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16 Sep, 17 tweets, 7 min read
Our Favorite race-baiter @tweetymonkey is faking another ''hate crime'' online.

This account here @Isrope1 that has sent this message and its hilariously fake. Let's delve in and have a laugh lol
First thing that stand out if the BLM first in the Irish flag. That already is a red flag showing that its none of us. That's usually them / shinners types who buy into the BLM dogma.
The second thing is the bio. Join date doesnt matter, we always get banned.

But the Bio is hilarious hahah. Its just basic Sinn Fein talking points and what a left wing normies view on what irish nationalism is - just straight Anglo bash
''Not Anti-Nazi''
The date is funny tbh too, June 2020 is when BLM kicked off and when Timi was in the height of race-baiting.
Next, let's look at who this account is following.

Well would you look at that, 25 confirmed shinners and only 5 accounts from right wing / nationalist twittter LOL. And this is just the account i can read ''Sinn Fein / End DP / Left Wing '' from in their bio
and who's following the account? well IFP are for whatever reason lmao, that honeypot Sibin, ☭Trotskyist Irish-Republican☭, @eddie_cowman

Now that we can probably say this account is a fake, probably run by a shinner or Timi himself with a simplistic view of irish nationalism trying to fake ''hate crimes'' on twitter to garner sympathy, let's have a look at some of its tweets lol
lmao, look its just race baiting

look at how its retweeting timi ''nigerians out''

and then as well it tweeted the same thing again to which timi retweeted to ''own the racists''

LMAO this is pathetic
The very first tweet from this account was after #carrigaline stabbing by #StephenYamslaw

The tweet is a subversive one trying to say ''dont be racist'' basically lol
Looks like Timi was trying to JQ post LOL

ill leave it here
Has to be Timi or a black person

'' I saw part of a documentary about the British Raj. It said that Indians thought english people were superior because they ate beef. Guess where all their beef came from - Ireland.''

100% an African on that account

wait a minute, this account and Timi both seem to be fond of Isaac Newton 🤔🤔
Notice as well the typing of ''this'' as ''DIS'' - usually done by Africans. Another reference to Newton on fake account. I think over thinking the ''trickery'' part but the Newton bit gives it away as well as the ''DIS''

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19 Sep

Retweeting an Antifa page doxxing someone
This is dangerous. Paul says he is in favor of violence as in posts below and now he is retweeting a dox from an Antifa twitter page who are known to harass people as well committing terrorists actions in the US.

He should resign as a TD, disgraceful behavior,
If a Sinn Fein member said they are in favor of violence against loyalists and then proceeded to retweet an IRA twitter page exposing someone classified as a loyalist, there would be a media storm. How is this any different?
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17 Sep

Racist graffiti was sprayed across the Ha’penny Bridge and in Temple Bar today - some of which was beside Ayuba Salaudeen’s shop tola vintage.…
Tola vintage has a judgement registered against it for possibly for money problems/debt. Owner Ayuba Salaudeen needs money. Hate Crime gets media attention from the likes of Newstalk as well as social media outrage. Fusses that he won't open up Tola in protest, garnering sympathy
Dead give-aways to fake hate crimes are misspellings as seen in the US/UK (google ''hate crime hoaxes'' - here's a website dedicated for this purpose
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5 Sep
Thread: Evidence for the demographic replacement of the Irish People (Europe too)

The #NewPlantations is only a ''conspiracy theory'' if u see it as a bad thing. If you see it as a good/funny thing like Bernie Linnane and MSM publications, then you can brag that its happening
For the #NewPlantations it is necessary as you are all probably aware that a birth rate of 2.1 is the Replacement-level-fertility (Sub-replacement fertility), if a country goes below this rate then it means it needs to compensate for this and this is justified by more immigration
The UN even has studies on replacement migration on their website. They know the birth rates are sub 2.1 & are looking for ways to offset this & their proposed solution is more immigration. I looked around & I couldnt find anything on the UN/EU etc talking about increasing births
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9 Aug
According to study by Maynooth called Embracing Diversity, Africans ''have a much greater entrepreneurial culture among the African community, much more so than in the Irish or Eastern European community'' - Empower

is this this great entrepreneurial culture they are on about?
In 2011, while crawling out of a recession, taxed into austerity, Irish homes being repossessed and families made homeless, 75% of the Fingal housing list were Non-Irish.
According to the Garda around Tyrrelstown, because a few trouble making black youths moved house from , the area is now fine (where the the trouble makers move too? - also it hasn't stopped ask locals)
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