so I woke up this morning in a soft (but #nsfw) PH #bkdk mood where Izuku gets hit with basically a “fuck or die” type quirk in which the first person to touch the affected is the one who has to fuck them

but neither Izuku or Katsuki knew that so Izuku goes home that night alone
when he doesn’t show up for work the next day, Katsuki, rightfully worried for his hero partner and friend, checks up on him during his lunch break

the sheer /terror/ he feels when he walks into Izuku’s flat to see Izuku curled up on the floor, crying and shaking and still in-
-his hero suit, though it was unzipped and hanging off his hips, is downright /paralyzing/

Katsuki can only stare for a good few seconds, as his brain computes what tf he‘s seeing, but the moment he hears Izuku whimper, he‘s on his knees in a heartbeat
he puts his hand on Izuku’s forehead to feel his temperature, but the as soon as their skin touches, his brain just whites out

bc oh


that’s what Izuku looks like with his eyelids fluttering and lips parted and back /arching/
“K-Ka...” he pants, voice slurred

and something in Katsuki tells, demands, him to /keep touching/ to /not stop/ to /do more/ so he does

he moves his hand down to cup Izuku’s cheek while his other goes to hold Izuku’s bare arm and—fuck! fuck if Izuku makes /that/ noise again...
he makes that noise again, and Katsuki finds out exactly what he would do:

he tears Izuku’s hero suit off, leaving him in his cutesy All Might boxers, and hastily strips off his own clothes so that when he scoops Izuku into his arms, there’s no barrier bw them
and /holy fucking shit/ the moan that escapes Izuku’s parted lips has Katsuki hard as a fucking rock faster than ever before

he practically runs to Izuku’s room, still operating on pure instinct, and the moment the two are lying on the bed, Izuku latches onto him like an octopus
Katuski is /not/ complaining—not with the way Izuku is pressing against him so his lips brush against Katsuki’s neck and his hips rock against Katsuki’s leg

“Kacchan~” he moans, breathless and /wanton/

“Fuck,” Katsuki responds back gripping him tightly
“Feels better,” Izuku continues “But need /more/, need /Kacchan/~”

he sounds so coherent that it almost jars Katsuki into being clear- and leveled-headed again

the /oh shit I just fucking *stripped* Izuku and took him to his damn *bed*/ is on the tip of his tongue along with the /does this mean he likes me back?/ but then he looks down at sees how clouded Izuku’s eyes are
he doesn’t have time to realize Izuku isn’t aware of himself at all bc right then, he rocks his hips and moans:

“Kacchan, I /need/ you~”

and Katsuki flings his hand out to open the drawer by the bed where he knows Izuku keeps all his nightly needs
by the time he finds the lube, Izuku’s been sloppily kissing him for what feels like hours while his hips rock erratically against Katsuki’s thigh

the thought of stopping the kiss is painful—but not as painful as the thought of /not/ flipping Izuku over to fuck him boneless
so that’s exactly what Katsuki does

he flips them both over, yanks Izuku’s boxers off, and quickly coats his fingers with lube

“/Kacchan~/!!” Izuku sobs when the first finger enters him, thrashing like it’s actually Katsuki’s cock that’s wrecking his insides
Katsuki can’t look away; he drinks up the sight of Izuku spread open and moaning for him, for /him/, like his life depends on it

when Izuku reaches out, arms trembling, Katsuki quickly leans forward, bracing his arm beside Izuku’s head while the other continues working him open
immediately, Izuku wraps his own arms, and legs, around him, hungrily kissing him until Katuski adds a second finger

“K-Kacchan~” he moans, dragging his fingernails down the other’s back “/More~/!”
and maybe it’s the quirk, but the next thing Katsuki knew, Izuku was taking four of his fingers like a fucking pornstar

he pulls out, his chest squeezing in pain when Izuku releases the most pathetic whine at the loss of contact, but the next sound Izuku makes it all worth it
after coating his dick in lube, Katsuki pulls Izuku into his lap and finally, /finally/, sinks him down on his cock

“Nnuuuh~!” Izuku chokes out, head thrown back, even as he remains chest-to-chest with Katsuki, his fingers painfully digging into his shoulders
and then Katsuki grips Izuku’s ass, tight enough to bruise, lifts him back up and then /slams him down/

“/KACCHAN!!/“ he screams as Katsuki repeats the motion over and over and over again
Katsuki can’t get enough of the sounds Izuku makes and the way he chants his name like a mantra, even as he keeps trying to kiss him

he feels Izuku’s orgasm bubble up, feels the way he stiffens in his arms and tightens around his cock, but even as he erupts bw them, he cries out
“Don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop...!”

so Katsuki doesn’t fucking stop
he shoves Izuku back into the mattress, fucking him until he comes on his back; he flips Izuku over, fucking him until he comes on his stomach; he pulls Izuku to his chest, fucking him until he comes on his side; he goes back to Izuku’s stomach, his back, his side, his lap...
the room has long-since grown dark by the time Katsuki finally comes to

they’re lying on their backs, Izuku tucked into his side once again; only this time, his body is littered with bites, bruises, scratches, and cum

Katsuki knows he only looks marginally less wrecked
he doesn’t recall falling asleep, but he had to, from the way he groggily opened his eyes, brain slightly foggy with the distant memory of—

his eyes snap open

the last thing Izuku had cried out before the two lost consciousness echoes in his skull

“/I love you!/“
did he really mean that? does he really think that? should he leave before he fucks up their friendship even more than he already has?

of course, that’s when Izuku starts to stir in his arms

“Kacchan?” he slurs, frowning slightly. “Wha’ happened?”
well there’s no use hiding the obvious, is there?

“We fucked.”


a beat of silence. then:


Izuku looks up at him, his face burns burns bright red as his eyes widen and body trembles.

“We...?? /You/...?!?”


Izuku’s bottom lip trembles and Katuski doesn’t hesitate in cupping his face, pressing his warm palm to his skin

they freeze

Katsuki knows he should ask if Izuku’s okay...if he wants him to leave...instead, he blurts out,

“Do you remember the last thing you said to me?”
for a moment Izuku merely stares at him with his slack face

but then his eyes close and he sags

“Oh...wasn’t a dream then,” he murmurs

“It wasn’t,” Katsuki agrees, mouth dry

“Guess /all/ of it wasn’t a dream too...”

“It wasn’t”
Izuku releases a breath that has him shuddering in Katsuki’s arms, reminding him of just what had occurred bw them for the past few hours
Katsuki distinctly remembers the moment where Izuku was on his back, the sunlight golden and hazy, as he came for the Nth time—he thought to himself then that he never wants to give this up, never wants another person to make Izuku come apart, be /unraveled/, like this
he wants to be the only one to hold Izuku, to break him and put him back together, to bite his neck and lick his chest and hold his hips

he wants to be the only one Izuku trusts to be seen like this, to be spread and pliant

and Izuku is the only one he’d trust to do this to him
as Izuku looks up, his eyes shinning and lips wet, Katsuki thinks that maybe Izuku /does/ feel the same

maybe he’s finally, /finally/, made up for that shit of a person he’d been back in middle school, back before and after middle school
maybe he‘s finally a person Izuku deserves in his life

“I remember,” Izuku whispers and a tear falls down his face as he says “I remember what I said, Kacchan, and I...I /meant it/“

his throat really is dry now

“Yeah?” he asks

instinctively, Katsuki surges forward, capturing Izuku’s lips and pressing him into the mattress, swallowing his sounds of surprise that quickly turned into hunger


“/Yes/,” he moans “Yes, fuck, I love you too, Deku, /I love you/, I didn’t think I—you deserved—you—“
“Shh, shh, It’s okay,” Izuku whispers, tenderly holding his face, looking up at him like he hung the sun, moon, and stars “It’s okay, Kacchan, I’ve forgiven you long ago”

Katsuki doesn’t sob at that, he /doesn’t/

and he certainly wasn’t already crying before that, nope not him
“Kacchan,” Izuku hums, wiping a thumb across his cheeks “Kacchan, /I love you/“

“Fuck, /Deku/“

he leans down and Izuku leans up, and they’re kissing again, they’re kissing like they don’t plan on stopping, bc they /don’t/
Izuku spreads his knees, making room for Katsuki to settle more comfortably bw them and presses something into his hand

“Are you sure?” Katuski asks, even as he flicks the lid open

“More than anything,” Izuku tells him, moving his hands to Katsuki’s hair and neck and jaw
he keeps kissing Katsuki, biting down on his neck with a whine when he pushes back into him

“Doing alright?” Katsuki asks

rather than answer, Izuku pulls his face down, capturing him in a kiss, and tightens his legs around Katsuki’s hips, urging him to move
so, slowly, Katsuki rocks into him

gone is their frantic heat, their hurried pleasure, but neither care, not when they can finally look at each other, cataloguing the way the other’s skin moves on theirs, how they scrunch their face or gasp in bliss, how their eyes shine
“Kacchan~!” Izuku moans minutes later, body growing taunt as the pleasure within him builds and builds and builds until finally spilling out bw them with a scream

Katsuki comes right after, growling out “/Deku/“ into the other’s neck
they stay in that heap, panting and trembling and gross, until Izuku starts squirming from discomfort

Katuski carefully pulls out, watching the way his cum drips out of Izuku in fascination; he wonders what it would taste like to shove it back in with his tongue
but that can be for another day

that /can/ be for another day...!

the thought makes him smile and when asked, he tells Izuku exactly what he was thinking about as he carries him towards the bath

“Kacchan!” he squeaks, utterly scandalized, lightly slapping at Katsuki’s arm
he just laughs and presses his nose to the base of Izuku’s neck, smelling him one last time before the warm water would wash away most of the scent

a bath would probably be better, but Katsuki doesn’t want to wait for the water to fill up; besides, he can hold Izuku up just fine
plus, even though Izuku’s legs shake, his arms wrap around Katsuki’s neck perfectly well, helping him stay upright too

and maybe they get a little carried away as Katsuki cleans them up; maybe they find out how different it feels, it looks, to come without spilling...
...but no one will ever know that

in the morning, they’ll have to explain themselves—explain why Izuku skipped work, why Katsuki never came back, why neither picked up their phones or answered the door—but that’s a problem for the morning
for now, they change into sweats, order and eat take out, enjoy a cheesy, B-rated movie, and put fresh sheets on Izuku’s bed

for now, they kiss until their lips are red and swollen before falling asleep in each other’s arms
whatever happens in the morning, they can face it all, deal with all the consequences, as they’ve always wanted to: together

wow didn’t expect this to get so long! seriously thought it would be, like, 10 tweets at the max! lol I should know better by now 🙈

if you enjoyed and are able to, pls consider buying me a coffee 🥰✨…
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