1/ Connected yet disconnected.

Perhaps for the first time in human history the fate of so many humans is in the hands of so few people.

1.3 Billion people's lives and destiny is being controlled by a few people. There is the government and then there are those who are
2/ controlling the government purely for personal greed. These controllers want to get rich, richer and richest without caring about the effect their greed is having on the citizens of the country. They want to own everything, I really can't understand to what end.

3/ they manipulate everything, they can't have slavery, so they create virtual slavery by reducing the citizens to poverty. They want these citizens to work for them almost for free and yet they want the same citizens to consume all that their factories produce. They think they
4/ are intelligent but can't seem to grasp this basic paradox that citizens that are poor can't buy the goods and services that they produce. They run the government and a few people get elected to the government riding on the financial, media and bureaucratic muscle provided by
5/ these same greedy chaps who want to own everything. They are the puppeteers that pull all the strings. The puppets just dance to their tunes often driven by a different agenda.

For the love of god, I fail to understand where we are headed. We are faced with the worlds
6/ biggest viral threat, people are dying. Those that are dying are lucky because they don't suffer the long term effects of this virus, almost like those who died in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom blasts. The numbers are all real. The numbers of deaths, infections, recovered
7/ are all real. The number of people who went into reverse migration are real. The number of people who have lost their jobs and are seeing the destruction of their life's labor, as their businesses collapse, are real.

And we have an insensitive troika of businessmen,
8/ politicians and bureaucrats that want to stand and gloat over the dead carcasses of real human beings, almost like what Emperor Ashoka did after the Kalinga war.

Will they come to their senses and realize what they are doing? Will they realize that they are responsible for
9/ the death and destruction of a real country and its citizenry?

It is no longer a case of only Muslims getting killed, although it started with that hate. But now it is consuming everyone. The incompetent leadership walks about in the garden, grows a beard and feeds peacocks
10/ while real citizens struggle to find a hospital bed where their lives can be saved.

Anyone else even with an iota of shame would have stepped aside, accepted moral responsibility for the man made disaster and allowed someone else to apply their mind to get the country out
11/ of the mess, but not these troika of businessmen, politicians and bureaucrats.

The judiciary, the last custodian of constitution and a light house in these troubled times has switched off its lights and gone to sleep. The ship of the nation flounders as the choppy waves are
12/ about to run it aground. We are sinking. Every day brings worse news than the previous day. We have been drugged and numbed into believing that this is the best leadership that is available in the country. Those who can lead us out sit on the sidelines twisting their fingers
13/ and look at the situation with an impotent rage.

There is anger in the youth whose future has been ducked due to massive sale of family silver as a clueless government driven by greed of a few businessmen sells the country down the chute.

Yet we wait for someone to come to
14/ our rescue and save us.

Let me give you the bad news folks, nobody is coming to save you, no one.

For the troika, this has become a game, worse than a game of monopoly. There might be some who are alarmed by the situation but collective responsibility means that no one is
15/ responsible and yet everyone is responsible. Thus the onus does not lie on anyone.

The only problem is that this death and destruction is real. Real citizens are dying every day and are being cremated. And it could just be you or I tomorrow.

It is no longer a game that can
16/ be allowed to be played out to the roll of a dice. It is not a board game that will end today and new one can be played tomorrow. It is a real life situation where there might just not be a tomorrow for you or I.

Never in the history of man have we been so well connected
17/ and yet never have we been so disconnected with reality.

In a world of almost instant communication, where it would be so easy to mount a protest against a government, we fail to follow examples set in the world and wait for some miracle to rescue us from this slide into
18/ the abyss.

That miracle isn't likely to happen unless we make it happen.

• • •

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