Last year, Extinction Rebellion claimed "billions will die from climate change" & "Earth is dying"

Both are lies, and I called them out for it

Now it is lying about me & smearing my colleague @ziontree

Why? Because @ziontree rightly denounced Extinction Rebellion for alarmism
As background, I

- have been an environmental activist for 33 years & a climate activist for 20 years

- helped win massive govt investment in renewables, 2003-09

- helped saved enough nuclear since 2016 to reduce CO2 equivalent to 24M cars on road…
Our small nonprofit research and policy organization @envprogress is funded by a small group of individuals with no financial interest in our research or advocacy

And, unlike @XRebellionUK @Greenpeace @SierraClub @NRDC we disclose our donors publicly:
Extinction Rebellion (XR) is attacking Zion Lights & me now because our work is succeeding & XR is failing spectacularly

Over the last week, UK newspapers on Left & Right have been lambasting Extinction Rebellion for its bullying, racism, and nihilism… ImageImageImageImage
"After winning support from celebrities including Benedict Cumberbatch & Radiohead, the group ran out of money in April and was unable to pay its staff... workers were paid about a third of what they were owed..." ImageImage
XR Founder Roger Hallam is "in prison after being arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause criminal damage. He had to step back from XR this year after making comments minimising the Holocaust but continued to be paid while on remand in prison for an unrelated allegation"
XR's leaders lie about our funding while engaging in suspicious financial schemes:

“Subsequently to The Times contacting us we have identified an omission from our transparency record of voluntary living expenses... This relates to a backdated payment to Roger Hallam..."
Hallam "proposed going to the US to attempt to reinvigorate the movement which was floundering over whether to make racial justice one of its demands...Hallam told group organisers that to build the US group the issue of race had to be disregarded... to appeal to the far right"
"Like so many lobby groups, my old colleagues peddle messages of doomsday gloom that alienate... It is scaremongering rather than inspiring.... Try telling that to the people living in poverty in the Punjab" @ziontree…
"It’s why, in June, I resigned from XR and took a new role overseeing British campaign group Environmental Progress... It’s a decision that led to some abusive messages from a small cohort of my old colleagues."
Roger Hallam and Extinction Rebellion are the death of anti-human environmentalism

Zion Lights and pro-nuclear activists are the birth of pro-human environmentalism

At some level, XR knows it, which is why it has launched this grotesque attack
Anybody who cares about the environment will join @ziontree @mark_lynas & pro-nuclear pro-human environmentalists in UK, France, Germany & 30+ nations around the world to @StandUp4Nuclear & stand up against alarmist, anti-nuclear, & anti-human bullies

To learn more about why the most alarmist greens like @XRebellionUK are also most opposed to the only workable solutions to air pollution & climate change (eg nuclear), and why Zion Lights is campaigning with me for nuclear, please consider reading:…
Hint: it might be because Extinction Rebellion doesn't care a whit about protecting the environment but instead wants to:

- circumvent democracy with "citizen assemblies" that it controls

- prevent free expression by blocking newspaper delivery

- terrorize children
- take control of the economy

- exercise control over personal freedom

- deny poor nations the same high-energy lives that XR's affluent, upper-class members enjoy
The journey from permaculture to Malthusian totalitarianism is shorter than even I had realized Image

• • •

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24 Oct
Solar farms require 300-400x more land than a nuclear or natural gas plant and produce 200-300 times more waste than nuclear plants
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11 Oct
Remember that “apocalyptic” fire in northern California that forced people to flee their homes & was supposedly “caused” by climate change?

Not only was it perfectly natural, the Park Service now says it was just what the forest & spotted owls needed…
Quick! Somebody alert Facebook’s censors @ClimateFdbk to slap a warning label on that San Francisco Chronicle story for being “misleading” because it failed to mention that climate change has doomed our forests to the apocalypse!!!
All of this will come as a shock to East Coast journalists who are too scared to go camping but were absolutely certain climate change had burned down 2,000 year old redwood trees
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Under Obama-Biden, “$15B went to energy efficiency, which turned out to be a massive waste of money. 2x as much money was spent weatherizing homes as was saved. The episode disproved the myth that efficiency investments always “pay for themselves.”…
“Determined to learn nothing from history, Green New Dealers are now proposing to spend taxpayer dollars weatherizing every building in America.”
FWIW, this is not a left-right issue. Even @MotherJones reports, “the upfront cost of efficiency upgrades came to about $5,000 per house, on average. But their central estimate of the benefits only amounted to about $2,400 per household.”…
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28 Sep
"California is what American life will look like if the Green New Deal succeeds"

Only nuclear can replace fossil fuels at low-cost while creating millions of good jobs

Excellent new *progressive* case for nuclear by @dumbaristotle article @BellowsMag…
"California's rolling blackouts this summer were caused by decades of costly and poorly planned decisions to replace nuclear and gas plants with solar and wind."

Terrific new video on California's renewable energy crisis by @TheAbridgedZach @reason

The movement for nuclear energy is growing!

- Dozens of bikers did "Ride for Reactors" in Illinois

- Dance for nuclear in South Africa

- Massive virtual pro-nuclear demo in Australia

- Hundreds in Holland, France, Canada!

Check out @StandUp4Nuclear !
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If you care so much about the climate why are you trying to close California's last nuclear power plant?

Diablo Canyon:

- provides clean energy to 3M people

- is needed to fuel EVs

- is set to be replaced by fossil fuels, creating CO2-equivalent to adding 2M cars to road
California had blackouts last fall and was on the brink of 'cascading failures' from a shortage of electricity just a few weeks ago

So in response to our energy crisis you're seeking to a) increase demand for electricity from EVs & b) kill a plant that provides power to 3M?
If you care so much about reducing emissions, why are you seeking to replace the 9% of our electricity that comes from clean nuclear rather than the 50% that comes from fossil fuels?
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14 Sep
This is false

No mainstream scientist blames California's recent drought on climate change as Gov. @GavinNewsom has just done with @realDonaldTrump

The most scientists are willing to say is that it made the drought 15-20% more intense

Even the apocalyptic @nytimes says so
@GavinNewsom @realDonaldTrump @nytimes Will the @nytimes — which has been exaggerating climate change's role in California's fires & lionizing @GavinNewsom — report that the governor just grossly misrepresented the science, according to its own 2015 coverage of the science?…
Will the news media report that California's high-intensity megafires wouldn't be occurring without ~5x normal wood fuel accumulation?

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