1/ Thread on QAnon hijacking Save the/our Children Facebook. I identifed 61 groups that have branded themselves as anti-child trafficking pages or organization; in reality they are predominantly QAnon pages sharing fall cabal, out of shadows, & pedowood videos, as well as Qdrops
2/ The pages are not affiliated with any of the official orgs, they they have appropriated, logos, hashtags, branding and language to the detriment of various CSOs and NGOs
3/ Membership in these groups have increased by 3100% since the start of 2020 (~10k membership to ~330k) but the increase mostly occurred after action was taken by Twitter and subsequently Facebook, which aligned itself with child trafficking awareness day at the end of July
4/ One of the tactics used in avoiding actions taken by the platforms is content & hashtag hijacking. For QAnon, child trafficking is closely affiliated to their central belief system. The timing of the actions taken by Facebook and Twitter created an opportune moment for QAnon
5/ The stark spike in activity is found in the posting patterns of these groups which jumped from 400 posts/wk to 2200 posts/wk
6/ But it is not only the amount of followers that is staggering but its the interaction with content which has increased by 2800% from 223K engagements before August 1 to 6.56M engagements, which weekly amounts to 170,600 engagement/wk (from 8300 weekly)
7/ Not measured are the amount of save the children/end child trafficking events that are being created by these groups (because I have to do this manually and there are dozens). But there are protests and rallies that are organized way into October at the moment.
8/ One pattern in these groups is sharing content, that they deem to be evidence of child trafficking (which it isn't), and share the contact information of anti-child trafficking orgs or hotlines which get flooded with disinformation and fake claims.
9/ this takes away resources from these orgs, which are already limited, which will one day actually endangers some kids life if it already hasn't.
10/ Another trend in these groups & IG is the call for violence against pedophiles. Now we can all agree that pedophiles are the vilest of creatures on this planet. However, considering QAnon followers track records, it is likely they will misidentify someone as a pedophile.
11/ This will either defame an innocent individual or God forbid someone decides to take violent action and an innocent person get hurt.
12/ This is the tip of the iceberg, I have not calculated the Facebook pages that fall into this category nor have I examined the private groups and my acceptances were pending. Ultimately, this is a problem that is still emerging and I strongly recommend it gets nipped.
13/ An important feature to mention is that not all members in these groups are QAnon believers, though they are consuming content like Fall Cabal and out of Shadows for the first time and see this are ground breaking documentaries that the MSM isn't reporting on.
14/ There is room still for intervention with these groups if it can be shown the impact the are having on child trafficking orgs and hotlines and how this may endanger the lives of actual kids. Some are not aware that these are QAnon events and groups
15/ Also many of these do not think they are in a digital war against the deep state like mainstream QAnon, but rather they believe this is a real offline war against child traffickers and those trying to stop the movement.
16/ The potential for offline mobilization is already there within this segment of QAnon (i.e. all the protests) Vs the keyboard warriors. Because QAnon is a spectrum, solutions the challenge posed by this segment of the QAnon community need to be different that mainstream Q

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