"In the 1990s, a bunch of sleazy operators with no loyalty to the US euphemistically called themselves 'consultants' and went to the former USSR to make bank. One of these people was Michael Caputo." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/critical…
"Caputo is yet another Kremlin lackey in the Trump admin. He worked for Putin as an image consultant as well as for various Russian oligarchs before reuniting with Stone in the 2000s. It's the same people in these plots, over and over." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/critical…
"In 2020, Caputo joined the federal crime cult managing covid-19 at HHS. In this role, he promoted white supremacists, suppressed scientific research, and accused CDC scientists of 'sedition' and harboring 'armed insurrectionists.'" -- @gaslitnation
"We have explained *many times* on @gaslitnation how the coronavirus is being managed by the inner sanctum of the Trump crime cult. These players are tied together through 1) nepotism 2) history of white collar crime." patreon.com/posts/critical…
"This typical autocratic reliance on an inner sanctum of blood relatives and long-time loyalists explains the reemergence of Caputo, another long-term colleague of Trump and especially of Stone." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/critical…

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23 Sep
"In hindsight, it's clear to Obama's advisors that they should have hit Russia harder and sooner. They say so in RIGGED. In 2016, they worried if they moved too soon, they wouldn't be able to know what Russia would do next." -- Shimer on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/41951840
"Then you had James Comey arguing to the Obama admin that if you were to draw attention to Russia's operation, that would undermine confidence in the election, and Americans would question if it was compromised." -- Shimer on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/41951840
"The Obama team wanted the election to appear as un-rigged as possible, with the underlying assumption being that Donald Trump was going to lose." -- @davidashimer on @gaslitnation
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23 Sep
"In the Obama admin, there were two women who are experts on Russia -- Victoria Nuland and Celeste Wallander -- who tried to warn everyone and came up with solutions to deter Putin in 2016. They were largely dismissed." -- @AndreaChalupa on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/41951840
"Folks who'd been tracking Russia in Ukraine had a better sense of what was happening. Nuland and Wallander came up with options to deter the Kremlin, including revealing damaging info about Putin. They were sidelined." -- @davidashimer on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/41951840
"The Obama admin decided to wait to punish Russia until after the election because they believed the risks outweighed the benefits." -- @davidashimer on @gaslitnation

"They sank into the quicksand of deliberation." -- @AndreaChalupa
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23 Sep
"Political warfare to invade another country by hijacking elections began with Lenin and Stalin. The US did it to counter the USSR. Then things take an ugly, vicious turn when the US became what it was trying to fight." -- @AndreaChalupa on @gaslitnation
"Stalin's forces executed extraordinarily ambitious election interference operations in post-WWII eastern Europe that foreshadowed what Putin is doing today." -- @davidashimer on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/41951840
"The sovereignty of the US was severely threatened in 2016, yet the intel community remained quiet. Yes there is protocol, but this is a case where if you blindly follow protocol without considering the repercussions, you doom this country to its demise."
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16 Sep
"The reason this crime cohort united is because there is money to be made in breaking up the US and selling it for parts. They want to recreate the fall of the Soviet Union here, with plutocrats profiting off the ashes." -- @AndreaChalupa on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/critical…
"They are driving us apart, weakening us from within, and exploiting our weaknesses against us. We have a pro-fascism GOP backed by the Kremlin and its end goal is to divide and conquer until the US splits apart." -- @AndreaChalupa on @gaslitnation
"People need to understand that this is different than traditional fascism. Most dictators have as their goal keeping the state intact, embodying the state, and expanding the state. That is NOT the case here. They want the US to collapse." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/critical…
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16 Sep
"One of the darkest chapters in US history is unfolding right now in concentration camps on the border, thanks to the Trump crime family, Stephen Miller, and the 'good Germans' who enable them and profit off them." -- @AndreaChalupa on @gaslitnation
"Forced sterilization is genocide. It's also been happening in the US for generations, targeting Black, Native, and Latina women as well as incarcerated women. Now we have ICE forcing hysterectomies." -- @AndreaChalupa on @gaslitnation
"These genocidal policies were *not* hidden. They were what Trump ran on. You saw Sessions and Miller, some of the worst white supremacists in the US, designing immigration policy. That's how you get concentration camps in America." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/critical…
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9 Sep
"You may remember the delusional mantra 'the generals will save us' and the praise for Mattis, McMaster and Kelly as 'the adults in the room'. But there were never adults in the room. There were only accomplices." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/good-ger…
"The Atlantic article on John Kelly and the military just adds new anecdotes to information long in the public domain. Trump spent his life denigrating veterans and fallen troops and insulting their families -- Khan, McCain, Johnson, etc." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/good-ger…
"There's nothing controversial about the Atlantic piece; it's completely in keeping with Trump's public behavior. There is no reason to doubt its veracity, despite it being written by Iraq War cheerleader Jeffrey Goldberg." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/good-ger…
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