Ok, bad news first.

Bad news: our recent rise in cases is concerning. Very concerning.

Not-as-bad news (hint, this is a thread): in terms of spread within the community (i.e. not from institutional outbreaks like hospitals or LTC homes), most of our recent cases are (1/9)
coming from private gatherings (parties and get-togethers) & close contacts of confirmed cases. This tells us that our cases are manageable if we can all agree to get on the same page.

Our actions matter. And changes now will be reflected in our case count in 2-3 weeks. (2/9)
First, gatherings. If the gathering is indoors & isn't exclusively attended by your social circle, then you need to wear a mask & keep your 2m distance (consider not going if you feel your risk is too high). For outdoors, if you can't keep your min 2m distance, wear a mask. (3/9)
Keeping your gatherings exclusive to your social circle is VITAL. So is keeping your circle exclusive...hint: this is a segue.

Limiting day-to-day close contacts (hugs, kisses, prolonged intimate exposure) is key. Each person you have close contact with is another possible (4/9)
person you may inadvertently infect. It has an exponential impact on cases. 5 cases w/5 close contacts each vs 5 cases w/1 close contact could be the difference between reporting 25 new cases vs only 10. Now think about private gatherings w/30 people in attendance…get it? (5/9)
We're not trying to shame anyone, far from it! We just need you to see that making small changes in your day-to-day life can have large impacts. Each and every one of us has the ability to change how this goes.

Now, we know you're frustrated. You've got every right to be. (6/9)
Testing capacity has been a challenge. We've seen your tweets & we hear you. Our hospital partners are leading the charge to increase testing capacity, and we need to make sure the people who need to be tested have access to testing. Note: though anyone can get tested, (7/9)
not everyone needs to get tested. If you have no COVID-like symptoms, have not been instructed by public health to get tested, or have not been a close contact to someone who has tested positive...then you don’t need a test.

We also know that communication w/parents is a (8/9)
work in progress (re: school exposures). We're working together & we're learning together.

We're all tired, but we aren't powerless. Small changes now will have large impacts on our cases in 2, 3, 4 weeks.

And remember: this is our community, not COVID's.

-OPH out. (9/9)

• • •

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