Halifax Mayoral Debate:
Mike Savage, Max Taylor, and Matt Whitman.
Max introduces himself and says we need affordable housing, transit routes, and climate awareness.
He doesn't care who you vote for, just please vote.
Holy shit, I didn't know what Matt Whitman sounded like.
Wait I've met him.

Well I've forgotten.
Mike Savage starts with a land acknowledgment.
COVID, BLM, and Climate are crisis and all revealing significant issues that we need to work on.
He says we're doing pretty good with money and are keeping taxes low.
Savage says he wants to keep going as mayor.
I think that's a pretty safe bet, friend.
Matt Whitman is speaking.
He says that the statue should've stayed because everyone's heritage should be celebrated, even those Scots who came over.

I'm one of those.
Fuck that statue.
Savage says we all learned a certain history and not all history has been written down.
He says our city is not reflective of our whole history.
Max chimes in saying if there's one history represented the other should be too.
Max is more than TikTok.
That's words I never thought I'd write down.
He says this isn't to gain followers on TikTok. Less than 1% of his followers are from Halifax.
He says TikTok is a lot of work.
I believe him. Sorta.
Mike Savage is reiterating his stance.
He really doesn't have too.
Savage says rent control is provincial and he doesn't think it's a solution, we need housing.
Matt Whitman is a snappy dresser.
Savage says we should look into AirBnBs impact..
Savage asks Whitman is he's ever mentioned housing?
Theyre getting catty.
Max says raise property taxes on the most rich to cover housing issues.
I'm fine with that.
Whitman says transit should've never been free and masks should've just been mandatory from the beginning.
Parking shouldntve been free either.
Savage does a hard disagree.
Savage says Whitman should work in city management.
Whitman slaps back says he should've ran as premier so he could write him as mayor and fix our issues.
On diversity Max says we have a mold of what a politican looks like.
We need more diversity and if anyone wants to get involved just step up.
Whitman says he wishes a Maxine Taylor were running.
Savage says we need more females.
From a question from BBI Savage says we need more consultation and discussion with Black business people.
Whitman starts with saying he's happy they didn't change the name of Cornwallis Street or whatever
Max says we can't change this by sitting with select people in boardrooms. He knows people who have reached out and we have to help them.
Theyre talking about commercial taxes and stuff.
Max: if you make less money, ya should probably pay less taxes.
Max: Youth cannot be empowered with all this red tape.
He tried to run a small business and it was a huge hassle.
We all agree there's too much red tape.
On diversity, they would like a woman with a machete who cuts through red tape.
That is what I've gathered from the debate thus far.
Whitman says Law & Order!
I wonder where I've heard that.
Savage is recognizing what we mean by defending police and what that organization means to Black people.
Savage days we need more mental health support and our police force has agreed changes need to be made.
If I took a shot for everytime Whitman said 'bike lanes' I'd be dead.
Savage says we're not spending enough on bike lanes.
Cyclists use them, young people like them, it's good for the climate, and uh a great way to stay in shape.

(The last one is a Family Guy reference. By me.)
Savage stands by the stadium idea.
But we're not doing the stadium.
Whitman says the hypothetical stadium should be a private investment.

Max refuses to comment.
They all kinda agree businesses should be compensated when effected by the constant construction.
Except Whitman, I think.
Whitman says with the amalgamation we lost transit to everyone but he wouldn't deamalgamate.
Immigration is good for Halifax.
That's across the board.
Savage says permanent residents should be allowed to vote in municipal elections.
Max sounds off saying if people can't afford to live here they will not stay here.
Lol Matt Whitman zoned out there for a moment and nearly missed his question.
Max is really about wages and housing.
Whitman is really about sunshine lists.
Theyre doing closing arguments now.
Savage says he wants to be mayor.. and he will.
Whitman says vote for him. Obviously.
Max says just vote.
It's over.

• • •

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