(thread) I don't talk about animal abuse in detail for a reason. That reason is because the truth about animal abuse is something most people aren't ready to hear. I do my advocating in the privacy of an exam room where I can be most effective, but I should say this publicly once
The video above is a wonderful story, and that person should be commended. But what I see as a veterinarian isn't a woman helping a dog, it's countless people who ignored that poor creature in various states of misery. The video also warps our sense of what animal abuse is.
Animal cruelty is not a medical determination but a legal one. There are 50 different states with 50 different definitions. Contrary to what you're conditioned to believe the most common form of abuse happens at home in the form of neglect.
Dog fighting is real (bait dogs aren't), serious physical abuse is real, and brutal killings happen. But most of the abuses happen right at home, and often with people who don't believe they're abusive. This is where we enter the area people don't want to hear, but I hope you do.
Many people with pets refuse to learn what's best for them, their needs, or pay attention when something is wrong. People think there should be crying and yelping if something is wrong, that's not true. Many people don't learn dietary needs or proper exercise.
These are living, thinking, and loving animals that have no voice. Their abuse is often without justice because they can't speak. The overt abuse is easy to spot, not that I see a lot of that because they don't usually take their animals for veterinary care.
Then there's the main type of abuse, neglect. This is where some people who are reading this fall. You won't believe it's you, but it very well could be. This abuse is often unintentional, and by people who believe they love their pet.
When you bring another life in your home you don't "own" them, you're agreeing to share your life with them and provide care. If you don't have the money to adopt a pet, don't. If you do you have a responsibility to care for them in every way they require, no exceptions.
This includes attention, diet, love, medical care, and exercise. They're not accessories or "only there when you want them to be." You have a duty to treat them well, and if you don't I'll take them from you. I'm not shy about calling the county sheriff while you're in my office.
Being a well intended caregiver isn't the same as being a responsible caregiver. Read books, talk to your vet, and learn what you need to do to care for a pet. They're not a TV. You don't bring them home so they can entertain you when you want. Please take their lives seriously.

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We don't always charge up front, but we have people's information so it's not a big deal for us, but when I asked her why she did it she said "I couldn't bare the shame of admitting I couldn't provide the care she needed. I'm barely able to keep a roof over my head."
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