Adjunctification of academia is a choice. One made primarily at the board of trustees-into-senior administration level, but which has become accepted by all levels of admin and, frankly, departments, who wring their hands and say what can we do and then do it anyway.
I am not innocent in this. I do not pretend to be.
Hire your adjuncts as full time positions.
If you can't convince the admin to open tenure lines, I understand--the disconnect between faculty and administration grows yearly. But fight for lecturer positions at least.
I used my tenure portfolio to call for another full time hire in History, and if we ever get it it has to be our adjunct who has taught every class we offer, is brilliant and a fabulous teacher and deserves so much more than we can and have given.
I don't care what arguments you have to use. They are all there--discuss load, if you want, and advising, and service, and retention. Talk value proposition--look at the percentage of our classes taught by full time faculty!

I don't care. We have to fight for more humane jobs.

• • •

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3 Jul
1/ #MAMG20 The influence of neomedievalism in first-person video games is everywhere, but particularly prevalent in Bethesda Games—be it Skyrim or Wolfenstein or #Fallout4. Umberto Eco, who coined the term, thought “fantastic neomedievalism” was garbage, that the “avalanche of
2/ #MAMG20 pseudo-medieval pulp in paperbacks, midway between Nazi nostalgia and occultism” was not an area for academic study. He’s wrong on that last part, but unfortunately not on how Bethesda has used neomedieval tropes in their games. The Brotherhood of Steel in the #Fallout
3/ #MAMG20 series is pure neomedievalism—“knights” & “paladins” following a code, wearing massive suits of armor, fighting under the symbol of the sword & gear, they are a military order—austere in lifestyle, focused on mission, ready for combat. See .
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17 Jun
"But Thomas, slavery existed in Africa so Europeans were just following what everyone else was doing!"

Listen here fuckers. By 1555 King Diego of Kongo was expelling the Portuguese from his Kingdom for their repeated violations of Kongolese laws around slavery.
King Afonso of Kongo had already written to Joao III of Portugal in 1526 about the illegal practices of the Portuguese.

Don't pretend for even a second that Europeans were just going with some big racialized slavery flow and couldn't help themselves.
"We were just walking along and tripped and fell into a system of brutal human transportation, abuse and enslavement that grew along racial lines" shut the actual fuck up.

Tim Kaine was inelegant but the US took the already horrific European version of slavery and made it worse.
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10 Jun
#ChristopherColumbus was terrible at math--which is why the Portuguese wouldn't fund him--and based his planetary estimates on his personal exegesis of a single section of an apocryphal text, 2 Esdras. When the Portuguese didn't fund him, like a man, he went and left his wife &
son and took up with a 20 year old mistress in a different country. He was a religious zealot obsessed with bringing about the end of the world--probably why Queen Isabella of Spain liked him--and only got funding after Ferdinand and Isabella completed their conquest of the
Nasrid Emriate of Granada and consequently lost access to the gold mines of West Africa via Morocco.

Those rulers, btw, were big on book burning and forced conversion of Muslims and Jews and expelling both groups, because they were also bad people.

Columbus stole credit for the
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2 Jun
History is not an endless loop that just repeats over and over and over. It's not a spiral, where nothing is the same but everything rhymes. History is not a set of facts you can write down in a notebook and consult and know The Truth About What Happened. History is a battle.
This is not 1968 or 1930 something or the 1920s or 1918 or 1832 or 1807 or 1789 or 1358 or whatever date you have in mind. It's not like that. It's not some neat situation we can sit in on and say, "Oh, this has happened before, here's what will come next."
What history can tell you is that racists don't stop being racist, they just change the rhetorical strategies they use to promote racism and the legislative and political means they use to impose it. That culture and society change slowly, and the autocratic impulses of a
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27 Apr
It apparently has to be said again and again and again: hi fellow settlers, these continents were not a tabula rasa waiting for white people to show up, they were & are inhabited, covered in cities & towns & villages & farms & cultivated & crafted spaces & a large population &
well developed polities & art & music & culture & religion & writing & empires AND EVERYTHING ELSE YOU CREDIT OTHER 'CIVILIZED' REGIONS WITH.

Just because you didn't study it doesn't mean civilizations aren't there.
I'm just going to reemphasize the writing--THERE IS AND WAS WRITING. LOTS OF IT. Not just in Mesoamerica, though there were Mixtec, Zapotec, Mayan, Aztec, and other manuscripts and still are--but the Spanish burn a LOT of them, deliberately, in quantity, to wipe out history.
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25 Mar
Happy #WorldHistoryWednesday, it's time for some more #medieval Iowa and today we're going to talk about a place none of us can visit: Hartley Fort, a private preserve in NE Iowa somewhere around the confluence of French Creek and the Upper Iowa River. 1/
So the fact that it's private makes it interesting--you can't visit, from Google Maps you can't search it, and it means there have been limited archaeological digs. The Iowa State Preserve description says that: "Hartley Fort State Preserve features the remains of a prehistoric
fortified village. This 2-acre, privately owned preserve is located along the Upper Iowa River in Allamakee County. Early archaeological investigations of this area date back to the late nineteenth century. The site was studied by the Office of the State Archaeologist in 1964 and
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