1/ A thread on $TSLA & $NKLA. Why one scam skates free of regulatory scrutiny while the other one comes under heavy governmental fire.

And why Tesla stock now soars higher than ever.

I'll outline two explanations, both of which were suggested to me by a friend.
2/ First, there can be only One True Church. One True Religion. One True Savior. The heretics must be stamped out. Read about how the Catholics dealt with Arianism; how Magisterial Protestants treated Anabaptists; how Sunnis handle Shiites (& vice versa). So many examples.
3/ Or, in the ideological sphere, where the warring factions seem to share most views, but attempt to exterminate each other: Stalinists v. Trotskyites; Bolsheviks v. Mensheviks. Many other examples.
4/ $TSLA is the One True Church. Elon is the One True Savior. The heretics - erecting their revival tents on the Twitter prairie & preaching (or tweeting) to the masses - must be viciously eradicated.

The false church is Nikola. The false god is Trevor Milton.
5/ The True Believers in the Church of Elon have arisen in fury to condemn the sinful abominations & heretical desecrations of $NKLA & @nikolatrevor. With, of course, the Elder Deacons of the Church of Elon leading the way.
6/ Now, the second explanation. Elon as Master Magician.
7/ Has Elon told massive whoppers? Every bit, or bigger than those said to have been told by Trevor?

Of course he has. And many more of them. 500k per year by last year. Battery swapping. Renewable-powered Superchargers & factories. Robotaxis...
8/ Some of Elon's whoppers are downright dangerous. Unbridled faith in Autopilot is a killer, SUA is a killer, yet gaslighting Elon boasts of Tesla safety.
9/ And yet, Elon enjoys immunity from all this. The SEC finally tucked tail & slinked away. The NHTSA has not touched him. The DOJ appears toothless. The FTC averts its eyes.

Meanwhile, in almost no time, the SEC & DOJ are all over $NKLA.
10/ Was the Hindenburg Research report a $TSLA plant? And who is @InsiderNikola?

It really doesn't matter. The long knives are now out for Trevor & Nikola. Perhaps $GM can save Nikola, but it looks as if Trevor is in for a rough ride.
11/ The point is this: committing fraud is harder than it looks. Telling whoppers, then doubling down on them, requires true talent.

The great fraudsters, like the great athletes, make it look easy. But it's not easy. It requires endless practice & rare natural ability.
12/ Elon has shown himself to be the Michael Jordan of New Age Silicon Valley fraud. The hedge funds, the momo traders, the analysts: they see this. They respect this. They love this.
13/ As @TESLAcharts has famously said, "Fraud creates alpha."

There are plenty of journeymen (& journeywomen) fraudsters. And there are a few who play the game at a very high level.
14/ But the very greatest Charlatan, the most skilled liar, the most talented fraudster of our day? Why, there's just no doubt about how that is.

So, there's a $TSLA long thesis for you.

• • •

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