Broke to a Million

A Seven-Year Journey in Seven Steps

My story will make you wealthy.

I grew up in a typical middle-class family.

Money was not an important topic.

I had to learn everything on my own. 

You may be in a similar situation.

If you do not have the tools to begin, you must educate yourself. I will tell you my story.
Step 1: Educate Yourself

Here is a list of books that I personally recommend:

Think and Grow Rich
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Your Money or Your Life
Total Money Makeover
The Millionaire Next Door

In debt? Start with TTM.
If not read any of the others.
You do not need to read all five.
Just read a couple.

As your journey picks up read the others.
They all help in different ways.

Podcasts (coming soon), blogs, and Twitter feeds are also great. Just begin to surround yourself with knowledge.

Absorb the wealth of information.
Step Two: Change the Environment

You now have the knowledge.

Now let's make some changes to the outside world.

Shed any friend who holds you back.
Some will sense that you are changing.
They will try to bring you down.
You MUST ditch them.

They are not true friends.
True friends want to see you grow.

Tip: try to surround yourself with people who are on the same journey. You will feed off each other's momentum.

You are the average of your five friends.

Always remember this.
Step Three: Relentless Savings

Savings are what you can control.
This is where you start.

Every time you cut costs it is an automatic win for your pocketbook and an automatic win for your cash flow.

Most people want to case cash first.


Understand value.
You need to cut out the fat.

Question every dollar spent.
Avoid “unlimited”
Negotiate everything.

The first time I got serious I slashed my spending by $25000. That's not chump change.

How much did you spend last year?
Do you even know?
You. Need. To. Know.
Step Four: ACTION

This is where you implement your side hustle.

The goal: INCREASE cash flow.

What will it be? You have options.
Second job.
Side Hustle.

I naturally went toward flipping. It is simple. You buy an item. Then you sell it back for more than you paid.

It is a beautiful feeling when your side hustle blows up.
But what you do is up to you.

You could even work more hours if you have overtime.

Try different things. Be creative.

Just remember cash flow works both ways.
And give yourself a fat raise.
Step Five: Invest

Now you have more coming in than ever.
Your expenses are low/ income is high.
Let’s learn to invest.

If you live in the US, take advantage of tax-sheltered accounts. Lower taxes are guaranteed wins.

Understanding tax codes are the quickest way to wealth.
If you want to take a different route you can open an account at an investment brokerage.

I recommend low-cost index funds that track the S&P averages. YES, I know I personally invest in growth stocks, but I am giving you the guaranteed blueprint.

You cannot lose.
Step Six: Stoic Mindset

Now you have fewer expenses.
More income. Fat investments.
You need to keep things that why.
Stay in control.

Arm yourself with the Stoic mindset.

Read “The Guide to the Good Life” by William Irvine.
Or Tactical Stoicism by @successtheory
The Stoic mindset is literally the antidote.

The problem is lifestyle inflation.

Do not let consumer goods and greed run your mind.

You run your mind.

Learn control through stoicism.
Step Seven: Life Begins

Have you implemented the six previous steps?


You will be a Millionaire.

You can thank me now.
Give yourself 7 to 10 years.

You cannot lose.

Once you reach your goal, life will change drastically.
Your mind will change. Trust me.
When you have a million in the bank you are free to do as you please. You can call it FU money. I don’t care.

If someone at your job asks you to act unethically...


You do not have to put up with anything.
You are the millionaire. Not them.

You have the power.

• • •

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9 Sep
The Day I Became a Millionaire

On the day I made a million dollars, I realized the best lesson came from the first one.

In my 20s, I had a negative net worth.

In my early 30s, it was $0.

One day I made a decision:
I am no longer going to be poor.

I am going to become wealthy.
I am going to make this happen.
I dedicated myself to the grind.

I knew life was in my hands.

I learned about stocks.
I learned about saving.
I learned about flipping.
I learned about side hustles.
I wanted every weapon at my disposal.

I will win.
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Ten Mental Tips to Improve Cash Flow

Control these ten habits or they will control you.

1. Invest in Yourself

You are the greatest investment.
It’s cliche but true.

Always level up the fundamentals:
Love, life, health, career.

Listen to podcasts.
Read. Learn. Create

If you provide value the money soon will follow.
Pay yourself first. Trust me.
2a. Make Purchases in a 10 Year Time-Frame

“If you are not willing to own a stock 10 years, do not think about it for 10 minutes.” - Warren Buffett

Apply this lesson to your life.
Think of everything this way.

How will this purchase affect me over the next 10 years?
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28 Aug
The Seven Deadly Sins of Money Twitter

The mind dies when it becomes a servant to banality.

1 Attitude Toward College

2 Hustle Over Family

3 Dividend Income

4 Retiring Parents

5 Options Trading

6 Plagiarism

7 Platitudes

1a College

MT: “Don’t go to college. It is a waste of time."

Stop trying to rationalize your failures in life.
Without college, everything is harder. FACT

College is a tool.
Use it to land a high paying gig.
Then you start a side hustle.

Not the other way around.
1b College

MT: “But muh opportunity cost is just way too high."

How about? A full-tuition scholarship.

If you can't cut it in a classroom what makes you think you can cut it as an "entrepreneur."

Did you think about that? Of course not.

It’s called standards. Have some.
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25 Aug
Think of life as a game. Play.
Young men, you need to focus on leveling up.

Your Scoreboard will consist of these 4 Pillars:


Build yourself from the bottom up.
Lay a solid foundation and you will become unstoppable.


Cherish your family and friends.
Avoid negative people at all costs.
They will bring you down.

Find a woman who is beautiful and intelligent. Look for a temperament that is content. Avoid women who are fixed on the drama. They will be bad for your family. Trust me.

Compounding interest is much stronger when you are young.
Learn the fundamental concepts of investing.

Set up an emergency fund. Pay off all debt.
Work two or three jobs if you need to.

Wise decisions and hard work will pay massive dividends to your future self. Succeed.
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12 Aug
Your thoughts determine your success.

10 Mental Habits That Will Make You Wealthy

1 You are a CEO.

Every great company needs a great leader.
So does every great household.
And you are that CEO.

Your dollars are your employees.
Everyone needs a purpose.

Ask these questions:
Do I really need this?
How do I best put my money to use?

Crown yourself.
2 Develop a Growth Mindset

The growth mindset is the antidote to modern life.

Turn setbacks and disappointments into learning experiences. Failure will no longer rule your thoughts.

Believe that you can make this happen and you will enter a world of possibilities. Evolve.
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4 Aug
I would rather buy a stock at an all-time high then sell it.

You should too if you want exceptional returns.

You should buy a stock high and hope to sell higher.

Don’t believe me?

When the stock market hits a new high, the return over the next year is 10%. Strength leads to more strength.

This is a lesson Fitness Twitter is already familiar with.

The same also applies to stocks.
A new high signals favorable conditions.

No oversupply.
No shareholders who need to sell at a loss or break even.

Remember there is always a reason for the demand.
This often translates into large, rapid gains.

And if you want to outperform the market, you need big gains.
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