The feeling you have now is an intentional frustration, a weaponized apathy and powerlessness that's meant to make you feel like politics and society could never possibly improve and so you should just accept this farce of a system and save your energy for survival.
The ideal situation for an authoritarian is a society where its citizens have rights and could have power but are terrified to use them.

You're supposed to know the game is rigged, you're supposed to know corruption is rampant, and you're supposed to feel demoralized.
This is why authoritarians love flaunting their criminality. They love their cronies getting arrested or even sentenced to jail time but walking free.

We have to reject this cruelty and lawlessness and we have to remember that we have power through organization and solidarity.
We are being told that we are alone, that we are isolated, that we have no power. We have to remind ourselves constantly of shared reality, of objective reality, that through community we can fight back against this malaise and corruption.

We can make this world better.

• • •

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19 Sep
The Republican Party has abandoned any espoused principles it once had and has dedicated itself, in totality, to the pursuit of power for patriarchal, corporatist, theocratic, white-identity domination.

This is not a political party. It’s a fascist, anti-democratic movement.
There is no dealing with the Republican Party if we do not admit that truth, that there is no good faith and the GOP has reached the terminal point of its evolution.

It’s not conservative, it’s not pro-life, it’s not for free markets or limited government. It’s about power.
Continually marveling at the hypocrisy of the Republican Party does nothing. There is no shaming, no maneuvering, no negotiation, no pleading for good faith that will right this.

The GOP needs to go away. Let some conservative alternative take its place.
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16 Sep
What you need to understand is that the President of the United States of America is a walking, talking corporation.

He has no loyalty to the nation, no duty beyond protecting himself and expediting his profits. We're talking about a country, he's running a business.
Of course Trump lies. It's like a corporation caught giving Americans cancer. You hold fast to the lie until you can't anymore. It's damage control, an intentional PR strategy meant to warp reality.

He's playing a different game. He's not a president. He's an anti-president.
Treason means nothing to Trump. Of course he's asking for help from other countries for his election. It's a transnational business. Everyone is still viewing this through an old lens, but he and everyone around him as moved on.

They're dragging us into a new insidious era.
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15 Sep
AMERICAN RULE is now out in the world, and I want to talk about why I wrote it.

The myth of American Exceptionalism empowers fascism and white supremacy and represents an existential threat to our freedom and safety.

We're in grave danger.

These reports from these prisons where immigrants are being held, where they're being brutalized and experimented on, they're ghastly and terrible, but this is part of a long and sordid American history of white supremacy and fascism.

We have to deal with it. Now.

American Exceptionalism isn't a slogan. It's a weapon, a nationalistic, religious myth that hides and supports white supremacy behind benevolence.

It's an alternate reality meant to scrub America clean of its worst ills and worst deeds.

It is fascistic and dangerous.

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15 Sep
It’s really telling that Trump is so revealing in these interviews because he’s talking to someone he thinks he needs to impress and so he doesn’t lie, like he does with “common people.”

Also telling that Woodward keeps this under wraps as thousands die until his book release.
The whole point is this: the wealthy and powerful aren’t concerned with your fate, whether you live or die. You’re a pawn and can be sacrificed, whether that’s for political or financial gain.

We have to reject this in totality. It’s murderous and cruel. We deserve better.
This is shameful. On every single level. Trump’s choice to let thousands and thousands die. Woodward’s opportunism. All of it.

Shame on these people and this putrid culture that demeans our lives.
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11 Sep
We still have yet to deal with the massive failure of the Bush Administration to prevent September 11th and the consequences of reacting with pointless, criminal violence that all but destroyed any semblance of American benevolence.
And we're still in terrible denial of our cultural madness in the wake of those attacks, how we became bloodthirsty and immediately sacrificed every semblance of dignity and our most "deeply-held beliefs" about liberty and freedom.

This moment has trapped us.
This awful anniversary has been mired in symbolism and reverence for mythologized memory. But the truth is that September 11th, 2001 was an absolute tragedy that shouldn't have happened and the aftermath was a total disgrace in so, so, so many regards.
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9 Sep
Donald Trump murdered thousands of Americans, damned untold numbers more to permanent damage and trauma, and is guilty of unthinkable crimes.

It’s hard to imagine a bigger betrayal of the American people by the President of the United States.…
This emergency podcast includes my reaction to the fact that Trump KNEW the virus was deadly and highly contagious, that he admitted he intentionally downplayed the threat, and that Woodward sat on this information while people died in order to promote his book.
We can’t afford to continue pretending like any of this is okay. 190,000 people, probably more, have died unnecessarily. Our economy has been destroyed. White terrorists have killed and gained recruits, conspiracy theory cults have flourished. This is UNFORGIVABLE.
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