shifted And You Can No Longer Find The Feeling That May Have Gripped You Intensely, A Moment Before.
2. Life Is Like A Dance! One Moment You Are Dancing And Laughing And The Music Changes And You Are Very Still, Maybe Lonely, And The Dancers You Loved Have Left. What Do You Do, Beloved Ones?

You Dance Alone! You Sing Your Own Song As You Twirl And Laugh And Find Your Joy Again!
3. As Beloved Rumi Taught So Well... "Dance When You Are Broken Open, Dance If You've Torn The Bandage Off, Dance In The Middle Of Fighting, Dance In Your Blood, Dance When You Are Perfectly Free!"
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14 Sep

1. Beloved Ones Of Light!

Indeed It Is A Sacred Pleasure To Communicate With You In These Moments!

Be Encouraged And Find Your Strength Within! The Storms Are Raging But It Is Entirely Possible To Live In Total Peace!
2. Breathe Deeply And Remember Who You Are!

You Have Chosen To Give Yourself The Experience Of Reawakening! You Have Chosen To Taste, Once Again, The Thrill Of Discovery Of The Scope Of Who You Truly Are!
3. You Have Opted For The Experience To Ride The Waves Of Energy And To Face The Fear Of All That You Were Taught On This Planet Concerning The Identity Of You!

You Had To Believe The Waking Dream To Have The Experience Of Awakening!
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