Authors, a lesson about protecting your brand. If you write a book about a spy who infiltrates the Nazis, and if your publisher presents you with cover copy that is like, “this woman is best friends with Goebbels! here are some swastikas!” you need to immediately pitch a fit.
I know it’s hard to imagine, but just don’t accept marketing materials that romanticize Nazis. Like, at all.
Because what will happen is that someone is going to say, “wow, this romanticizes Nazis” about your book and you know what?

They will not be wrong.
A lesson for publishers would be to not romanticize Nazis, but they don’t seem to be able to learn that lesson, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
For the record, because I don’t think my tongue in cheek came through enough: I firmly believe that if you really hated the idea of Nazis and wrote a book about taking down Nazis, you would not have accepted any of that marketing material. Ever.
The marketing materials for a book are not always instructive of what the author tolerates—god knows I know that. But I’m this day and age there is no reason to play nice for Nazi apologia, on many levels.
Being willing to accept this kind of cover tells me who you are.
And authors... this tells me who this publisher is. So. I’d take that into account.

• • •

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19 Sep
I keep going back to the time RBG invited me over to her chambers for cake (made by her husband) and tea.
It has been so interesting watching the public persona of “Notorious RBG” get assigned to her, because the truth is, RBG was more than a little socially awkward.

This does not make her less awesome, IMO, but more so.
She did not fit the mold of politicking woman who schmoozes all the right people to get ahead.

She was just beautifully brilliant in a way that could not be ignored.
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11 Sep
This is just wild. I can tell you for a fact that in my past disaster years, my memory is full of giant gaps of fog and I spent years trying to cope with some of my brain’s coping mechanisms.
The chances are much greater that a lot of your lockdown coping mechanisms will prove to be maladapted to a post-lockdown world.
Trauma has surely made my anxiety sharper, but this is not something I would count as a benefit.
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4 Sep
Hey, I’m going to stop talking about this, but @Alyssa_Day saw that I had not received Addison’s complaint about me and so she forwarded it to me.

Here it is.
I have not actually read this because—let me be entirely clear—I am 100% certain that it will read entirely like the blog post and there is zero reason for me to put Addison in my brain in the morning.
Addison seemed to think that I didn’t post her complaint because I would be unable to defend myself against her charges in public.
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4 Sep
Also if anyone is still puzzling over the right to exclude/ownership thing, lemme explain. One of the first things you talk about in property law is what it means to own something.
So, for instance, I own my house. This gives me rights to do things to my house:
* Decide who can enter and who cannot (right to exclude)
* Sell it (right to sell)
* Decorate it (right to alter) (perhaps subject to law/contract)
* Destroy it (also subject to local law)
In effect, ownership can be seen as a bundle of rights which you can assert.

Not all rights are present in all forms of ownership.
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4 Sep
I’m going to let this go after this, but just a few brief fact checks on this ridiculous Addison Cain FB page about how mean I am.
Addison says: “I have never tried to trademark Omegaverse.”

Me: She is not trying to trademark Omegaverse.

Addison: “nor have I ever attempted to own it.”

Me: Asserting a claim of ownership over some (but not all) elements in Omegaverse is effectively a claim of ownership in those elements.

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30 Aug
Okay, I’ve been thinking about this for the last 24 hours, which is a sign I want to say this more directly.

”Not every WOC should have to take care with their representation in their books” is just horse shit.
I honestly cannot believe I read those words.

It’s called harmful representation because IT HARMS PEOPLE. The fact that you are a member of the group harmed does not give you a right to harm *other* people.
When people point out that the representation is harmful, they’re not doing it to hurt the author. They’re doing it to protect readers.
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