Unfortunately, the people who need to see this probably won't, but since masks are somehow in question again let me be clear. There is no underlying conspiracy among the medical community to undermine a political party. We rely on masks every day to keep doing our jobs....
And it is our duty to give the best advice possible, advice we ourselves would follow and instruct our families to follow. This is what is happening when you now see the physicians at the CDC, NIH, HHS, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Duke, Mayo Clinic, Baylor, Harvard, Cleveland Clinic...
And every major medical society or academic institution when they recommend masking in public. Even if you have lost trust in gov agencies, turn to the Universities you would go to if you had a refractory cancer, neurologic disease, autoimmune disease etc. Their opinions are
Just as powerful now as in any other circumstance. Please see the links below for more information from these universities.
Coronavirus Face Masks: Types & When to Use | Johns Hopkins Medicine
5 Myths About Coronavirus and Face Masks, Debunked – Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic
Face Masks Reduce Risk of COVID-19 Infection, and Should Be Used With Other Interventions – Consult QD

• • •

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More from @neurooruen

8 Sep
I can't believe we may have a vaccine released before phase 3 testing in the US. I really can't believe it. Regardless of all the crazy things that have happened, mass vaccine distribution BEFORE PHASE 3 TESTING, is insane to me. We have had one of the most stringent
Approval policies of any country in the world during my career. We also have one of, if not the best, healthcare systems in the world. 190+ countries have suffered from #COVID19 and yet we may be the first to release a vaccine in spite of a lack of phase 3 (not to mention
Phase 4) testing. It's unlike anything I've ever seen in medicine. A degree from a US residency can translate to almost any country in the world, yet, a physician from another country could have been practicing cardiothoracic surgery for 20 years across 10 countries but all
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7 Sep
Recently, a best friend of mine showed me a YouTube video of Joe Biden stuttering over some words in a 30 min video without context. He then emphatically told me that Joe Biden has Alzheimer's disease. I just looked at him. In that moment, I realized he forgot I am a neurologist
I fought the urge to ask him which of the 6 or 7 components of memory he felt Biden was lacking. Semantic? Episodic? Short-term? Long-term? Explicit? Procedural? Implicit? Phonemic memory? I just kept staring and didn't condescend him. It just reminded me
How tired I am of people manipulating medicine for their personal and political gains recently. I have watched a ton of videos of Biden. I would never assume a diagnosis about a person based on internet videos but this is the world we now live in. I can imagine asking people
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5 Sep
Reminder to everyone out there as I humbly remind people of our story. On July 11 and 12 we saw 11 family members at a lake gathering. We were outdoors the whole time except for the late evening when 6 people stayed in the house the night of the 11th. And still, 9 of the 11 ppl
Ended up #COVID19 positive. 2 people gave it to other people based on our tracking so 11 people ended up positive. This was over a 24 hour period where no more than 6-7 people where ever together at the same time and mostly outdoors. Now, my pregnant wife will be delivering
3 weeks earlier than our due date (based on our OB's concerns) and multiple members of my family who got #COVID19 from our trip are left to wait and see if they will have long term symptoms.
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27 Aug
There is absolutely no valid reason medically for the #CDC to recommend not testing asymptomatic people with direct exposure to #COVID-19. In my family's situation, my wife was unknowingly in the presymptomatic phase when we saw our family and ended up infecting 9 more people.
I have not questioned presymptomatic transmission since. At all. We discussed the our case with the infectious disease physicians at UAB and they directed us to literature that supports high viral load shedding in the presymptomatic phase. I encourage people to read...
Please contribute further if you have more data but I think it has been well established that the presymptomatic phase, not to mention asymptomatic patient's, represents a high risk for infectivity going forward. For this reason I am shocked by the recommendation from the #CDC...
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19 Jul
My pregnant physician wife and I are currently COVID positive. We are currently quarantining with our 2 yo daughter who is likely also positive based on symptoms. We have both been working in hospitals taking every precaution humanly possible, especially because of the pregnancy.
Nonetheless, we are positive. We have been masking non-stop in our hospitals and have been protected despite seeing many COVID + patients along the way. We visited family this weekend and 8 of the 11 people we saw (not all at the same time) are now lab confirmed COVID positive.
We did not mask while visiting with family because we let our guard down and thought we were safe. Every one of those positive have symptoms from congestion, headache, fever, malaise, myalgias, and anosmia. 2 of the positives are toddlers. One has been febrile for 48 hrs.
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