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The jinn are ambivalent beings capable of good and evil. Some however are forces of chaos with the power to wreak havoc. One such jinn is the Red Wind, Al Ahmar who brings plagues, leads magical armies, and grants untold power.

A thread on the Jinn King of Mars
Al Ahmar is a force of great chaos, though technically part of the ordered hierarchy of angels and jinn, he has simultaneously fought against the wicked jinn alongside the angels and led the armies of Iblis’ shaiytan against humans.

His realm is Marrikh or Mars
He relishes in chaos and war and will switch sides so long as he can fight.

He is considered the most unreliable of the kings. It is said that in the end of days, he will fight alongside the forces of the devil, but for now remains in the ordered kingdoms of the jinn sultans.
Traditionally linked to war and bloodshed, his mere presences increases temperatures, agitates the spirit, and causes strife.

Sudden feelings of restlessness are attributed to one of his jinn servants being present.
His lieutenant Suhil or Sughil is said to appear as a chaotic wind that tears things apart swiftly then vanishes.

The planetary spirit linked to him is Semey’il and Al Buni says the angel watching over him is Shamsama’il
Because of his chaotic presence, Al Ahmar is invoked with a series of intense bindings.

He must be constrained by the angel of Mars, another higher ranked angel, two Name of God, and a secret letter interlocked together while intoned over and over again in a meditative state.
Only through these precautions can he be managed.

When tamed though, he can direct his martial energies to bring victory in nearly all matters and it said no wall or barrier can hold him back.
He’s so closely associated with Mars that he is depicted in almost the identical pose: sword in one hand, decapitated head in the other, riding a beast.

You can see the comparison in the 14th C Kitab al Bulhan where Al Ahmar is riding a lion and Mars is riding Aries.
In magical operations, Al Ahmar is invoked to bring destruction upon one’s enemies. His ring is made of iron when Mars is in Aries and grants one victory over anyone and the power to dominate others.

In one talismanic image he’s shown dominating Venus.
Al Ahmar has a strange relationship with the jinn king of Venus, the two are said to work together on occasion but their relationship is tense as the jinn king of Venus often mends what the jinn king of Mars breaks
Al Ahmar works closely with the jinn king of Saturn and it is said when they meet they bring plagues.
He does have a protective side. If one can tame his power, talismans of protection can be made to guard against poisons, scorpions, serpents, and enemies.

It is believed, once granted Al Ahmar’s favor a person can never be killed and will only die of old age.
He is most associated with a type of hot wind thus earning him the title, the Red Wind. In the traditions of Morocco, Egypt, & Sudan, Al Ahmar is the wind which possesses women bringing about illnesses of the blood and womb.

In such instances he must be driven out with prayer
In turn Al Ahmar is often called upon in difficult exorcism rites as he can grab the offending jinn by the hair and drag it out.
The deadliest of Al Ahmar’s associations is with the plague. It is traditionally believed that plagues can be caused by some jinn who generally fall under the domain of Al Ahmar or Muharriq.
This type of plague is caused by “ta’n” or poisoned arrows slung by the jinn causing fevers and overheating of the body.

These types of illnesses were usually respiratory and blood oriented.
The role of Al Ahmar in such diseases is linked to times of the day. He’s said to be his most dangerous at high noon, while at nighttime he becomes more of a stalking force.
While a deeply chaotic force he is not inherently evil, simply dangerous like fire—it can serve a purpose or rage.
Many of the stories of Al Ahmar are important points of consideration.

The names of the angels and spirits associated with him hint to perhaps a cross-cultural intellectual exchange given the etymological connection with the Jewish Samael.
Fire and heat’s connection with the plague gesture to the medical theories of the Islamic world while other stories particularly detailing his relationships are likely astrological in nature.
In my latest podcast, I cover the types of talismans usually made by mages and mystics in the Islamic world and will be covering the relationship of jinn, astrology, and magic in future episodes.
I’ll be covering the rest of the jinn kings in future threads.

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25 Sep
Absolutely! Stories of jinn ancestry are quite common. Whole tribes like the Banu Silat are said to descend from jinn-human pairings—the ancestry is said to grant the humans unique abilities like skill in hunting, healing, metalsmithing, and magic
Jinn ancestry has ambivalent connotations that carry both prestige and an element of othering

One legend for example says the Kurds are descended from the jinn of Solomon and human women. The claim both marks Kurds as different from Arabs but is also a point of pride
Even today there are some families with their own legends of jinn ancestry
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23 Sep
Traditionally jinn were associated with magic, astrology, and alchemy. As various occult sciences developed in the medieval Islamic world, the jinn became secret patrons and teachers of the esoteric.

A thread on the jinn king of the Sun and alchemy, al Mudhib Image
As the luminous potentate of the Sun, Mudhib is the most glorious of the jinn kings; adorned in gold and fine silks.

He’s depicted as wreathed in flame surrounded by his retinue.
In the time before Islam, it was said he was the one who granted oracular visions to soothsayers in the form of rhyming verse.

Precious metals, luxury, gnosis, and mastery of alchemy are all his domain.
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18 Sep
since some have been trying to inject some weird pro-capitalism, prosperity gospel stuff into Islam-

a quick thread on what the Qur'an and hadith say about wealth and greed
The Day when there will not benefit anyone wealth or children (Qur'an 26:88)
Righteousness is not that you turn your faces toward the east or the west but true righteousness is in one who believes in Allah, the Last Day, the angels, the Book, and the prophets and gives wealth, in spite of love for it, to relatives, orphans, the needy, the traveler...
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12 Sep
in the medieval Islamic world, the empires associated with Aquarius were the Mongols and the Timurids

in historical astrology it was one of the five apocalyptic signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces
Cancer was the sign of flood and blood

Scorpio the sign of the prophet and rebel

Sagittarius the sign of fire messiahs

Aquarius the wind-swept armies of the stranger


Pisces was the end of Time
Geographically Aquarius was the eastern parts of Africa, Sind, the edges of Arabia, sea ports, unknown waters.

In other words liminal spaces
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11 Sep
Today is the 19th anniversary of 9/11 and once more we get to watch liberals and conservatives come together and praise George W Bush as if he did not lay down the very structures and institutions Trump has unleashed on immigrant, Muslim, and minority communities
When I remember 9/11 I remember the lives lost on the towers.

I also remember my school auditorium chanting “fuck Muslims” and “bombs over Baghdad" at all our pep rallies

Hundreds of students. Not one got in trouble. Our principal was too busy policing dances.
Oh, they're just kids. Those kids grew up and ran for office. Those kids grew up and voted.
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9 Sep
The jinn are said to live in a parallel realm, but sometimes their lives intersect with the human world. One of the most involved jinn is Shamhurish

A Thread on the Jinn King of Jupiter, Shamurish
He is the jinn king most interested in human lives. He's said to have a vast palace, but visits humans frequently

As king of Jupiter or al mushtari he is described in the Buni corpus as a powerful, but kindly king who governs matters of law, justice, abundance, and children.
He works closely and is watched over by the planetary angel Sarfayal and aided by the spirit Farus.

See an image of him and his attendants from the 14th C Kitab al Bulhan above.
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