6 Laws of Having a Demi-God Physique


Nothing worthwhile happens without discipline.

You have to get up and train at least 3-4 times a week.

Training should be a part of your daily life.

You have to have it, there is no other way.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

And it's naturally impossible to build a good physique in a short amount of time.

It takes at least 2 YEARS.

Because building muscle is hard.

It's not like losing fat.

You have to push through your limits consistently.
Building muscle is not a priority for your body.

It's a meaningless burden for it.

Because more muscle means more energy expenditure.

Your body doesn't want that.

Be patient.

There is no shortcut.

That's why so few have a great physique.

If you don't want to be a fat puffy chump, you have to say no to certain foods.

You have to have the willpower to eat the same foods over and over again

and say no to:

-Excessive alcohol
-Junk foods

It's not for the average.
4-High Protein

Protein is the most important macro.

You have to eat it in high amounts.

You cannot build or maintain a god-like physique without protein.

So, get used to eating chicken, fish, meat, turkey, eggs, etc.
5-Progressive overload

You need to consistently increase the amount of stress you put on your muscles.

Your muscles will adapt as they grow.

It's simple really.

Increase stress consistently.

I know you know sleep is important.

But it is more important than you think.

I wish it wasn't, but it's the reality.

You recover while sleeping.

Make sure you get 6-8 hour sleep.
Of course, there are details.

But details don't matter if your basics are not right.

Take these 6 laws seriously and I promise you, friend, you will have a great physique.

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