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16 Sep, 7 tweets, 2 min read
-Ever wondered why or how Hurricanes/ Storms are named? Or why feminine named Hurricanes seemingly do the most damage?
- Storms are not native to earth alone, other planets e.g Jupiter, Saturn also experience them.
- The Oceans all have their seasons of Hurricanes

- Storms with wind speeds > 63kph are termed tropical storms, > 119kph are called Hurricanes.
- Hurricanes = Typhoon = Cyclone, the part of the world it occurs determines what its called.
- They're named to facilitate easy communication to citizens and make them relatable.
The World Metereological Organisation is responsible for the naming of all Tropical storms/Hurricanes.
- 21 Names are pre selected every year, with male names for every odd number storms in an even number year & during odd number years female names are given to odd number storms.
Prior to this, in 1953, the USA decided on naming Hurricanes with female names, reasons vary however most parrot the idea that given the Maritime industry gave the sea and ships feminine identity, then Hurricanes should be treated similarly.
- In 1979, due to some protest and
need for equity, male names came on board.
- Names are arranged alphabetically, with alphabets Q,U,X,Y,Z lacking names. The names are repeated every 6 years.
- Hurricanes that cause severe destructions or damages have their names permanently retired. E.g Hurricane Katrina (2005).
- Studies carried out by Academy of science and other scientists have shown that the lackadaisical attitude of people to feminine named storms with feelings they're likely to be less harmful is a proposed reason for the increased deaths and destruction associated with them.
- In 2020, there is one name left on the national Hurricane list as we have had one of the most active seasons ever in Hurricane history with the 20th name used days ago, if the names get exhausted, the Greek alphabet will be used to name additional storms that come up.


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10 Apr
I feel like using this holiday period to dish out some interesting facts from Australia in a staggered thread. No #MedTute ( pls dont tempt me).
Australia developed and was the first country to use the polymer banknote as a currency. It was rolled into circulation in 1988.
Although Alexander Fleming is attributed with discovering penicillin, it was actually Howard Florey an Australian who first used it in a clinical trial and treated a patient thereby noting its effectiveness in humans leading to widespread use. They shared the Nobel prize in 1945.
Just like the Uk, Japan, India etc, Australia drives on the left side of the road, so wheels on right, you can still drive a car with left hand wheels as long as you drive per the normal road rules. Around 70% of cars are automatic transmission.
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31 Mar
First quarter 2020

- Current pandemic of COVID-19.
- Australian bush fire disaster(one of the worst ever).
- Killing of Iranian general (Soleimani) by USA forces.
- Iranian forces strike US bases in Iraq, nil casualties.
- 2020 named year of nurses and midwives by WHO.

- Pres Trump cleared by senate.
- Britain leaves the EU
- Apple fined 25 million Euros for slowing down old models, thats 0.003% of Apples worth
- Argentina vows not to pay IMFs 57$ billion loan till its out of recession.
- Parasite, South Korean movie wins most awards at Oscars.
- Whatsapp hits 2 billion users, 2nd largest social media use, behind facebook.
- Mancity FC banned from all European competitions for breaches.
- Prime minister of Lesotho and current wife charged in killing of immediate Ex Wife.
- Harvey Weinsten found guilty of rape charges.
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13 Dec 19
Script Analysis ( A 🧵)

Disclaimer; i DON'T know this patient, doctor or pharmacist personally.
I have only analysed the script to bring out teachable medical tutes.
This thread speaks mainly to medics and its not a substitute for any patient management.
Every case is unique.
A poor handwriting kills ~7,000 patients worldwide annually. this is a good and legible handwriting with clear patient instructions on the script.
A cursory look at the script reveals a diagnosis of Atrial fibrillation, heart failure and hypercholesterolemia in this patient.
-The presence of a beta blocker, ARB (angiotensin receptor blocker), diuretics, a rythm control medication for AF and an anticoagulant makes that obvious.
- Treating HF without having done an ECHO at any stage is suboptimal treatment. Its necessary in disease classification.
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20 Nov 19
I was reading an article analysing the Tuskegee Alabama syphilis experiment and its interplay with "Hobson's choice" and how poverty dictates what you get from cruel opportunist. You would think thats where the story ends until i found semblance in the Trovan Kano case.

In 1996, there was an outbreak of Meningitis in lots of states in Northern Nigeria at the time with >10,000 deaths. The most serious epidemic of meningitis till date in Nigeria.
Pfizer was looking to test a new drug (Trovan) which had not yet been used on similar cases.
During this drug development, there where concerns in guinea pigs on its noted side effect. Interestingly at same time, there was already a proven solid therapy for meningitis at the time (Ceftriaxone) and so this drug was meant to probably be a 2nd best or perhaps new best.
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