Neoliberalism is post-ideological-- it is "purely pragmatic" in its allegiances-- it defends *the market*-- ie-- the empty space in which interests compete. It curates this empty space to its own ends-- instrumentalizing anything from "communism" to "fascism" depending on context
This idea that when the CIA gives money to Kurdish nationalists & Ukrainian Neo-Nazis-- & to "communists" under right wing (autarkik) regimes that aren't instrumentalized -- that it's somehow "allied with" & not merely "using" these groups as pawns-- is being a r*tard.
"There is no there there" said Clinton-- embodying the Neoliberal post-ideological frame. There is no "there"-- everywhere is nowhere-- nothing beyond the curation of the market. There is no "logic" beyond this to it. They are not "communists" or "fascists"-- they're NOTHING!

Ideologies are only instrumentalized strategies for deploying groups to enact certain actions-- toward an end that none of these groups can conceive of-- because that end is THE CONTINUITY OF POLITICAL NIHILISM.
The Nazis go: "Look look the CIA instrumentalized disaffected Trotskyists!"

The Commies go: "Look look the CIA instrumentalized former Nazis!"

That's right-- there is no contradiction here-- both groups were Human Capital that could be utilized in defense of THE MARKET.
It's really simple-- if the Taliban is useful for the Market against the USSR-- then they get funding. If the USSR falls & the Taliban becomes an impediment to opening the Market in the Middle East-- then they're the enemy. Saddam good to fight Iran-- now Saddam bad to fight OPEC
"But logo look the CIA supported Fascist Death Squads!"
In order to open up the "isolationist" latin american socialist countries.

"But logo look the CIA supported anti-franco democracts!"
In order to get Franco to open up his Autarky & let in foreign investment (the market)
This is the sort of idiocy-- imagining that a Hedge Fund Manager (here an "Ideology Fund Manager")-- has any allegiance to his shares-- what he has allegiance to is the profit he could derive from investing in shares. That's it. If the stock starts tanking-- he sells it.
Why were anti-assadist terrorists like ISIS funded? Because Assad is a Nationalist Socialist-- the US puts sanctions on him & funds a coup-- so that when a new leader is in, we can buy it up via "Shock Doctrine"-- it's called a "Hostile Takeover" in financial terms.
Now Asssad is just trying to keep his economy running without having to acquiesce to a hostile takeover-- he seeks investment from non-NATO alligned "Free Market Defenders" (Neoliberal hegemony)-- these being mainly Russia & China. That's how simple this really is.
Now-- imagine you're Assad-- why *wouldn't* you choose Russia & China over the US? You've just watched two decades of your allies in an Anti-NATO "pan-arab" socialist sphere get taken out one by one in "democratic color revolutions"-- when have China or Russia done that recently?

• • •

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17 Sep
Realizing that James I was a coup by Capital organized by the Cecil clan who had vested interests in maintaining the Levant Company & the proto-East Indies Corp against the Renaissance Humanism of the Essex/Southampton axis that sought the crown.
Shakespeare is so obviously a relic of a lost war over the future of Britain. The same lines of conflict existed in the court between Romantics (Sidney) & Euphuists (Oxford). The “tennis match” between the two has eschatological significance. Im starting to suspect DFW knew this
Sidney then marries the daughter of Elizabeth’s spymaster (essentially like the CIA chief) — there is consistent allusive dissing between the two from thereon out. Sidney was in the camp of Protestantism & Oxford was in the camp of Renaissance Humanism. ImageImage
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17 Sep
People who don’t have fun flexing their diction when contextually applicable— are missing out on the joys of the flaubertian mot juste. Euphuism is its own justification. Language is fun & it’s fun to use as much of it as possible. Pity ppo who didn’t grow up vocabulary games.
The whole “language is about efficient communication” PR style guide of modern american letters is so dull & soul numbing. Idk why ppo are so hostile & alienated toward their own language. Learning a new word & knowing how to deploy it for maximum effect— knowing connotations—
It’s like learning how to use a new tool— as my Father always said to me: “there are no synonyms”— sure you can probably get by with a standard toolset, but it’s way more fun to use an oyster knife for shucking oysters than a butter knife— an elm is more than “a tree.”
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17 Sep
It’s what immediately alienated me from university culture— I had friends who weren’t “honors students”— I never wanted to piss on them to ingratiate myself to Suburban Strivers & make Trust Fund kids laugh.
The “poor kids” were allowed to talk about their class’s struggle & it was radical chic— but talk about how your lower middle class white friends & all dying from heroin & the Trust Funders smirk. Middle class angst is not as glamorous as lumpenproletarian gang warfare etc
Stockbrokers listen to Chief Keef like “wow that’s me too”— but to defend people who listen to Creed? That’s just “bad taste.”
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17 Sep
Anglos solved the revolution problem by having insurgent strivers marry into the peerage instead of keeping them in their natal caste. The only reason the American Revolution happened was because the American Elites were not accepted by Anglo High Society— yet—
After the War of 1812 Anglo High Society started to recognize American Elites as compatriots & thus the Anglophiles started to marry back into the British Peerage— & American Independence became a legal fiction— the two have been one for longer than not now.
Bill Clinton middle class striver gets to hang with Prince Andrew on an Elite Pirate Island. The American Dream was once to be a Roman Puritan Statesman— now it’s to become “Celebrity Royalty.”
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16 Sep
People really believe that national differences are greater than class differences-- as if the billionaires of China are more at home in Chinese slums than Manhattan/London/Qatari skyscrapers.
The only people who take "pride" in national/ethnic/religious difference are the middle classes-- as only the middle class has *it's own interest* as a class in mind. The upper/lower classes only make coalitions out of individual convenience.
The middle class is cucked because it will sacrifice its own immediate material interest in service of national/ethnic/religious/ideological pride-- the middle class believes it's heroic to die for your country-- the rich & the poor realize that it's a scam for chumps.
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16 Sep
Because they sided with the people who funded the Nazis & were actually in charge, after they had gotten a bit sick of Hitler's antics, so the whole war was literally Theater designed to make money for international capital based in the US, London, & Switzerland. It's just biznis
The Establishment was simultaneously pro-nazi & pro-communist because it meant making money. War profiteers don't have an ideology. Henry Ford was a hero to both Hitler & Lenin. Look-- he's collaborating with both regimes! Wow!
Then-- woah-- we absorbed all the intellectual human capital in the continent as well as all the white russians in exile & disaffected Trots & then we put ALL of them to work in building the Neoliberal establishment! It's really quite simple!
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