1) Rush @rushlimbaugh yesterday correctly said that "if the DemoKKKrats win this election, it is the end of the two-party system. They do not believe in legitimate opposition."

Fully agree: spocksockets like Minion, Broken Kristol & any other neverTrumper are advocating . . .
1) contd . . . the end of the two party system.

2) Rush argues that the DemoKKKrats would pack the Supreme Court. We would never again get a favorable ruling; they would pass statehood for DC and PR, immediately ending any hope we have for winning the senate.
3) It's actually worse: the DemoKKKrats are today's brownshirt gestapo. They may conceal it with their armed militias of BLM and fascist so-called antifa, but these ARE the DemoKKKrat party.
4) Wait. It's worse. Some of you will think I'm a nut (what's new?) but I fully believe if the DemoKKKrats win they will pass hate speech laws making it illegal to support an opposition party or opposition IDEA.

5) Say goodbye to ALL Right to Life groups.
6) Probably the scariest thing about all this is that we

7) I don't think it's Zero, or Iranian Valjar, or anyone we currently "know" or see. This is very concerning. Someone tells Jill Biden who tells Demented Perv.

Who is that someone?

• • •

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23 Sep
1) Wanna know how the hearings & confirmation roll out? Here is a possible schedule from Zen Master

2) Assuming a hearing start of the week of Oct. 12. That's Columbus Day so assume the hearing starts start on Oct.13. After the hearing ends, senators can submit . . .
2) contd . . . written questions to the nominee. Assume that Granite schedules a "markup" for Oct. 19, the first time the SJC could technically vote on the nominee. A rule allows Ds to delay the vote for a week, meaning that the nominee would be reported to the floor . . .
2) contd. . . . on Oct. 26.

3) By rule, Yertle can't move to proceed to the nomination until the next day (Tuesday). I assume that Dems won't agree to proceed by unanimous consent, so there will have to be a roll call vote.
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23 Sep
1) Little thread: First, thanks to all of you for following. Unreal that 68,000 people care what I have to say.

2) My analysis is almost solely done on actual data. A poll is a person SAYING what they PLAN to do in the FUTURE. Too many gaps there.

3) People lie. Plans change.
4) So I prefer "hard data." Over time, we have found that voter registration is the single best indicator of a vote.

What I have found is that two factors are at work:
a) registration aggregates and b) trends.

The latter can be as important as the former.
5) For example, North Carolina has a DemoKKKrat advantage in registrations---but its TREND is overwhelmingly red. Republicans have chopped over 100,000 off the D advantage in the last four years. In FL, it's even more pronounced. Rs knocked a couple of hundreds thousand off.
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19 Sep
1) In rock and roll there was an unwritten rule: Never let them see all your tricks. Always keep more in reserve for next time.

2) The DemoKKKrats, as I have said for some time launched too early.
3) Maybe they couldn't control the timing of the China Virus, but they could and did control the launch of the riots. These were highly organized, orchestrated, and coordinated. There was nothing "spontaneous" about them.
4) I suggested that they did so because they had to do something---anything---to stop Trump's momentum. He was already crashing the 40% range, was up in ALL polls, and was on a massive roll.

5) While temporarily the riots worked, they have already worn off and to the extent . .
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18 Sep
1) @rushlimbaugh is reading the Lee Smith piece---I'll get a link for you--but this ties ALL of it together better than anything I've ever heard.

2) Smith explains that in the early 2000s the internet DEFUNDED ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN news and reporters. Since news could be . . .
2) contd . . . gathered and disseminated free, it eliminated the livelihoods of most of these "news" orgs and reporters. They HAD to become nothing but partisan advocates.

3) When Bezos and Jobs' widow bought the Compost and the Red Sea (Atlantic), they didn't know that . . .
3) contd. . . a major presidential candidate was about to have them completely de-linked from the ChiComs. Smith's point is that Trump is LITERALLY taking away the wealth from these people.

4) Smith (and Rush) maintain that the sheer hatred of the China Controlled Elites . . .
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18 Sep
1) @rushlimbaugh playing a clip from Lurch (John Effing Kerry) saying as Sec State that "there will be no Middle East peace without the Palestinians."


This is the kind of thinking that says, "We can never explore any other alternatives than those we always worked with."
2) What does this remind me of?

In the 1970s EVERYONE thought that "defeating" the USSR was impossible, that we had to have "detente" but couldn't beat them.

EVERYONE thought that except one man.

Ronald Reagan.
3) Do you remember his response when he was asked for his view of the Cold War?

"It's easy. We win, they lose."

4) You could hear the breath going out of the State Department and the think tanks from Arizona.

5) "Why, that's impossible. We can't win a war with the Soviets!"
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18 Sep
1) From the NR article on the struggline Biteme "campaign:" The reason [voter Don] Sabbe can’t find a dedicated Biden campaign field office is because there aren’t any around here. Not in Macomb County (MI), the swing region where Sabbe lives. I
2) contd "It’s not even clear Biden has opened any new dedicated field offices in the state; because of the pandemic, they’ve moved their field organizing effort online. The Biden campaign in Michigan refused to confirm the location of any physical field offices
3) contd . . . despite repeated requests; they say they have “supply centers” for handing out signs, but would not confirm those locations. The campaign also declined to say how many of their Michigan staff were physically located here.
Read 4 tweets

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