1/ Julian Shapiro is an exceptional growth marketer and online writer.

He defines Twitter as a "persistent channel" and says you don't need luck to succeed - just persistent use of the platform.

Here is @Julian's strategy on how to grow on Twitter and use it persistently.
2/ There are two archetypes of Tweets that get people to Retweet

• Reference tweets = Followers and Retweets
• Knowledge bombs = Retweets
3/ Reference Tweets - These will get you followers

EX. "If you do the following 5 things, you'll be more successful in business"

People RT these to add them to their feed for reference later.

These drive followers because people think, "I want more of that"
4/ Knowledge bombs - Retweets

When you eloquently explain something everyone is thinking but no one can say. (Most of @naval)

These will drive RTs, but not necessarily followers because it's a one-off.
5/ The *best* way to gain followers is through Tweet storms.

Search Hacker News or Reddit for opinions you feel strongly towards or are passionate about.

When you find one, write a tweet storm agreeing or disagreeing with that opinion
6/ Example Tweet Storm

• Everyone on Reddit is saying Growth Marketers need to do X
• You think growth marketers need to do Y


" Everyone thinks Growth Marketers need to do X.
In reality, they need to do Y."

Write a thread explaining why or end it with a zinger

7/ Twitter isn't a firehouse. Don't treat it like one.

You want to Tweet ~8:50 AM PST and 8:00 PM PST

All great accounts spend ~30 min/Tweet and Tweet 2x a day.
8/ Use the algorithm

The algorithm will lift Tweets that have a ratio of 10 - 25% retweets to impressions.

It will also lift Tweets that use keywords (VC, startup, crytpo). Google, "Twitter following topics" and use those effectively.
9/ Optimize your bio

Use analytics.twitter to see how many page impressions your profile gets compared to followers.

Use that # as a baseline and try new things on your profile
10/ Why should people follow you?

Open your bio with "Writing/Tweeting about X and Y"

Use your pinned Tweet as a deliverable for what your bio talks about.
11/ How to start from 0?

Start by hitting a critical mass of people

Use "Contact Plus" + "Floch.Network" to pull people from your circle.

Your friends/family will interact with your account more than anyone, leverage that.
12/ How to write Tweets others want to Retweet

Be the first person to write what everyone is thinking but haven't said.

Spot something wrong with your specific industry and point it out in a specific and elegant way.

Talk about a contrarian truth
13/ Your best Twitter content will be:

A. Stuff your passionate about
B: Have strong opinions about
14/ "Twitter is a glorified injection mechanism for Newsletter subscribers" - @Julian
15/ TLDR;

• Best way to grow on Twitter is through Tweet storms
• Optimize your bio to tell people what they'll get
• Use your pinned Tweet to show a deliverable of what your bio claims
• Use keywords from Following Topics

• • •

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In August, it had 372,000 impressions.
An increase of 2140.96%. How'd that happen?

I started writing threads. Some worked, some didn't.
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2/ The success of a thread is determined by two factors:

1. The language used in the first Tweet
2. Who Retweets it

Let's look at some data
3/ First, the language used in the intro Tweet.

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2/ We're living in the age of leverage

• Create an online home. If you don't have a website, build one today and publish it tomorrow.
• Leverage = Oppurtunity
3/ You don't need to have original ideas

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2/ Notion - My life OS

Everything in Notion revolves around my Dashboard. I use it as a jumping-off point to access my life silos for ideas, content trackers, and other basic organization.
3/ Obsidian - Live notes, thoughts, and ideas

Obsidian is most like my "second brain". I use it to take notes on articles, research topics or ideas I'm curious about, and practice the bullet journaling method throughout the day.
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