Gonna be pretty common for millennials to realize they're old by way of young people flatly telling them since "natural" soft markers of aging like marriage, asset accumulation, their own kids growing up or career progression etc are simply not happening for a lot of them
The problem here isn't aging per se (since it's unavoidable) but that that aging process begets nothing. Millennials are just old zoomers. They play in the same league, as it were. If nothing changes, then in 1-2 decades zoomers will experience the same with gen alpha and so on
Idk call it Oldboy syndrome or whatever. Dread caused not by the natural aging process, but by that time being "lost" in terms of progression or growth or anything that would differentiate one from younger people besides just being physically older and more bitter/cynical
Shit is about to get way more acute over the following decade as the first zoomers graduated from college this year and will be competing with millennials over many of the same things on a large scale for the first time

Be prepared to hear "ageism" a lot

• • •

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8 Sep
All western (for now) urban cores are de facto American territory
Gonna be even funnier when American anti-racism completely paves over local ones in Europe

Imagine Norwegian anti-racists obsessing over "African Americans" (meaning black people in Norway who have nothing to do with the US) while completely ignoring Arabs, Pakistanis etc
Calling it now. America sets the tone, so whatever minority in Europe you are, you better hope you got a seat at the discourse table in the US or you'll be a lame, uncool toy they won't want to play with
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2 Sep
Yeah man dont be a bigot against the materially gifted. What does it matter if the left fills up with the rich scions of war profiteers, spooks and the wealthy. It's all about vibes and fairness, man

Class interest? Sounds like Marx bro class reductionist bullshit to me, fascist
Yeah man, class traitors. Rich people who hate and compete in status with other rich people. Historically unprecedented, you've never met a rich person like me

Anyway you gotta give me the benefit of the doubt but not those dumb proles, fuck em
Will I donate my wealth to the cause and become a wage laborer to align my class interests with those of said filthy proles?

Lol, no.

But here's some juicy gossip from the Yale yachting club, it will uhh somehow be useful to the cause and mos def ain't a flex
Read 11 tweets
29 Aug
This shit is pure cope and scapegoating. She just popped a bubble which was gonna pop anyway

The real culprit is normalization and the rush of otherwise risk-averse normies it sets off

She was basically the last person to sell Bitcoin at 20k. If not her, then someone else
Normalization means everyone in California prospecting for gold, means pets.com commercials during the Superbowl, means the NYT writing about how you're an idiot for not buying Bitcoin

Only those who positioned themselves well and "shovel sellers" will make money
Why do people think 0 education or experience required, well-paying jobs exist? Because they have entry barriers for the vast masses, namely risk (violence or opprobrium) which keeps the flood of labor supply out and thus gains high
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27 Aug
The reason boomers really, really want beef with Russia is because they indexed their entire lives on being and living like they're the last generation to ever live, and a cataclysmic nuclear armageddon being the final dot of mankind's story, with themselves the final witnesses
That promised nuclear slugging match never came with the USSR, and boomers got stuck with the results of their deeds

Like being diagnosed with terminal cancer, going out and fucking things up royally (ruining relationships, committing serious crimes, taking on massive debt etc)
only to later be told that the cancer is in remission and they won't die after all. Oops. At that point, they actually want the cancer to kill them

Their lust for war with Russia was never about "beating the commies," it was about burning the entire world down on their way out
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26 Aug
Dick's got impressive political acumen these days. This is 100% correct and it's hilarious that many people can't see something this obvious

(Although two corrections I'd make is "efficient" rather than brutal and riots/chaos in the streets rather than Antifa/BLM per se)
If Biden wins, they're gonna need a quick win, some major optical (rather than actual) change, especially after building Trump up as the ultimate bad guy all these years, to give ppo that "the curse has been lifted, he is gone and now things are good and normal again" impression
Quickest, cheapest, and most superficial way is to stop the chaos and restore order

Doesn't even have to be violent, they can just tell Dem-adjacent orgs to rein shit in and turn it peaceful, think pussy hat march but for black people, a stroll even wine moms can join
Read 5 tweets
21 Aug
Note how brutally any minorities except black people and natives got shut out of the narrative these past few months. Latinos, Asians (the fastest-growing groups) and anyone else practically didn't exist during this period, politically or socially
This is even reflected in the language, which went from use of the general POC to the more specific BIPOC (black/indigenous people of color) which shifts attention to those two groups

I have my theory as to why this is, but extremely curious nonetheless
Imo this is because a "grand assimilation narrative" is being spun

Ie the Good White People and the hapless minority objects they act upon vs the Bad White People all set to a backdrop of end of civil war era American demographics

Latinos and Asians get (very minor) shoutouts
Read 7 tweets

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