i know everyones reposting this video so you've already seen it but i still find it so fascinating that jon stewart era daily show seems to have permanently merged the sections of "humor" and "im so obviously right its insane" sections of the mind in this type of person
this video is intended to be at least "kind of funny". but why. whats the joke. the "joke" is intended to be your mental response of "haha yeah thats so obviously true". but thats not actually a joke. this is how everyone like this talks and jokes around in real life now even.
the "joke" is always this feeling of "yeah, duh right???". thats obvious but i still feel like the fact that this feeling has [displaced] the actual sensation of humor in these peoples minds to be fascinating and something that hasnt fully been explored as a social phenomenon.
watch the end of the video. when its close up on her face and shes like "right?? champ?? chief?? kiddo???". thats intended to be humorous. but if you really sit down and break down why its supposed to be funny and the vectors behind it its actually almost maddening to think about

• • •

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18 Sep
still stuck here (i feel fine). may share some observations about “tv” as im waiting around this morning as i normally never watch such a thing (obviously).
strange manifestation of quarantine is seeing “celebrities” totally stripped of that which typically elevates them into their media demigod status. without bright lights or a set or hd cameras this rachel ray show is almost indistinguishable from skyping with an enthusiastic aunt
i predict that seeing celebrities in the visual language of normal people (off set) like this long term will warp some more fragile minds, this is after all the obsession with celebrity sex tapes: to see these demigods as “just like us”, now unleashed on essentially every channel
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15 Sep
OPHANIM painting hour is LIVE: drawing on the plains edition. big suspense happening right now. will the internet at my air bnb support streaming? we dont know. real edge of your seat live media. cant buy that. happening. right now.


dang the wh0le internet at this spot went out. did a test run before but did not anticipate that as a possibility. gonna keep trying but dont want to waste anyones time so if it doesn’t work in a few minutes i’ll record something and post it and make a plan for next time.
i have accepted the current lack of internet in this mountainous spot. it was working this afternoon but such is the fallen world. sorry to those seeking to “vibe out” BUT i will make a plan. the vibe broadcast cannot be stopped (again, after this) Image
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15 Sep
kind of forget about the masque situation because im #hermitgang but where im at now i legit see people running, alone, at 6am, wearing face coverings. people also wear them while driving here. my friend said people wear them while hiking, alone, on actual mountains.
yes. just another interesting data point on the US actually being multiple separate nations (obvious but fun to explore the minutia of) because where i live its nothing like this

outside my own biases i also find the semiotics of how these views coalesce and "go together" interesting because the view that "essentially all institutions are secretly or openly racist + actually kill ppl" would seem to be at odds with "you have to trust medical authorities".
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14 Sep
this is the new meme idea ive been seeing going around the normie internet recently + just have to say everything in this video is wrong

a) animals do experience the uncanny valley, 100%

b) humans experiencing it doesnt mean that we evolved it from experiences with quasi-humans
uncanny valley is one of my favorite concepts - it extends to specific domains as well as being general, for example, within art. if i see an artist that is close to my vibe but not really it can be in the uncanny valley. this happens often. so its not just for survival.
its probably a reaction to your brain not knowing exactly how to categorize something. likewise that circles back into animals experiencing the uncanny valley. if an animal experiences something that is almost like a member of its species but not quite it will have the reaction.
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14 Sep
have to lol when i think of the "how does it affect u"
argument for legal weed when i go to colorado, where instantly, the second i enter a city, i get an average of 5-10 visual ads for weed put into my brain an hour. "yeah just take a left at the 'dankest nugs' billboard then t
such a great state and this only applies to certain areas but it just imparts the sketchiest lame aesthetic going down the highway and there are these little "toms freshest buds MEDICAL AND RECREATIONAL" signs over what appear to be storage unit storefronts dotting the landscape
no concept of a cohesive aesthetic. no concept of a cohesive mental state wherein everything around u affects u. mkultra mindset wherein ur psyche is willingly fractured and you can pick and choose what "counts" in terms of mental input. many such cases

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13 Sep
after noticing it for a long time now i am 100% confirmed and sold on the “some coffee is ‘fake’ and made with synthetic caffeine” idea. i get different physical effects from certain commercial coffee that i never get if i grind it myself regardless of the “dose”.
i didnt come up with this idea, someone here turned me onto it but they have a private account so not sure if i should tag them. heres why the physical effect thing is interesting, and the same thing happens to my grandmother:
synthetic caffeine acts differently than coffee. so theres no reason i should be able to drink 4 or 5 cups when ive ground the beans and [never] get certain effects that are extremely obvious versus getting them instantly when i have one cup of certain brands every single time.
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