There's a passage in the Bible that says "The joy of the LORD is your strength." Now, whether you believe in scripture or not is irrelevant, because there's a similar thing that happens to us on the regular. Its what strengthens and sustains us in spite of all the fckery afoot.
Ever notice how invigorated and energized we get when we see other Black people enjoy themselves, rise to the top of their profession or prosper? That's Black joy. Black joy will refresh you and help you fight off the fools coming for your neck.
Black joy is the one thing the people who would destroy us hate above everything else because they know once we tap into it they can't stop us, they can't deter us, they can't even get a word in edgewise. Black joy is what inspires us to persevere no matter what.
We never know when or where we might find that joy It might be kids excited about Black Panther. It might be the next Versuz. It might be the way you look in them shoes, but when it happens we can all see it and feel it and God help the fool who tries to stand in the way of it.
I said all that to say this:

If Kamala's Chucks and Timbs spark that in you, then you go ahead and revel in the Black joy that washes over you whenever you see Kamala in her Chucks and Timbs and you better not EVER let these raggedy backbiting fckers take it from you.

Fight on.

• • •

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30 Apr
Call me a hypocrite. I already voted for the Democratic nominee once and all the stern lectures from self righteous journalists will not stop me from voting for him again.
The majority of white people elected Donald Trump. Even so-called liberal white people continue to parachute into my mentions four years later to DENY majorities of white men and white women voted for Trump. You can't even admit the truth. Don't try to lecture me about shit.
Living for likes and site hits is what got us into this mess. We're faced with the chance to oust a man who folds his arms as we die from his botched pandemic response and you suddenly fall in love with a bogus story "broken" by lying leftists with a history of dishonest writing.
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We keep telling y'all Talcum X is a fraud but y'all won't listen.
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In his first 10 months, Trump killed more civilians in drone strikes than Obama did in his entire 8 year presidency. Trump also set off a so-called MOAB in Afghanistan. Only a fool would believe Trump called off a strike on Iran because he was worried about casualties.
The Trump Doctrine: invent a crisis so he can take credit for solving the very crisis he invented. And like the proverbial suckers they are, the media falls for it every time.
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A zombie horde on the way to kill everybody and Sansa pissed because she don't have the right title.
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Not a fan of Kaitlin Bennett or Jack Posobiec but what is going on here
I don't see any credentials on the guy asking her to leave but they could be out of camera view. Where was this event? Was it advertised as a public event or private?
I see a lot of people are replying with "its cool because I don't like that person" or "she was probably there to cause trouble" - which is not the answer I'm looking for.
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