When are POC going to own up to this? #BuildTheWall Repeal the 1965 (((Hart-Celler))) Immigration Act. Over 2,500 #Whites are savagely attacked by 'POC' EVERY SINGLE DAY in the US alone‼️

END THIS HELL, @POTUS @VP @WhiteHouse Repeal the unconstitutional RECONSTRUCTION‼️
THREAD: MSM lies v. the REALITY of Crime in the US.
And it has NOTHING to do with poverty/opportunity. The government's own statistics prove this.
Also let's take a look at how Obama's highly politicized FBI has skewed these statistics.
Bu-bu-but 'stereotypes', 'generalizations,' .... Raaaaaacist!!

There is no 'magic soil' that turns barbarians into civilized human beings, people.

Also, I refuse to acknowledge Trotsky's coined political-hate term 'Racist.' For those not familiar with Trotsky (real name: Lev Davidovich Bronstein) and his genocide of 10 million #White #Christian Russians as 'privileged racists' here's a little background.
Sheesh check out these stats on Arab shooters from Mother Jones of all places!
Feeling any better about "multiculturalism" that Leftists have unlawfully inflicted on US yet??

Still think this is what you want your children to inherit?

No. Well, maybe the Old ways are better ...
Ok, so WHY are leftists hell-bent on changing the demographics of our Republic??

Leftists are communists which dictates that government runs the whole show, owns everything, controls everything & some folks go for that crap.
Blacks commit over 90% of ALL INTERRACIAL FELONIES, & are JUST 13% of the total population.
Now that "Hispanics" & Arabs are being tallied as #white to further (((their))) NWO, you can bet the violence attributed to whites is greatly exaggerated.

Yet MSM slanders and libels #whites as racists/supremacists/bigots all to escalate the violence against us.
THIS just in, from 2018 FBI stats. 13% of the population was not satisfied w/ committing merely 50% of the murders nation-wide … MSM must be so please with themselves.
Not only will these be unspeakably gruesome murders they will also NEVER be spoken of in Mockingbird-SovietStyle-Media because, God forbid, #white people be forewarned/forearmed.
According to #fakeNews the #White, #Christian is to be feared above all ......
70% of Mass Shootings are committed by blacks.

Such wonders diversity brings...
In case you missed it the first time.
945,608 #White victims of racial violence ANNUALLY. THAT'S BLOOD ON THE HANDS OF ALL DIVERSITY WHORES.

@USCIS @DHSgov @POTUS @WhiteHouse #StopTheMadness

Constitutionally speaking NONE of these people belong here & you ALL know it.
The Southern states were denied their Constitutionally guaranteed suffrage unless they ratified the UNConstitutional 14th Amendment. Extortion & Fraud VOID all contracts and 'law.' #NEVERAGAIN



And spare me the excuses! Savages do NOT belong in civilization EVER!!
In case you'd like to see the big picture in one take:
And to think it only took 159 years of attempted assimilation to achieve such "progress." <extreme sarcasm intended>

LMAO - leftists want you to believe it's the Guns that don't belong here.
Anyone old enough to remember Clinton's redefined crimes & categories knows just how true this is:

By incorporating Talmudic law's definition of murder (meaning the victim must die w/in 24hrs of injury) Clinton was able to greatly lower the black & hispanic murder-rate by adding the Aggravated Assault category and greatly lessen the penalty.
I'm just going to leave this here, hopefully a few will realize just how gargantuan & dangerous MSM's lies really are:

Immigration: Black-On-White Crime Compilation aka #White Genocide:
The UN and the Kalergi plan for #White Genocide.
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump #EndTheUN NOW!!

Please note, ONLY #White nations are targeted.
In the UNs own words:
Who knew such Evil existed....
For all that desperately cling to the 'lack of opportunity' Talking-Point, let this sink in:
Like it or not #white people, demographics are destiny. I happen to think our children deserve better.

NOTE: a slow but NOT mentally retarded 3y/o typically tests in the 70-90 IQ range.
Take a long, hard look at the IQ map above and remember the insanely stupid are useful to International J3wry, and they tell you so themselves.
Here's a shocker: Racial make-up of THE most dangerous cities in US
And the Anti-White Hate continues…
Since Black Lives Matter is all over the news with their canned outrage ..I'd like to know to whom do these black lives actually matter? Sure as hell not to other blacks.
The screams and outrage calling for Defunding the Police because of 'Police Brutality' seem to be FAR from the reality as well:
So what is the outrage REALLY about?

Are blacks actually so 'tribal' that their mentality is, 'no one kills one of ours but us,' does that seem like a civilized mentality, or even a mentality ready for civilization?
Yes, the government has known all along EXACTLY what it is doing:

Many #Whites want to believe these crime rates and the level of viciousness is something new:

#White America, we don't have to live like this. Not only were we never asked -we were forced at gun point to allow a complete "Reconstruction" of our Republic and I defy you to find that authority granted anywhere in any founding document.
2019 : Cause of death for blacks - 15 unarmed blacks killed by police. 6,660 blacks killed by other blacks. But Leftists want you to believe police are the problem.
For every 10,000 arrests for violent crime 4 whites, 3 blacks are killed.

But all you'll ever hear from Mockingbird Media is "Police Bias," "Institutionalized Racism," ...next they'll revert back to "evil white man's law" BS.
Take a good, long look at the reality of interracial MURDER by race per 100,000 population from 2001 to 2015 and tell me WHO are the hate-filled RACISTS?

Defund the Police, Police Brutality, Hands up Don't Shoot, I Can't Breath, Police the Police ....

Here's the Reality of Deaths in Custody:
And what pray tell, is the justification for all of this death and carnage???

"They do the jobs Americans won't do," they say.

"They just want a better life," they say...

....did anyone EVER tell you it would be off of our backs?? Robbing us blind daily.
For all of those ready to come at me with your (((semantic sliding))) and (((social engineering))) talking points, I offer this FACTUAL comparison.

Serious question @POTUS, Why is one labeled a 'Wild Animal' and the other 'Cultural Enrichment?'
#StopTheMadness #EndTheUN
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In a Blood-feud #white #Christians need to know who ARE the Pharisee-Edomites and what have they been doing to hasten our demise.
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Now you may argue (((they))) are not the Serpent of Gensis but by their actions even (((they))) say differently.
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