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Thread on how atheism causes higher crime rates.
Numerous scientific evidence has shown that atheists commit more crimes and have higher per-capita crime rates.

A meta-analysis shows that atheism increases crime rates in children and young adults.

It's also scientifically proven a lack of religion results in higher rates of drug abuse.

And higher religiosity results in lower rates of drug abuse.

In a similar study it's also found that atheism causes higher rates of drug trafficking, as well as theft.

This should explain why crimes like drugs & stealing are virtually non-existent in Islamic nations, yet so high in the West.

Saudi Arabia and Muslim countries in general have very low rates of crime, because Sharia is more effective at reducing crime rates (due to less atheism).

This is explained by the Theory of Synnomie (as opposed to anomie, a breakdown of society which is caused by atheism)

When a society is 100% Islamic, i.e has achieved a state of synnomie, it will have virtually no crime.

In fact when criminals convert to Islam, they end up having lower rates of committing crimes and become more law abiding citizens.

An explanation for why atheism causes higher crime rates is that atheism has no morals

An example of a crime was given:

"An atheist put on a condom then committed bestiality with a chicken, then cleaned & ate the chicken"

Atheists agreed this was okay

Another scientific studies also confirmed that atheism has no morals, and do not see a problem with committing immoral crimes.

Religious fundamentalists also see committing any type of crime as more serious offenses than who who were not religious.

As John Locke, the Father of the Enlightenment said "atheism is a crime" and an atheist has no logical reason to follow the laws, and will not.

Now we have empirical scientific evidence that atheism does indeed cause higher crime rates.



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14 Aug
<small thread 🧵>

A short explanation of this paper (so any of you using it don't misinterpret it and make a mistake) :

1st - The green (puberty) and pink (psycho-social maturity) bars are NOT intrinsically matched to each other.

They don't have to match.
2nd - basically if everyone had unlimited food & no diseases (i.e no evolutionary pressure) then everyone would hit puberty at 9 (green bar)

Age of puberty was higher in places like medieval Europe because they had less food, thus it was a disadvantage to have kids at 9
2nd cont. - today this is no longer the case due to the Industrial Revolution and thus increased food production (why the green bar is lower today)

Nor was this the case at more temperate latitudes which had better food production (more sunlight = faster food production)
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10 Jul
Top 10 reasons to leave atheism - a thread 🧵
1⃣ - Atheism promotes sex with dogs as a human right

In the secular liberal moral framework of atheism, bestiality would be a human right.

Atheism tells you to stop believing in God and believe in sex with dogs as a human right.

2⃣ - Atheism is bad for your mental health

Scientific studies prove atheism if one of the leading causes behind worsening mental health, higher rates of depression & unhappiness.

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24 May
<thread 🧵>

A short thread on the proofs of God , miracles 👼, and prophethood 🕋.

(Click on images 🖼️ to see the alt text explanations 📄 of the citations)
Proofs of God:

Logically there must be a single uncreated Necessary Being Causer (NBC) in order for the universe to logically exist.

Or else it wouldn't be possible for us to logically exist right now.

God fits the description of this NBC.

jstor.org/stable/4320068 Through modal logic (a type...In this summary, we see tha...
Proofs of Miracles:

Objects have no inherent properties; Occasionalism (similar to quantum mechanics)

What we call "scientific laws" are just God's normal conduct, he however does not always have to follow this conduct or is limited by it.

citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/summar… What you see as "scien...(continued from previous im...Just like that a miracle ca...
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17 Feb

A short thread explaining the harms of alcohol as well as debunking the myth that "moderate drinking" is healthy

Alcoholic substances are co-carcinogenic & is the 2nd leading cause of cancer.

There are plenty of harmful drugs, that "feel good"

There are also a lot of myths that wine is beneficial for you. However this is entirely wrong, what benefits you are the polyphenols found in wine, not the ethanol.

Polyphenols from non-wine sources are actually even more effective without the ethanol.

Even "moderate alcohol" can result in higher rates of cancer, as during the metabolism of ethanol leads to the production of carcinogenic substances.

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4 Feb
Sexual frustration is a large part of what drives the radical hindu politics in India.

Built upon an incel mentality that the strong alpha male Muslim Chads will take over.

Source: Anand, Dibyesh. Hindu nationalism in India and the politics of fear. Springer, 2016. pages 49-50 ImageImage
The radical hindu is extremely sexually insecure, due to what they perceive in the Muslim man; like those "virgin vs Chad" comics.

There is a huge belief among their intellectuals that the alpha more-fertile Muslim man will "steal their" hindu women.

(Anand, 2016, pg 51-52) ImageImage
There is constant fear and paranoia about the Chad Muslim alpha male. There is a stereotype that Muslim men are more handsome, and thus Hindu women will choose a Muslim man and stay away from hindu boys.

(Anand, 2016, pg 63-64) ImageImage
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3 Feb
They turned this meme into an actual study, which is now curated on the US National Library of Medicine. Cannot make this up 😂👌

Another study on this on what motivates open defecation. Several hindu men & women were interviewed, and asked why they choose open defecation over using toilets.

Responses were it was a good social activity, and brings people together for conversations

Others describe that, it make them feel independent, as they could choose different ways.

As well as it being a dominant social practice, and they never imagined a day where people would use toilets in enclosed indoor bathrooms.
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