There is an archaic rule that pharma companies can't advertise their products, nor can baby product companies. Brands also can't have doctors endorsing them, offering the consumers potential medical reasons/benefits.
This is archaic, IMHO and accordingly what I see is a smart move by the brands - they hire foreign doctors, and shoot the TVCs in their clinics and present to Indian consumers.
Another archaic rule currently in vogue is the media-gag - ruled famously by the ecosystem's favorite poster boy Chandrachud and poster ungle Joseph. This Gopakumar has picked a leaf from their book and is using the same.
We should have foreign news channels report the same using Internet and streaming services. That is the only way to show the MiLawrds that they are stuck in an Utopic History, which they didn't author, nor will they be able to fathom, relative to today's Paradise.
What can their gag do to these streaming services, done by companies based abroad?

Why can't we do that, in order to prove to these Justitutes where they indeed belong - to the dustbin of history?

• • •

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18 Sep
A few weeks later, Satan calls up Gabriel

Gabriel attends to the call and chats up small stuff first.

Once they are through with regular pleasantries, Satan comes to the point he called up for.

Hi Geebs - is there something happening in India?
G gets curious - what is happening, Stan? I am sure something often happens in India. Cain called it the land of Nod (the place of wanderers). What exactly are you getting at?

S is sounding worried - Indians they are, but they seem to refuse to go back these days.
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9 Sep

Secularism - minority appeasement
Socialism - leaders' self-aggrandisement
Marxism - killing innocents
Christianity - paid-for & conditional love
Islam - peace for you after you are beheaded

Congress - CON, CON and CON more
Manmohan - Maun Mohan
Sonia - Maino
Rahul - Pappu
Priyanka - Bottle

Sumanth Raman - Asamanjam
Saket Gokhale - Foot Mat
Chetan Bhagat - Ultracrepidarian
Uxorious - Shampoo Boy
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22 Aug

Coffee (n.), the person upon whom one coughs

Right kind of word during the right time, like now - COVID days, right?

Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled over how much weight you have gained

These are festival days - I'd surely be flabbergasted soon after mid-November - to avoid such shocks, I don't walk past full-length mirrors these days

Abdicate (v.), to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.

Broadly an inspiration (!?) from the previous tweet
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18 Aug
How much would you need to comb thru the annals of history to find the last annal?

If you pick up one piece from a bomb site where it blew off into smithereens, would you all it a smithereen?
Which other language says that your feet can smell and your nose can run?

Why do we park in a driveway and drive in a parkway?

Why do you say you wear your shoes and socks on, when you actually do it in reverse order?
If blueberry is blue, what is strawberry? And then what is huckleberry?

Why are guinea pigs called so when they are neither pigs nor from Guinea?

Why do you say you drink a hot cup of coffee when it is actually the coffee that is hot?
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17 Aug

She uses her petticoats to clean her car

She uses an used toothbrush to clean her combs

She uses a quarter to push the leftover toothpaste to be used I'll the last dropdrop#

She used to study with the notes of her elder cousin, because her mom couldn't afford new books (The Mudi Shud Rejine)

She used to study under the street lamp because they were stealing electricity and the utility company cut off her electricity

She loves her porks chops because that was the cheapest protein she could afford

She used to cover her notebooks with brown colored papers with labels of Natraj Pencils, Amul Butter and Camlin Geometry Box

She used to stand up on the bench for telling lies!
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16 Jul
My thoughts as a thread

Every action has a consequence (call it, say, Karma)

The choice of giving liberal marks in subjects which have subjective evaluation method, unfortunately, has ONLY bad consequences. Let me explain.
It sets expectations high. It tells, subtly or otherwise, that all systems are there to be broken, including subjectivity. In a deeper sense, it makes life a complete binary (in the expectation of the people who are brought up with such objectivity in subjective situations)
Unfortunately, in doing so, it doesn't prepare those students for real life. Having been brought up in binary situations, they approach life in a black-or-white, one-or-zero mentality.

As you can expect, it hits them with a 100-ton force!
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