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Born between 1990 and 2000?

You need these 8 habits!

1. Be antisocial

When you wake up... avoid social media. It will create the fuzz inside your day. It could potentially lead to a bad mood.

Why would you start a day in a bad mood?

Doesn't make sense right?
2. Morning air

Before you make your tea or coffee...

Put on your shoes and go for a walk. Give your brain some air. This way you'll be able to function properly.
3. Music ain't all good

I'm a sucker for music. But you need to implement podcasts in your day.

When? While you're on a morning walk of course.

My recommendations:

- @naval
- The blank canvas

There are more but I currently listen to these two.
4. Set a time in the day

Once a day you'll set a time for reading and learning.

This time will remain fixed.

For me: After lunch.

Make. it. a. habit.
5. Fast ing

Take all your calories for the day in 8 hour window.

I like to get my calories between 2 pm and 10 pm.

You'll see the increase in concentration.
6. Wake up at 6

The day is getting shorter.

Why not take it all?

+ peaceful
+ sunrises are beautiful
+ more time to complete all the tasks
7. Get enough sleep

Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep.

Nothing less is acceptable.
8. Schedule breaks (NEW)

This one is new to me!

And I can't recommend it enough.

After 2-3 tasks I like to take a longer break for:

-> coffee
-> shaving
-> do some work around the house

After these breaks, you'll reset your brain.
Habit is something you do every day no matter:

- how you feel
- where you are
- the weather outside

Try these for 7 days.

Don't skip a day.
Then come back and let me know how do you feel.

I'll be here waiting for you.
If you're reding this...

You're the real one!

If you enjoyed it I'd appreciate your RT!

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Have a great one!

- Van

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29 Aug
Trying to build wealth in your 20s?

Read this thread.


''Your time''

You're super young.

You still want to spend your time wisely.

- learning a new skill
- building a new biz
- planning out your future

The worst thing you can do is to

x Go out drinking every weekend
x Netflix 24/7
x wait until you hit 30s


Learn high-value skills.

- Money management
- Human behavior
- Communicating
- Negotiating
- Writing
- Sales

There are more. These are just the basics.

Studying these will make separate you from your friends.
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19 Aug
Not everyone has the money to buy courses.

And that's ok.

Everyone has to start somewhere right?

''How to make your first $ online from 3rd world country''


''Don't act needy''

This is for everyone actually.

I get a lot of mean DMs saying:

''Send me money please''

''Why don't you send me money you piece of ''

You need to understand...

Nobody is gonna send you money.

Especially if you DM them like this.

''Learn the game''

Since you can't afford to buy a course, you'll have to learn it on your own.


1. Educate yourself
2. Trial and error

Yes you'll get a shitload of info on your feed.

And you can get confused.

How to fix this?

Try it for a week.
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12 Aug
Born between 1990 and 2000?

Read this thread.

1. Your friends are fake. This might hurt but the sooner you realize this, the better. To correct myself, 95% of your friends are not willing to help you are not giving a fuck about you.
2. Work on your body. Right now your body is at its peak. You're capable of burning fat while you sleep. But only with the right diet and daily exercise. If you realize this in your 50ies you'll struggle.
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9 Aug
You joined twitter to start with affiliate marketing

But you have no clue where to start?

Let me break it down for you

''How to start with affiliate marketing today''


''Choose your niche''


- crypto
- flipping
- copywriting
- graphic design
- phone repairing
- affiliate marketing
- freelancing in general
- ...

Chose 1-3 topics and...


If gonna change your niche you'll lose followers and sales.

''Buy that guide''

Digital products affiliate marketing is different.

You'll have to buy a product first & then start promoting it.

If you're not willing to invest $40 - $60 then affiliate marketing probably isn't for you.
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8 Aug
Don't know what to tweet about?

Do you want one tweet to drive 300+ people to your profile?

If yes this thread will show you exactly how.

''Tweet for success''


''It's not about you, it's about them''

If you don't tweet for your audience, you're shooting yourself in the foot.

How to tweet for them?

- Your tweets need ''you'' and not ''I''
- Know your audience -> what they want to read, what they don't know but need to.


''Audience analyses''

How to get to know your audience?

- Check analytics and see what tweets got the most engagement
- Observe what questions people tweet about
- Observe when they say: ''thank you for this info''

If you can fill the info-gap in their mind => You won.
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10 Jul
Money Twitter Basics

Are you new to money Twitter?

I gotcha covered!

1 - Your profile

People will know if you're a part of the money Twitter by your profile.

How do you do that?


Here is the template for your bio:

{what you tweet about} | {another thing that makes you money} | {your own trophy} | CTA

Here's an example

DR Copywriter | I flip sh*t on Ebay | I make $300/week while sipping beer | Let me teach you how

** Don't be a copy cat.
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