Peter Daszak has blocked me on Twitter and I honestly consider that a compliment. I think I'm on the right track with my research.
Far be it for me to question the narrative that since Peter has been working in conjunction with the Wuhan Virology Lab since 2014, and those efforts are funded by Dr. Fauci and the NIAID, and they are both in contact with Shi Zhengli...

Do they not talk?
Was there NO warning?
What I mean by that is there is clearly a line of communication somewhere between the three. Daszak has been working with "discovering" viruses for the NIH for two decades now.

If he knew, or if Fauci knew, or if SZL knew what was "coming" then they should have said something.
Instead we have video of Daszak and Fauci insisting at the beginning that transmission between people was minimal and the risk to the American public was low.


Why did so many Democrats INSIST on people celebrating Lunar New Year as an act of defiance against Trump?
By the time it was celebrated in the US, a lot of people had already traveled back home to China and then back to the US. Many of them sick. There was not a test for Coronavirus then, so they weren't counted.

Just because the first dot appeared on the 20th doesn't mean that was
The first dot.

At all.

I am in the process of ripping apart their narrative at the seams from the beginning and it's glorious.
And nobody seems to want to mention it, so I will:

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren both had rallies weeks after the first cases of Covid started spreading in King County.

Their rallies were IN KING COUNTY.

Also, think about NYE in Times Square. Absolutely a spreader event.
The virus has existed naturally in the wild since 2018 with an actual paper written about people who have the antibodies. That Daszak has his name on. That they based the 'risk for emergence' off of.

The virus has been here for years.

We just learned about it now.
And here's the REAL kicker. Here's where the Bill Gates narrative unravels:

In that paper, you have a smaller village near that magical cave where all the world's viruses are found, right?

And antibodies occur in a small percentage of people, right?
Well in order to have a study of infected people like that, you need to have a control group, right? Something to base your claim off of.

Guess who their control group was?

In this paper, this scientific paper of theirs, they say Wuhan is over 1000km away. They have a very small chance of encountering said bats.
BUT SUDDENLY everybody knew about the bats in the market in Wuhan again when Coronavirus emerged. It was a dirty filthy cesspool where a virus hopped from a bat to another animal to humans over a course of time.

The same scientists made that claim too.
So you're telling me that a virus that these scientists were aware of already existing in nature, that people had antibodies to and were never aware they were ill years prior to Coronavirus 'emerging' in the market, and they were also simultaneously doing Gain of Function
experiments on IN the Wuhan Virology Lab to affect transmissibility, SUDDENLY and MAGICALLY made a jump in a market that had not been acknowledged at all up until that point? Even though as SOON as the virus 'emerged' they all knew about it?

Something is NOT right here.
There is so much more information that comes along with this, but I know I'm right. I know I am.

You don't have to be a scientist, you just need to be able to use basic reasoning and have the patience to dig through their earliest lies. And this is a huge one.

They LIED.
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Here's the paper if you'd like to have a look at it yourself.…
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Essentially, my hypothesis is this:

The virus has existed in some form for years in nature already. They were doing experiments on THAT strain to affect transmissibility in the WVL.

When it was released, they just blamed those original bats, but in Wuhan. Very flawed.

• • •

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