I’ve written about this before, but my account’s been wiped since... @BroStreetJoy has helped me solidify these same thoughts. I believe there are 2 keystones. Ours is the 14th Amendment, it will destroy the Deep-State in the US, but now I’m talking about the cabal. Follow me.
Cue’s given us several clues. What is the Keystone? What Nation dominates all others? Return to SA. The “Map” is the “Key”. Not a new map... an old map... it’s BIBLICAL.
@SnarkishDanno you’ll be proud... I got a map. This is the map of the biblical description of Israel. Now apply it to an overall map of the are and you get this. Return to Saudi Arabia 👀 the map is KEY 👀 just wait, here comes the WHY.
Remember the Balfour Declaration? What was the point? Remember it began with “Dear Lord Rothschild”... so you know it’s already no good. REMEMBER above all else, the Rothschild’s are BANKERS. This is KEY!
In WW1 they secured the oil, but they had to ensure it stayed that way... so how do you do that? Read this... the colony (Israel) would be the “Keystone” of the entire Middle East... but WHY?
Even though you’ve secured the oil, you need a pro-western military to keep it that way... this was the point of “moving” the Jewish people to this location “AGAINST THEIR WILL” see also “The Holocaust”, these people are sick. Still WHY?
In 1945 WW2 ends. In 1945 (return to SA) the petro-dollar begins. Who are the bankers? Roth’s? Who were on the Balfour Declaration, Roth’s? The ME oil is secure. The establishment of the globalist banking system with the petro-dollar begins.
Is it surprising that the UN (globalist government) is established in 1945? Is it surprising that Israel (not GREATER ISRAEL, the bankers ISRAEL note the flag... I’ll come back to that) established in 1948 with its first milestone in 1945?
Here is the final piece that locks it all in place... take the first picture I shared. Upside down you know what it is? It’s a KEYSTONE. Put them together, you get the Roth-Shield. This isn’t the symbol of Israel. Israel’s symbol is the Menorah.
Symbolism will be their downfall. Roths break up the Middle East, kill thousands of Jews (eugenics, hello), relocate the strong to a place that no one likes them all to establish their petro-dollar system and their globalist agenda and they place their flag (stamp) on our money.
The whole plan, the KEYSTONE, is dependent on keeping the Middle East in constant war with one another. So what happens when you remove the keystone? What happens when you establish PEACE in the Middle East? Their whole plan falls apart. Like a house of cards.
Think Domino Effect... it’s all coming down now. The Troll in Chief wills it.
Saving Israel for last for a specific reason. It’s the keystone. It’s holding it all together. NOTE this DOESN’T mean bad things for Israel the people, only the bankers. Israel will know PEACE. Peace for all the children of Abraham is coming. Nothing will stop it. 🙏
Mistake on an earlier map, meant to show it as the “Keystone” over the Persian Golf... Here:
I don’t discount these people either... Globalist bankers with a globalist plan, need globalist bureaucrats, see also the Senior Executive Service (SES). You can’t throw a rock at a government budget without hitting one. One big Deep-State sh1tShow. aim4truth.org/2018/01/03/dee…

• • •

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