1.) When discussing Black voters & our political ideology, it's equally important to understand the nuances of party identity and political behavior.

A majority of Black voters identify as conservative or moderate but don't vote Republican, and understanding why is important.
2.) The first thing this suggests is that an overwhelming majority of Black voters view the GOP as hostile to the interest of the African-American community.
3.) However, this wasn't always the case. When the GOP was seen as reliable on civil rights and civil liberties, the party was able to maintain a competitive edge with the Black vote.
4.) FDR was the first Democrat able to get a significant percentage of the Black vote because of some of the programs included in the New Deal that directly helped African-Americans.
5.) Despite FDR's success, the GOP was still able to compete for the Black vote. Though Truman won, in part because of Black voters, that victory wasn’t guaranteed.
6.) His Republican opponent was Thomas Dewey, a moderate Republican and former governor of NY who likely could’ve won if he ran on his stellar record on civil rights as governor of NYC. Despite this fact, Republicans still courted a sizable percent of the Black vote.
7.) When Eisenhower ran, he received close to 40% of the Black vote, proving that the Republican party could still court African-Americans as long as the party prioritized the interest of the Black community, coupled with the right messaging.
8.) I could talk about Goldwater, etc., but for brevity sakes, I'm going to assume you're aware of his impact on the GOP and the Black vote; if not, research it.

The purpose of this thread is to showcase that the Republican party once knew how to reach Black voters.
9.) Statements from some Republicans today about ”getting off the Democratic plantation” are both insulting and fall short of understanding the complex, nuanced history of Black voters with both political parties.
10.) If the Republican Party ever seeks to compete with Black voters again, I suggest the party study it's past and not just talk about it and see where the party went wrong and correct course.

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7 Sep
1.) It’s not necessary to put down Black people to make a point about the issues some face in our community. I, too, know all of the stats/problems, but a difference in views/positions to address those issues shouldn't warrant humiliation, which does nothing to provide solutions
2.) Instead of talking/tweeting about how horrible the things are, it's important to spend time in the places with the most challenges.

3.) Spend time mentoring young Black boys & girls to help them realize their potential & their limitless possibilities.
4.) Partner with local groups invested in those places to advocate for the different approaches and solutions you advocate for instead of only being a voice of dissent.
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4 Jul
I’ve been associated with the GOP since middle school when I started a TARS (Teenage Republican Society chapter) at 14. I've worked on many Republican campaigns to help elect Republicans.

Leaving the Republican party was no easy thing, but for me, it was the right thing.
An older African-American gentleman once told me always to remember that, ”you can never go wrong, doing right.” With that said, what's right for me, may not compel others, and that’s okay. My decision was made on the principles that I prefer to live by, not a party slogan.
I don't pledge loyalty to a party and, certainly, not a man. I stand erect on solid ground, having dedicated myself to a value system guarded by the morals and ethics instilled in me by my parents and grandparent. A set of beliefs that I, as a conservative believe, are missing.
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2 Jul
In my opinion, Trump’s presidency has been a disaster for the country and a disaster for the Republican Party. At this point, everyone should be ready to move on.
I’ll acknowledge CJR, and the courts are tangibles for many Rs, coupled w/some executive actions; however, he's not accomplished anything a traditional Republican president couldn't or wouldn't have and with less chaos.
The national debt has skyrocketed under Trump and continues to rise. The executive branch has, in my view, overstepped its intended boundaries, which sets a bad precedent. And morally, Trump has been a complete failure for a nation that desperately needs moral leadership.
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17 Jun
Does the Republican party have the propensity to change and get better? I've certainly reached a point where I'm tired of politics and honestly tired of DC. At some point all things must come to an end and knowing when that time comes and moving on is critically important.
Not all paradigm shifts are good, some are regressive. So much so that attempting to correct a problem may be to steep a hill a climb. Certainly, all things are possible, but is it actually possible to curb the problems of the GOP? Many have tried, but most have failed.
Being a conservative doesn't mean you have to stay tethered to all of the craziness of a political party. Yes, conserve tradition, values, structure & order. Stand for the limitation of an expensive state in the body politic.
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9 May
As a black man, the older I get, the less interested I am in any type of partisan politics & the more interested I’ve become utilizing every mechanism of the political system for the advance of black people. However, that also requires our own accountability and proper planning.
No one will ever give you anything, so we have to build up our own communities and prepare ourselves to be leaders and titans of all industries. Strategic positioning at all levels supersedes the myopic partisan banter of feel-good progress.
Don't tell me I'm progressing when by every metric I'm still behind you. That's not progress when you're always 10 feet ahead. Progress by my definition is when we're equal in every category and by every quantifiable metric.
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28 Mar
Not enough attention has been placed on renters during this crisis. According to @pewresearch, most renters are young adults and minorities. African-American (AA) and Hispanic households are twice as likely as white households to rent their homes.
As of 2016, 58% of AA households and 54% of Hispanic households rented their homes, compared with 28% of white households.

Additionally, 65% of households headed by people younger than 35 are renting, which is up from 57% in 2006.
According to the National Multifamily Housing Council, 43 million households are renters and 37% live in apartments. Millions of people who are now out of work or furloughed and lack significant savings will find themselves in trouble April 1st.
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