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16 Sep, 11 tweets, 7 min read
@JuanSGalt Lots to unpack here.

Claim 1. If you aren't making it (use of a backend) clear that's really dubious...

They were always very clear about this. Ignore relative dates, these are old screenshots. (PART 1)
@JuanSGalt (PART 2)
@JuanSGalt (PART 3)
@JuanSGalt Claim 2. "Might as well skip the whole decentralized coinjoin thing and have people go into a central mixer."

Lets assume he doesn't mean a custodial mixer (like helix).

A Dojo user mixing with at least one other Dojo user breaks the possibility of Samourai observing the links
@JuanSGalt Claim 3. "You can run full nodes on phones because of pruning."

You would still need to download and validate the entire chain. What commonly used mobile wallets allow you to do this? (ABCore is the only one I can think of and that is an outlier). Not practical.
@JuanSGalt Claim 4. "I think we need to see more often ... to run a full node at home and have your wallets connect to that"

This is precisely what DOJO is (which is free) - and you can pair to your DOJO by scanning a QR code - No messing around with ports or router configuration.
@JuanSGalt Claim 5. "Because [Samourai] have this info to so many different CoinJoin's they can potentially deanonymize everyone."

If a round has 2 DOJO users in it - those users are not 'deanonymized'. Samourai doesn't know which of the 2 unknown outputs belong to these users. (PART 1)
@JuanSGalt Because of how whirlpool is structured (Tx0) this effect is amplified over future rounds. When either of those outputs goes on to mix again in another round with at least one other DOJO user, both the original users gain further privacy against Samourai. (PART 2)
@JuanSGalt Claim 6. "No one seems to be raising any red flags about [Wasabi]"

1) 6102bitcoin.com/coinjoin-flagg…
2) medium.com/samourai-walle…
3) medium.com/oxt-research/a…
4) medium.com/oxt-research/a…
5) Address reuse in every round: twitter.com/wasabistats
@JuanSGalt Claim 7. "[Wasabi] doesn't give me that bad feel that Samourai does"

This is where I stopped watching the video - He is clearly not looking at the technical discussions and is making judgements based on how he "Feels" about the people (aka. Red Wallet Bad)

• • •

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12 Sep
If you buy with KYC the government has a lower bound on how much bitcoin you have owned.

If you are meant to pay taxes when exchanging bitcoin for goods / services and you don't - you won't be able to claim you spent them without a fine (at best).
To claim that you lost your coins / had them stolen the government may require that you documented the loss / theft in advance.

Think adversarially. To convince a significant majority to 'voluntarily' give up their bitcoin they must simply make the risk:reward untenable.
1. Send a letter to every KYC'd bitcoiner in the country demanding all bitcoin is relinquished within 1 month.

2. Make a public example out of a few randomly selected individuals (both High and Low value) who did not comply.

3. Put up large bounties for information
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A Cypherpunk's Manifesto
by Eric Hughes

Privacy is necessary for an open society in the electronic age. Privacy is not secrecy. A private matter is something one doesn't want the whole world to know, but a secret matter is something one doesn't want anybody to know. (1/N)
Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.

If two parties have some sort of dealings, then each has a memory of their interaction. Each party can speak about their own memory of this; how could anyone prevent it?
One could pass laws against it, but the freedom of speech, even more than privacy, is fundamental to an open society; we seek not to restrict any speech at all.
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Next time someone tells you that bitcoin facilitates money laundering ask them whether they are aware that Banks facilitate money laundering at an institutional level.

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GTFO (Get The Fiat Out)

--- Going Abroad ---

Going abroad temporarily to a place with a different currency can be disorientating. You may struggle judging prices and clumsily convert back to your 'home' currency.
Living abroad you adapt and start pricing things in the local currency. You stop thinking in terms of your 'home' currency.

It's time to make the move to the internet.

It's time to think in bitcoin.
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