1/ "NHS" Test and Trace has failed. A thread.

Firstly, Test & Trace is run by Serco and nothing to do with the NHS. So we should stop calling it NHS Test and Trace and start calling it Serco Test and Trace.
2/ It is headed up by Baroness Dido Harding. Shes a horsey country girl. Nothing much wrong with them but not really qualified to run a major component of a pandemic. In fact, she has no experience in healthcare at all.
3/ She used to run TalkTalk. They got hacked in 2015 and lost £60m. The data was not encrypted. She was described as "ignorant and naive".
4/ She's a hereditary peer and her career is typical of a rich, posh person of privilege - private school, Oxford (studied PPE), then a management consultant at 21, director of FTSE100 company by 28, CEO by 43.

Probably never been in a B&M.
5/ I would argue that she appears to have got these jobs because she's bestie mates with the one that made love to a pig's head rather than her ability. She's also married to a Tory MP. Oh and she's the descendent of Baron Harding of Petherton.
6/ Serco is a £3b outsourcing giant. It runs a bunch of services the Gov't sold because they aren't "economically viable". In 2019, Serco made over £100m in profit from running these services.
7/ This handsome profit was after Serco paid a £23m fine for fraud and false accounting. So who knows what the real figure is?
8/ Serco has also been accused of covering up sexual abuse in an immigration centre it runs and been told off for how it handled the disposal of radioactive waste. Oh, and it allegedly ran a modern slavery ring. Nice bunch then.
9/ Serco manages several train services - the profitable operator franchises though, not the costly and expensive rail track and infrastructure bit - you and I pay for that.
10/ It has a track record of ripping off the taxpayer. £68m had to be recently paid back to the MoJ for overcharging and £3m to the Home Office for "illegal activity" after it made a bunch of asylum seekers homeless.
11/ In 2017 the leaked Paradise Papers described Serco as having a "history of problems, failures, fatal errors and overcharging and had faced allegations of fraud and cover-ups".
12/ Serco's record in Health services is no better. It failed in managing 4 hospitals and an out-of-hours GP service. Leaving Cornwall dangerously short of doctors in 2013.
13/ Serco's poor handling of pathology labs led to fatal errors in patient records. It resulted in patients receiving incorrect and infected blood, as well as patients suffering kidney damage due to Serco providing incorrect data used for medical calculations.
14/ A Serco employee and whistleblower later revealed that the company had falsified at least 250 reports to the NHS in an attempt to cover up its failings.
15/ When Serco realised it was failing and losing money it did the honourable thing and blamed the staff and handed these services back to the NHS to deal with it.
16/ Baroness Harding isn't just in charge of Serco Test and Trace, she's also in charge of the new National Institute for Health Protection. This replaced Public Health England during a pandemic.

This is like restructuring a fire brigade as it tries to put out a massive fire.
17/ Serco Test and Trace didn't start very well. At launch, it broke the law by not having a Data Protection Impact Assessment...
18/ And Serco tracing staff were also sharing patients’ confidential information on social media because they had no other means of communication.
19/ Serco Test and Trace has been described as "about as far from integrated or effective as you can get" by a consultant in public health medicine, Prof Allyson Pollock
20/ In a survey, 89% of doctors agreed or strongly agreed that the failure of test and trace risked causing a second wave of Covid-19.
21/ It's worth noting that Serco Test & Trace is an English thing. Scotland, NI and even Wales have their own services. Scotland and NI even have an app! Though the data shows they are slightly better they are still not good enough.
22/ For example, as at yesterday, total Covid-19 deaths per hundred thousand people in Scotland was 46. In Northern Ireland, it was better at 30 and in Wales, it was worse at 51. England is at 66 making it the 5th highest country in the World.
23/ Countries that took T&T seriously, such as New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore all have a death/100k people rate at around 1 or less.
24/ You see, if we don't know where the virus is then we are fighting it blindfolded. It's pretty obvious. Future lockdowns can be completely avoided if we know where it is.
25/ The English tracing program consists of a call centre in Motherwell.

It had to close during July due to 19 staff getting Coronavirus.
26/ Since Serco's Trace program began on the 28th May, 81,989 positive cases have been referred to it. During the same period, the Gov't has said 123,171 people have tested positive - just 2 in 3 positive cases have been referred.
27/ The tracers have successfully contacted 4 out 5 of these referrals. Each referral provides an average of 3 close contacts. This sounds pretty shit already.
28/ The tracers then try and call the close contacts and they generally get 4 out of 5 of them too.

I'm no stats nerd 😉 but 80% of 80% of 66% is 42%.
29/ In other words, just 42% of the people tested positive or their named close contacts are being traced. This is shit. It's far worse when you factor in randoms on the bus or supermarket that can't be traced. My guess that figure drops to around ~10%.
30/ Jonhson claimed Serco employed "25,000 tracers". This amounts to each tracer using the phone just 13 times each in total over the last 16 weeks.

I've butt-dialled more people in that same time.
31/ Now let's look at the tracing app. Remember that? That woeful £12m hack-job done by Dominic Cummings mates from Cambridge Analytica and the online psyops campaign behind Brexit?
32/ After much criticism, Matt CockInHisHands ditched those plans and announced a shift to the Google/Apple versions. At the very same briefing, Dido Harding said the Google/Apple apps didn't work. That's 2020 chaos energy right there.
33/ That was the 18th June. It's the 16th September and we still have no app in England. The South Koreans and Japanese did theirs in a few weeks right back at the beginning at a tenth of the cost of our failed app.
34/ South Korea uses a combination of app, phone location data, credit/debit card transactions, and internet records to determine your location...
35/ And in a recent outbreak in a nightclub (remember those?) they quickly identified 10,905 people that had been in the area and managed to trace AND test 82% of them within hours (and 100% that had been in the nightclub).

Mans not be messing about.
36/ To date, South Korea had just 367 deaths in total and virtually no lockdown. It has a similar population and economy to England.

South Korea saw it's economy shrink -4.5% since Covid. The UK shrunk by -23.4%.
37/ Finally, after almost daily fanfare by Minister after Minister about our "testing capacity" of 370,000 tests per day the British public are finding we've got virtually no tests available.
38/ "Testing capacity" is like that time I was a teenager and I bought a box of 50 condoms. I had the capacity for 50 shags but if the actual shags were zero then the capacity ain't worth shit.
39/ Families are being forced to travel hundreds of miles to get tested. The website shows virtually no availability and virtually no home kits are being sent out.
40/ I actually drive past 2 drive-through testing stations at various times on most days and I've seen busier libraries - just 2 or 3 cars and 20 high-vis jackets under a wedding marquee with no sides.
41/ Defending this in Parliament, Matt Handjob blamed the demands on testing on the fact that the NHS is free.

Matt Handcock is a cunt. Pass it on.

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