1. Welcome to the WH Daily Shadow briefing. The questions are real and the answers are honest, which differentiates this from the real briefing. And no long winded self righteous opening statements either. We reserve the right to give short ones though.
2. But none today. Let's get right to questions. Q. My first question is on masks. The CDC director Robert Redfield testified today that masks are more of an effective protector than a vaccine. Last night the President again seemed to question their use. Why is he sending mixed
3. messages about what doctors say can save lives. A. I reject the premise of the question. He's not sending mixed messages. He's never sent a message that it was important to wear a mask. In fact, on the national mandate question, he said that's up to Joe Biden. Why you ask?
4. Because the President is catering to a group of Americans who don't give a shit about other peoples health and only care about themselves. Just like him. It's just one more way to divide America, but this time it's killing people.
5. Q. On September 3rd you said the so called herd immunity was something made up by the fanciful media, that was never something that was ever considered here at the White House. But last night the President said the country would eventually achieve herd mentality, i think he
6. meant immunity, to explain how the virus would just go away. So, did the WH switch it's position in the last two weeks since you made those comments and what is the position as using it as a strategy. A. Well, we've not had a strategy from the beginning, so when an obscure
7. showed up and got the President's ear on herd immunity the President saw a way, late in the game, to say he had a strategy all along. The lack of testing, contact tracing, PPE all makes sense if you're going for herd immunity. And it only will cost an additional 2 million
8. lives which the President accepts as an decent tradeoff since most of those people will die after the election. Q. So he doesn't agree with Dr. Atlas that every one should just catch it and we'll move on. A. Yes he's finally found a doc who will give him a political strategy
9. rather than a bunch of science crap. Q. Have any other White House staff tested positive recently for the coronavirus. A. Sure, lots, but i'm not going to tell you who. A couple of them would really surprise you. Q. Something else that Dr. Redfield said was that some people
10. high risk categories may receive a vaccine by the end of the year, but it would not be until the end of the second quarter or the third quarter that vaccines would be widely available. Is the President ok with that timeline or does he want to see a vaccine widely available
11. earlier? A. The President is clear that he wants high risk people vaccinated by November 3rd. And by high risk he means swing voters in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida. Q. When you say widely available do you mean to everyone or just
12. people in high risk groups. A. Just the high risk groups mentioned above and we don't want to do it until just before election day in case there are adverse reactions. This is about the election, not fighting Covid. Q. You said the President was talking about wearing a mask
13. improperly last night, referring to what Dr. Fauci has said. But he said quote there are people who don't think masks are good. That's clearly not what the CDC director said that masks are important public health tools that could be even more protective against covid that a
14. vaccine. So is the President citing any medical experts or is he only citing non medical experts like he did last night. A. That's a good question. He's not referring to scientists, unless you consider pollsters scientists. They have told him that he can motivate voters by
15. protecting their so called freedoms for political gain. Yes it will kill more people but just might get him reelected. Q. He didn't say that. A. Well not out loud, but that's what drives everything here at the WH and don't get too caught up in what he says. We don't
16. Q. On the health care plan the chief of staff said today that there is one and it's going to be unveiled before the election, one that the President has been promising for over a year now. But today on Capitol Hill the three top medical experts in this Adminstration said
17. they have no information on any kind of plan that's being formulated. So who is it that is working on this health care plan that's going to be unveiled before the election? A. Let me make this easy on you, there is no plan and no one is working on it. Let me go back to the
18. last question for a moment. Coronavirus is serious, 200k people have died from it almost 7 million infected. Our top docs are urging Americans to protect themselves by wearing masks. Sports and entertainment figures are doing it. Doctors and almost everyone in the public
19. eye are doing it. It is the single most important thing in America right now. And the President says you don't have to wear it because a waiter might touch the mask and then. touch your food. Who the f**k is going to a restaurant right now. It minimizes the most important
20. issue in this country into some kind of sick joke. Shame on all of us for letting him get away with it. Q. Not Dr Redfield, Kadlec or Grior? A. First i told you there is no plan. Second, if you want to know how pathetic this WH is come work here. This briefing is the only
21. honest thing you'll ever get from this White House. When should we expect the President to make a decsion on Tik Tok and to what extent is that decision being delayed by disagreement among his senior advisers A. You'll have a decision on that one as soon as his buddy
22. Larry Ellison's check clears. This was a good deal for Elllison and a great deal for the Trump family. Q. Some people in the Trump administration say there might be a vaccine within the next few weeks, right now we're all being tested for Covid. Are you going to require us
23. to be vaccinated. A. Yes. But you reporters will only get the batches that we're sure don't work and have really bad side effects. Q. Bob Woodward said that the President's response to Covid was a monumental catostrophic failure of leadership. That this is a tragedy for
24. this country. What is your response to this. A. I'd point you to the tapes Woodward has where the President in great detail explains the monumental failure of leadership in his own voice. This is without a doubt the biggest leadership failure in American history and
25. frankly, we didn't need Bob Woodward to tell us, the President demonstrates it everyday. We are grateful though that Woodward got it on tape so i wouldn't have to do the old taken out of context dance. Q. The President said today that Republicans should go for a much higher
26. in regards to the stimulus. What did he mean by that and has he spoken to Sen McConnell or Speaker Pelosi about it. A. That's a good question. First he just tweets he doesn't actually talk to anyone or negotiate. Second,he does want a higher number to juice the economy
27. election day. It's very telling the Republicans aren't going along with him this time. They're betting that Trump will lose and they don't want to hand Biden a growing economy. See, they only care about elections and power and they're already gearing up for 2024
28. Q. It looks like Tik Tok's US operationswill be sold to a US company. And our reporting suggests bytedance will maintain a majority stake in tik tok. So does is the President still want to sell it to an American company or is he ok with it with it remaining under Chinese
29. ownership. A. At this point he just wants a big check from Larry Ellison. The rest he doesn't care about. In private he loves China, wants to be like them. This one is about the cash. Think Ben Afleck in Good Will Hunting....RETAINER. Q. i pulled up the quote i think you
30. were talking about. The President said they come over and they serve you and they have a mask. I saw it the other day . they were serving me and then they started playing with his mask. My question is why is he quoting Dr. Fauci's guidance from like 5 months ago instead of
31. what the head of the CDC said today. A. You should have asked why isn't he quoting what Fauci has said over the last four months. He says wear a mask, over and over again. He's just not being honest, it's that simple.
32. Q. Roger Stone said on our radio show the other day he said that US Marshalls should seize the ballots in Nevada on election day because he called it corrupted. Is that something the President is comfortable with? A. The President is very comfortable with that. In fact
33. he's naming Roger Stone the head of ballot enforcement and voter security. No vote will count unless Roger says it counts. The President is pleased he's taken on this job. Q. Does the President have any evidence to back up his suggestions that Joe Biden is a pedophile and
34. taking drugs. And without such evidence, if he's simply speculating, why should the public trust him on anything else. A. He does not have evidence. It's not true. But i'll remind you the President often projects his behavior onto others. So i'll leave it there. On why
35. he should be trusted on anything, he shouldn't be. He's lied every day of his Presidency, even on weekends because he cheats at golf. Now the fact that @PressSec would simply not debunk these claims tells you a lot about her character and the character of the President.
36. She has left those charges unaddressed. She is a disgrace to the office. Q. The President did say there are a lot of other people who think that masks are not good. Who are the people he's referring to, the lot of people. A. It's like his friend in Paris, he has imaginary
37. friends and people in his head all the time. He hears voices and he talks back. It's really not good. Q. Is the White House aware of the allegations of healthcare abuse in ICE detention centers. A. Yeah i actually followed up on that one with the President and Stephen Miller
38. They both said they were glad this was finally getting some publicity because it would further deter other migrants from trying to come to America. Particularly young women who hope to start a family and a new life here in America. Q. A new survey showed that the image of
39. US is the worst its been in 20 years and President Trump is less trusted than Putin. Why don't you think other countries don't trust President Trump. A. I'm going to take a wild guess here. - because he lies all the time. But that's just a guess.
40. Q. In the richest country in the world, you have 4% of the global population and 24% of the coronavirus deaths. How is that a success story. A. It's not we really screwed the pooch on this one, no way around that. And under Trump, we're not the richest country in the world
41. either. So there's that too. But the President is a cheerleader and cheerleaders were born to cheer. So the President will continue to cheer until he's not President anymore. Q. Is Michael Caputo welcome back after his 60 day leave after urging his follwers on Facebook
42. to stock up on ammunition. A. In fact, he'll be back long before that as he will be leading a task force at ATF on arming white militias in America. Caputo is unique in this sense for a Trump aide, when he says he needs to spend more time with his family, you don't have to
43. ask, which one. Let me end with a minispeech. @PressSec today made absurd assertions about what the President said last night on masks. She dodged a series of questions saying she hadn't talked to the President about it. Isn't that her job, to come prepared. And worst she
44. had an opportunity to knockdown scurrilous charges about Joe Biden and pedophilia and drug addiction, charges the President shared on twitter, and she failed to do so. She's off my Christmas card list FOREVER.

• • •

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