So I was thinking about why Austin Steinbart's of #Qanon Parents were lying in their videos, they are no where near as good of liars as Austin which is probably why they have been quite all this time just watch the video & you can see the frantic blinking…
as they talk. For a long time I just thought @AustinSteinbart was a sociopath & that is why his family did not speak up for him before. But they know Damn well he is not DIA or working for the Government if you watch all the videos you will even see them lying about what
Celtic disease is talking about how he can have an episode from just touching counter tops. If he has had it for 24 years shouldn't his own parents know what triggers it?…
Seems they read up a little on it for their talk but at the same time confused it with Peanut allergy. If you listen to them all they are basically now taking the roll of getting the domestic Terrorists Austin has groomed to start causing chaos.
To work your way up in Secret
Secret Societies you have to prove yourself & that is what all 3 of them are trying to do. I mean yeah you can be born into it, they have to except you but they can keep you as a pawn forever the only way to move up is by proving yourself because their are hundreds of millions of
them & you can't just let them all in on the Secrets because if you do that too fast you might end up with a Micheal Jackson or John F Kennedy situation where when some hear too much they say hey wait a minute this is some evil shit & I don't want any part of it. That's why they
have the levels, so you can prove yourself & move up. If you search Willie Steinbart's social media you will see they travel all over the world & have for years which is odd for a University Professor. If you check the date on Austin Steinbarts FB account you will see he got his
at 14 which may not seem odd unless you know that in that time the only people who were aloud to have facebook accounts were people who were enrolled in Some Universities not all, just some & I guess members of the Secret societies & their families can too. Austin has been
arrested 3 times & while YouTube, Twitter & Facebook have all said they are removing Qanon accounts his accounts are still there, the very accounts that he used to commit the crimes he is in Jail for & he claims he actually is Q seems if that were true his would be the 1st to go.
From Austin's Archives you will see him claim there is no Illuminati😂 he once claimed his grand father was a Nazi brought over in operation paperclip but he was not a bad 1 according to Austin😂 however his great Grand father was actually a member of the Illuminati according to Image
the #Illuminati which explains how such stupid people such as Austin & His parents even got a chance to prove themselves to begin with. Think Bush Jr & what a buffoon he is. The funny thing is that #Qanon is mostly white Supremacist & the most vocal about… ImageImageImage
calling @AustinSteinbart a fake are the White trash White Supremacists who are not part of any bloodline that could get them in to any secret society they are just pawns like all the Non-Whites who unwittingly serve them Like #Antifa & #Blacklivesmatter so they are literally
attacking their higher ups. In fact it seems for the most part the only people left following Qanon are white supremacist, members of some secret society & people who don't follow it close enough to see what is going on. And that was part of the plan. All their material
comes from 3 sources. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Wikileaks & Trump's own speeches from 2016 this was how they made it appear that they were working with Trump, because of the truth's taken from the last 2. Because the end game plan is to make it look like all Trump
supporters are Crazy Domestic Terrorist right before the election which you can see from this article. They make it it appear like they follow Qanon…
but what you will find is that they believe in the stuff from Trump's speeches & Wikileaks & none of the BS like Trump has a magic time machine that allows him to see in the future or that he has an arming of digital soldiers that he
communicates with solely through a Fetish site famous for Pedophilia & White Supremacy. The plan probably would have worked if the Deep State didn't get so cocky & show their hand once Qanon started to get recognition online. But now with them supporting Domestic Terrorist all Image
over the US so publicly while they Burn, Rob, Rape & Murder, the average American has seen though the BS charade & seen them for who they really are. And as for those good people who might believe in Qanon I think most would agree that the only thing that proves is that they are
too busy with their Jobs to follow it close enough to know what it really is. As for anyone being able to move up in their secret society as a result of their work on Qanon I don't think that is going to happen because they turned it in to a complete clown show & have shown just
how stupid these Deep State actors really are which in the end will have very bad consequences for their very long running plan.😂🤣🤪

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1 Sep
If you can keep someone talking long enough you will see what they are really about. Thought it was better to work with grifters than work with the actually party itself? No real Trump Supporter is trying to keep him accountable, they trust him. These fools think he is a white
supremacist because he is the whitest of white so they assume he is a hate filled racist like them & someone has convinced them of that so thoroughly they can not even see that he is not, no matter how obvious it is. Someone wants these nut job, inbred fools publicly supporting
him & being the loudest most vocal of all Trump supporters so that it looks like the only people supporting @realDonaldTrump are Racist, Crazy, Domestic terrorists. They are a vocal minority but Social Media & the MSM would have you believe they are the Majority because that
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30 Aug
I have finally cracked what Qanon is & how domestic Terrorists are created & for everyone watching it you have go to watch the grooming & how it is done. Lets look & YouTube & Social media & even Google itself but it would take too long to explain to a newbie the difference it &
all Search engines before it so I will leave it out & just look at the others. They all work on the same business model. That is getting people to work for them for free. None of these companies have a product. It is all created for free by the public in a sort of chasing a high
way. As someone who has worked from home for over 2 decades I can tell you that everyone around the world wants to work form home. I meet people from all over the world & they all want my life. That is the spark. The idea that they can be free & have a life to do what they want
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23 Aug
#Qanon is a psyop the claim is that it is an anonymous poster who works directly for the president that has Q Clearance. The problem with that is Q clearance is used exclusively by the Department of Energy DOE nothing that Q drops contain have anything to do with what the DOE...
Does not in the slightest. Most people have no idea how any of this stuff works & that is why the psyop works. The media could report all this, after all that is their job but they don't. All they do is say that Qanon is a right wing conspiracy theory and ……
That Trump supporters are all a bunch of crazy, domestic terrorist. They also add that they believe that Qanon believers believe that the government is being run by satanic pedophiles that rape & eat children & that works like advertising to draw people to the psyop because they
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17 Aug
Psyop's & Grifts work because they play off of people's ignorance. They gain trust by posting info that few people have heard about & call it inside information then later others come out with proof it is real & now everyone believes that the Grifter really is who he claims to... From that point forward the vast majority of people will then believe every thing they say without questioning it. As it pick up followers others join in because they see others doing it. They have a false belief that if a lot of people believe it then it must be true. A...
psyop means that some group within a government or corporation is behind it. The purpose is to push an agenda that takes those awake from the Truth. Read any Article on Qanon from the MSM on it they are say the same things
Trump Supporters
Satanic Pedophile Ring
Spirit cooking
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16 Aug
I have news for you @MQniverse the 10 DOEs are not people who uploaded the videos the 10 are you & the others working with @AustinSteinbart @sdc130mfe & @KewNadian included there are only 10 but those can be added to. They let Austin out to use as bait....
Everything you guys have done & said has been recorded since they put that tracking collar on his leg. The Irony of you pointing out 10 more people being charged with out knowing the number would increase as they gathered more data & did not figure out that you are now 1 of
DOEs has me laughing to the point I can't catch my breath. Below is just a few of the people on the list of DOEs now plus all those Anon's who did not want to put there name on anything. You see sharing that video can not get you charged with anything. It is not illegal for ImageImageImage
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14 Aug
I know that a lot of #Qanon think this is proof of Q but they could not be more wrong & I will prove that to you. Q claims to work with @realDonaldTrump & claimed that They (people working with Trump) will have to force the Question. Meaning Trump is just waiting for the Press to
ask the Question because it would be live & they would beforced to cover it & he could announce to the world he is Q+ that really got the Qanon people really riled up & no phrase is more used in the Q world the "Ask the Q" or some variation of it. It plants in the mind of the
people they are trying to brainwash that if no one asks then that proves Q is real. Most people do not know that a President will never answer a question about a conspiracy theory. Even if Q was real answering it would be political suicide. You have seen how all the MSM outlets
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