You. Yes, you.

I know it's tough, I know you feel like you can't go another day, but - and trust me on this - it will get better.

It may feel like the world is collapsing around you, and it may actually be collapsing around you, but just hang in there. One more step.
We live in a world that is unpredictable, unfair and relentlessly brutal. A world that sucks in so many ways. And this year feels like it's hands-down the absolute worst.

But it's also a world full of hope, wonder and a dazzling beauty that will blow your mind each day.
The sun still rises with the promise of a new blessing, and the moon ethereally glows with the promise of a guiding light in the midst of the darkness.

Let this thought guide you, always, towards hope. Let this certainty renew you each long day and each longer night.
You're here, now. Against all odds. Despite - and in spite of - everything stacked against you, you're here.

Holding on.

You have done so much, you have walked for so long and for so many years, and you have struggled so very much.

And, you're here.

Against all odds.
So, when everything fails, when you feel like you're at the end, just hang on.

Find the small things that give you joy, and the places that renew your soul and hang on to those.

Find people that lift you up, cheer you on, and run with you and spend (more) time with them.
Remember, always, the good things, and learn from the bad ones. The lessons have been tough, but they've made you stronger and wiser.

Celebrate life, in whatever small way you can and cherish the moments of peace you can find, like the laughter of friends or a gentle breeze.
Make time for you - as much as you can - and jealously guard that time. Be selfish with your peace, and generous with your love and kindness.

But above all, celebrate life, every single day.

And hang in there. One more step.

I'm rooting for you.

We all are.



• • •

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8 Jun
A few thoughts on why, even though "all lives matter" is a valid statement, we should be mindful and empathetic and not use it to hijack #BlackLivesMatter, which is a movement literally begging for people to pay attention to the social inequalities facing black people.
I want to use a practical, very specific example that may help provide better context outside the seemingly controversial race issue.

I started @FundiBots in 2010, using robotics as a fun and practical way for Ugandan students to experience the magic of science.
As the years went on, our team and regional reach expanded and the number of students we trained grew exponentially (10,000+ to date).

But something started to show in our data: we had far fewer girls in our robotics classes than boys. For every 10 boys, we had about 3 girls.
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5 Jun
I'm very dark-skinned, even by Ugandan standards and I travel a lot, but the only place I ever feel safe is when I'm in Africa. I love Emirates, but every single transit through Dubai is a nightmare of resolutely ignoring stares, hushed whispers and pointing, sneering adults.
It doesn't help that I'm tall, so I stand out like a sore thumb in almost all crowds. I always joke with friends that if we ever get lost in a huge crowd, all they have to do is look for me.

I am, in very, very many ways, hard to ignore. Especially because I'm very dark-skinned.
Every trip comes with the mental preparation for the fact that I will be judged first by of the color of my skin.

Not by the decades of experience. Not by the skills I have acquired. And not by the impact of our work.

But judged by the one thing I have no control over: My skin.
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27 May
I wanted to share a few thoughts on working from home/learning from home, diving a little deeper beyond our Twitter comfort zones.

These observations come from discussions on extending learning at @FundiBots and working from home with our team members across the country.
Let's break this down into access levels.

Level 1: Electricity.

The primary foundation necessary for remote work or remote learning is inaccessible to a lot of people.

Our teams in Mbale and Gulu especially suffer with this; these regions are notorious for day-long power cuts.
Level 2: Fast, affordable internet connectivity. Video calls and conference calls consume A LOT of data. I saw estimates that a 1 hour zoom call uses 500MB to 1GB. Factor in about 3 calls a week, across X number of employees and you're heading for above-normal expenses.
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25 May
My biggest business lesson from 2019 starts with this:

One of the most painful things that ever happened to me was shutting down @elementaledge in 2017 after spending 12 years trying to build an international-level multimedia studio.

At the core of my failure were two things:
1. My constant inability to bring in consistent business.

Marketing, sales or business development were not within my skillset. I hated it. I was exceptionally good on the creative side, but awkward and introverted on the client side. I couldn't close deals to save my life.

a) Founders have to do the tough things, and the toughest of things is selling the vision to the team and to the clients. For introverted tech-focused founders like myself, this is where a business-savvy co-founder would have brought much-needed balance to the force.
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30 Mar
Working from home: A thread on how to be effective, focused and productive as you work from home.

Here are 15 tips from my 15 years of experience working from home in various stages of my entrepreneurship journey.

#workingfromhome #WorkingFromHomeLife
1. This Isn't A Holiday.

Remember that you have to perform and deliver at the same level and quality as when you had a proper full-time office to work in. It is very easy to slack off because of a lack of accountability or supervision.
2. Maintain Your Routine.

Do not change your routine. Where possible, follow the same routine as you would during a normal work-day. Wake up at the same time, go to "work" at the same time, leave work at the same time.
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24 Feb
I struggle with procrastination (like we all do). We all prioritize exciting and immediately rewarding behaviour over that which is important (and often boring).

A few years ago, I stumbled on an interesting perspective that helped me get better at getting things done.

The Philosophy of Two Selves

Procrastination (or any vice that prevents success, affects health, etc) can be considered as self-defeating behaviour.

Literally, your present self is engaging in behaviour that is literally defeating your Future Self.
Research shows that most people, when thinking about their Future Self, have the same brain patterns/activity as when they think about a stranger.

This means their current self has no emotional or mental connection to their Future Self as someone they know or empathise with.
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