The morning after Trump's win, the Clintons wore purple.
When asked about the significance, a Clinton spokesperson said it represented bringing together, red and blue Americans. Yeah SURE!

[thread] Image
2/ Color revolutions were discussed last night on Tucker and posted by Q today.

Everything we have been seeing by the opposition is the Purple Revolution - since Day 1 of Trump's presidency.

But Trump says that THEY are after US, not him. He's just in the way. Image
3/ So let's go WAY biblical times.
Do you know what color is associated with our favorite child-sacrificing ba'al worshippers? Yup, Purple. Image
4/ Phoenician Purple Dye was made from the Murex snail which was only found on the Canaan coast.

Canaanites — later referred to as Phoenicians (purple people) — became known for this purple and blue dye, said to be worth more than its weight in gold. Image
5/ "Purple People"? You don't say.
Who else thinks of the song Purple People Eater?
6/ Horrible song and maybe I'm just paranoid. But any song about eatin' people...well, you know! Image
7/ How about Purple Rain? Never really understood what the Purple Rain was.

Humor me, replace "Rain" with "Reign"
Especially the second half of the song.

Song by Prince and the REVOLUTION!

To quote Biden "Come on, man!" Image
8/ Deep Purple, anyone? 10th Album "Come Taste the Band" 🙄

Boy that album cover is real subtle... Image
9/ Speaking of subtle... Kim K in Purple on the cover of Jezebel! Image
10/ Check out below...Purple throughout the clip about tackling coronavirus with UV light.

Trump has mentioned UV on more than one occasion!

Multiple meanings!

Purple = Royalty, Canaanites

Crown = Corona, Invisible Enemy

Using Light to kill the “Virus”

Violet Defense
13/ Image
14/ Obama Sings “Purple Rain”
Notice Alice in Wonderland theme.

Obama and the Guy with the Purple Shirt

16/ Purple Revelation?

Revelation 17:4-6 Image
17/ Rachel Chandler Purple Magazine…
18/ Rachel Chandler Purple Diary Image
19/ Mr. Purple, a rooftop bar and restaurant in who else?

Rande Gerber aka Mr. Cindy Crawford aka George Clooney’s BFF!

H/T @TheJigisUp10
20/ Whaat!?!?!

Posted one hour ago...BBC:

One of the wildflowers the meadows in the park support is the common knapweed - a bright PURPLE flower that blooms between June and September.…
22/ Purple Revolution
Valerie Jarrett

That Austin Powers get-up makes more sense now. ImageImageImage
23/ Hillary sporting a purple blazer to accept her CHAMPION OF THE CENTURY award from Planned Parenthood.

Boy, she couldn’t be happier! Image
24/ October 2017

An article on another Clinton Purple Blazer…
25/ How could I forget the big purple dinosaur that mesmerized children of the 90s!

Did you know Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez were on Barney? Image
Working on the Barney show when she was a child, Selena explained that at just seven years old she had the "awkward" crush.

“At that time you are young and you are like ‘What are these things that I’m feeling, he is so attractive’."…
27/ Tinky Winky Purple Teletubby
This has MK programming written all over it. ImageImage
28/ Tinky Winky becomes a gay icon after Falwell voices concern of the character. Image
Purple “new-world-order” shade

“Straight purple, politically, is a third way colour, a triangulated, red-meets-blue, have-it-all-ways, new-world-order shade that speaks of flexibility and thinking outside the box.”…
30/ 2008 Obama/McCain

“a dramatic uptick in the number of purple neckties being sported this campaign season by TV men across the cable and broadcast landscape”

“Purple is the New Neutral”

Neutral is easy when candidates are on the same team, right?…
2010 State of the Union

Purple was the fashion highlight of the night. Nancy Pelosi wore a lavender suit. Biden, wore a purple tie with stripes. First lady Michelle Obama paired a raisin-colored shirt with a plum skirt.…
Purple have become theme for THEIR death cult sacrifices. Before George Floyd, it was done for Prince and Kobe Bryant.…
35/ We wouldn’t think anything of the purple tributes bc of Kobe’s Lakers and Prince’s Purple Rain.…
36/ But is it more a tribute to their Death Cult and their martyrs? The real darkness? Image

Was a message sent to the Death Cult on August 26 when the White House was lit for in honor of the historic suffrage colors of purple and gold?

The initiative was named in honor of the historic suffrage slogan, “Forward through the Darkness, Forward into Light” Image

Predicted or Just Part of the Plan?
Note Purple Helicopter

• • •

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The Roter Frontkämpferbund (“Alliance of Red Front-Fighters"), usually called Rotfrontkämpferbund, abbreviated RFB, was a German paramilitary organization affiliated with the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) during the Weimar Republic.…
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Arrested RFB members could depend on the Rote Hilf (“Red Aid”) for legal support and if sentenced to prison - financial support of their families.
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Non-profit industrial complex - the most powerful army in the world.

NGOs employ billions of staff - all interconnected.

Financed by our ruling oligarchs. Image
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