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Prime Ministerial Brief -- 11 Points -- An Ethical Intelligent Appraisal of the Fake Pandemic
VIDEO (6:49): or
Key points:
01 Radiation sickness and all forms of flu present identically. This needs to be part of the public
education as a means of REDUCING public fear over the unknown (coronavirus) and increasing public
concern over the known (5G)
02 5G is a factor that cannot be ignored. If it is ignored, the government will fail to properly evaluate
and understand all that is occurring.
03 The utterly huge Chinese mistake was to not consider 5G tower and Extreme Low Frequency (ELF)
antenna the size of New York, as well as pollution, in its preliminary evaluation, grossly exacerbated by
then herding those suffering from radiation sickness into open pens
with those suffering from
coronavirus for rapid cross-contamination.
04 Medical diagnosis at this time is completely suspect. Many suffering from traditional flu are being
misdiagnosed as corona, and many suffering from radiation sickness
(especially cruise ship passengers)
are being misdiagnosed as corona.
05 The Americans cannot be trusted -- the President has the right idea but the CIA and CDC are
fearmongering, the first from ignorance the second from a malicious interest in budget building and
Deep State undermining of President Trump's re-election prospects (CDC and its elements are run by
Never Trumpers and Obama holdvers, notably Dr. Nancy Messonnier, sister of alleged traitor Rod
06 President Trump CAN be trusted – he should be asked to demand a
FIVE EYES Signals Intelligence
laydown of every call, email, text, and other form of communications related to Bill Gates and the global
Event 201 conference, and every single person who is a party to the global depopulation agenda via a
universal mandatory vaccine that
includes digital ID and will never be tested by honest authorities.
07 The following statement should be read by the Prime Minister to the public:
“80% of all sick people heal by themselves, 15% need medication and 5% need to have
hospital attention.
All 17 people who died already, had advanced health issues. No
healthy person who caught the coronavirus has died. It’s an alarm with no
foundation. In the beginning they reacted the way they did because they didn’t have any
real information about the virus. But
after seeing what it is, the information is too
exaggerated.” Italian Governor Zaia from the Veneto region Source
08 With the utmost respect for the Prime Minister and the Government of COUNTRY X, the DRACONIAN
Act is the worst possible course of action that will destroy the
legitimacy of the government in the eyes
of the people and may in passing accelerate the departure of Country X from the Commonwealth. If it
was once in vogue to say that "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" then now is the time to say
quite clearly, that "
the only thing we have to fear is government idiocy and over-reaction."
09 Allow me to make this point in two ways: A Many years ago, a Merck shipping vice president widely regarded as a top expert on the threat to
shipping from Somali pirates, told
the US Navy and myself and many others that in the larger scheme of
things, a single terrorist incident such as a ship takeover, was nothing more than a train accident -- it
was the government's plague of new regulations, inspections, and other impediments to business that
really did the damage that was deep and lasting.
B The number of people that die from the normal flu, heart disease, lung cancer, traffic accidents, even
domestic murder, is higher than the number of people dying from the alleged virus. The fear-mongering
-- and the hoarding of toilet paper and water -- and the fear of one another -- and the prospects of an
untested vaccine possibly including digital ID and in the worst case sterilization elements to advance the
depopulation agenda -- are all destructive of Country X's social
10 I respectfully recommend to the Prime Minister ALL STOP on the DRACONIAN Act, and a national day
of inquiry with no holds barred. The truth at any cost lowers all others costs.
11 I am prepared to come to COUNTRY X, without a mask, and publicly,
on national television, tongue
kiss an appropriately attractive female diagnosed with corona virus, in service to humanity.
Several people have asked me why I dropped the biowar aspect from this video. Fair question, since I
was the first to
speak of biowar in my original article ( and then with
an Alert Reader composed an eleven point analysis of what a worst case might look like if biowar and
electrommagnetic war advanced in tandem
I did not include BioWar in this briefing for two reasons: a) I forgot and b) that aspect should now be a
joint Chinese-US classified investigation with three primary suspects: Israel, Germany, and France. After
the comment below I will not speak
of biowar again.
Medical specialists, most of whom have no clue, should be triaging among the following:
• Normal flu which should not be misdiagnosed as coronavirus
• Radiation sickness which should not be misdiagnosed as coronavirus
• Original coronavirus from Wuhan if a path can be certified
• NEW biowar "drop" possibly distinct from original coronavirus
• NEW electromagnetically induced lung disorder not biological in origin
As I stated very clearly in my original article and in my last YouTube
(), I
believe this STARTED as a biowar "drop" that was then blown up with reduced immunity from 5G and
the Chinese mistake in herding everyone together. After I wrote the original article Merkel's visit to
Wuhan and announced on 9/11 2019 --
dates are never coincidental for the Deep State -- and the role of
the French in designing the biowar lab in Wuhan emerged to join my original understanding of the role
of the Jewish American professor from Harvard that I have called the Lee Harvey Oswald of China's
virtual 9/11.
The reason I wanted a rapid investigation was to avert round two. As I outlined in my worst case analysis
with Alert Reader's prompting, this is not over. This could in fact get much worse and become all that
the media have been lying about,
via one of two routes: the autonomous interactive route I discuss in 5G-Petri, and multiple additional "drops" of biowar dispersants by "defense attaches" using drones in
the night and other means.
Me, I'm just a village idiot sitting in his basement watching from a distance.
I have done my duty as a
citizen, it is up to the governments of China and the USA now to get serious about nailing down the
facts, holding the guilty accountable, and preventing this from getting worse. On its present course it is
over, but government can indeed
make it much worse with draconian interventions, and government
can allow it to get much worse by failing to properly investigate, with FIVE EYES signals intelligence
laydowns, the three networks I have identified that need mapping:
• Bill Gates and Event 201
• insider trading in advance of the Wuhan outbreak
• media manipulation in advance of and during the balance of this crisis.
Original post with all updates:
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