I won’t tell anyone how to vote. But I will point out that Trump promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and followed through; he went around the Palestinian authority and is creating a peace collusion; he heavily sanctioned Iran and in so doing, is also putting pressure...
...on Russia. He’s directly taking on China — both geopolitically and domestically, rooting out its tentacles in higher ed; he’s built 300+ miles of a border wall; he’s cracked down on Critical Race Theory in the federal government, and is eyeing ways to do the same in education
He created record low unemployment and, because of the strength of his economy, we’re seeing a quick rebound from the pandemic. He’s started no wars, but was able to defeat Isis and kill an Iranian super terrorist. We are now energy independent. He cut regulations & partnered...
...with the private sector to fast track a vaccine, therapeutics, etc. He cut taxes across the board. Manufacturing jobs are returning. He’s made our allies pay up; he’s negotiated better trade deals; he’s pulled us out of globalist agreements that didn’t benefit us.

He did...
...all of this while the permanent bureaucratic class fought him at every turn; through an impeachment farce; and with the media fully and vocally mobilized against him — forcing them to drop their masks.

For these reasons, I’ll affirmatively vote for him. Also, I cannot...
...look at my children going forward and think I didn’t do everything I could to prevent Marxism from attaining the power of the presidency.

• • •

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More from @proteinwisdom

17 Sep
A lot of leftists today are instantly equating patriotism with white nationalism — not recognizing that they are making Trump’s case against the pernicious Kafka Trap that frames Critical Race Theory, as well as the revisionist fiction of the 1619 Project.
If Trump succeeds in exposing and delegitimizing CRT, much of the left’s institutional power dies. After that, the next step is taking back the rules of language and hermeneutics as a way to structurally break from incoherent but widely accepted notions about interpretation...
...that allow for dedicated “interpretive communities” to determine and adjudicate meaning that rightly belongs to the individual, who is alone — and by linguistic necessity — the locus of meaning in an utterance or text.

Identity politics crumbles as language is reclaimed.
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6 Sep
An observation: people outside of the Beltway political establishment who look at the graves in Arlington and wonder if they’d have had the stones to potentially pay the ultimate sacrifice, are people who are behaving as any genuine person would.

While the media & political...
...insiders get to work spinning this show of *actual* humanity as an anti-soldier character flaw, you have every right to ignore their faux-patriotic bluster.

Political outsiders who ponder such enormities, it turns out, are less likely to send our sons and daughters into...
...far-flung lands to fight for nebulous principles in forever wars — often with ROEs so restrictive that killing the enemy they’re pointed toward leads to murder trials spurred on by the political insiders who supported war, but who likewise wish to use soldiers as props to...
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28 Aug
I’ve educated myself: Blake was a rapist. A woman whose home he wouldn’t leave and whose keys he stole called police. Police were aware of his warrant. When they tried to take him into custody, he fought with police. They tased him. Still, he made his way to his car. Police...
...ordered him to stop and drew their weapons. Blake ignored them and reached into his car. He was reaching for a knife —but he could have been reaching for a gun. Police fired on him.

The police were there to protect the woman who called them. They did so.

George Floyd...
...died of a fetanyl overdose. He resisted arrest and refused to get into the police car. The bodycam footage was withheld from the public for months. Floyd was yelling that he couldn’t breathe before he was taken to the ground. No one has shown any racial motive for his death.
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24 Aug
Anybody who didn’t understand that the White Nationalist “alt-right” was always just the identity politics left looking for someone to champion *their* identity politics, didn’t read pw or my column in the Federalist from 2015.

The surprise has been Trump — not the “alt-right.”
And this is why I now support Trump, and have since early in his presidency: he’s used tariffs strategically and, with enemy states, as an economic weapon; he’s managed to bring back US jobs from overseas; and he really HAS unmasked both the media and the Deep State.
Ironically, his biggest mistake was “listening to the science”: medical bureaucrats took advantage, in my opinion, of Trump’s known germophobia; but even there, Trump recovered quickly and has urged states to open safely; he closed off travel; used federal authority to build...
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1 Aug
Kneeling for the Anthem does nothing to address “racism,” save to exacerbate it; such woke theater only serves to antagonize half the country — the message being “we are protesting you and your historic culpability in the kind of systemic racism that forced us to wait until ...
“...we were in our 20s to become millionaires who play a game for a living.”

It is not a show of solidarity for “black lives”; in fact, it’s a political posture that supports the status quo: vote for the same “progressive” Democratic party candidates who have, since before...
...the Civil War, have paternalized blacks to such an egregious extent that they’ve remained — largely willingly — on the Democrats’ permanent plantation.

If black lives truly mattered to those kneeling in support of black lives matter, their primary concern would be ...
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29 Jul
Marxism cannot co-exist with our constitutional republic.

It is anti-individualist, anti-capitalist, and anti-limited government. It aims —airily — at an equality of outcome, knowing full well that the endeavor, inevitably and history, ends with an entrenched authoritarian...
...ruling class.

It stamps out the free exchange of ideas in favor of enforced conformity and a dehumanizing move into tirelessly policed identity narratives that, should you stray from that approved narrative, renders you inauthentic, a “race traitor,” a suffers of false...

Individually agency — with its desire for liberty — is recast as a defect; it is, we’re informed, an assault on the “Greater Good,” and so worthy of shame, punishment, and cancelation.

Equality before the law, inasmuch as it doesn’t coerce egalitarian ends..
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