“Mask Mouth” a new medical condition caused by wearing a masks all day. The bacteria in yr mouth along with the dampness causes the skin around your mouth to breakout in hives. Not to mention the oxygen deficiency due to the fact that you are breathing in your own carbon dioxide
There is so much bacteria, yeast, virus & fungus that lives in the mouth that is expelled as you breath, but it is trapped around your mouth when wearing a mask all day. That along with the moisture from your breath creates the dampness that bacteria & fungus thrive in.
It’s basically like wearing a soiled diaper all day. You will get a diaper rash 😖

Other mask mouth symptoms include tooth decay, bad breath & gum inflammation

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25 Sep
Thread Please Share:
Dear President @realDonaldTrump Amy Coney Barrett will be the Jeff session of the Supreme Court. She said she will recuse herself from any decision that the pope hold a position on.
Amy Coney Barrett ruled against Republicans to enforce a Democrat lockdown.
She has ruled in favor of govt. on other civil liberties too.
She also believes govt. can mandate vaccines.
She seems to be a statist.
Amy Coney Barrett has a less than average chance of being confirmed due to a number of controversial things she has said & some statist decision she has made.
She is likely to be rejected then President Trump will not have the critical 5th vote to decide the election if need be
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24 Sep
Dear #BlackLivesMatter police shooting of blacks extremely RARE but Every election cycle the Democrat Party & their Media convince black people “racist cops” is the #1 issue they face to cover up the havoc their policies have wreaked. It’s not
#Amerikkka it’s #DemoKKKrats
In 2019 police had 375 million encounters with the American people. 28 of out of 375 million ended in the death of an unarmed person black & white usually due to resisting arrest

This is what the Democrats & their media have people having a collective meltdown over? #Amerikkka
Meanwhile the Democrat party has black kids trapped in their failing public schools where they are graduating kids who can’t read or do math setting up for failure in life only to then blame racism. The democrat party is an evil force in the black community
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3 Sep
Fellow Black people.. please stop letting the left convince you the biggest issue black people race is racist white cops. IT’s NOT! This is a distraction from all the DESTRUCTIVE policies that have ruined blacks.
Dems have millions of blacks trapped in their bad schools...
The average black kid is graduating with less that a 3rd grade level of reading & doing math setting them up for INSTANT failure.
This after tax payers spend $20k per child per year on these failed schools.
The result is Millions of black kids graduating from high school with near ZERO chance of even functioning in society let alone making it.
They become idle & dependent on govt. & many end up in a life of crime
Dems R fighting against school choice which would end this tragedy
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1 Sep
@ProjectLincoln No actually, President Trump is the best President since Lincoln. President Trump is the modern day George washington fighting the new American revolution against the Establishement DC in both parties that have been lining their pockets at the expense of we the people.
@ProjectLincoln BOTH the Establishment GOP & Democrats for decades, financially benefited from implementing polices that benefited the multinational globalist corporations that lined the pockets of politicans in both parties. The middle class shrunk as jobs were sent to China...
@ProjectLincoln Trump who cant be bought because he had his money, came and put an end the GOP and Dem establishement's racket putting the interests of the American people 1st. Now the money is drying up for these DC politicians and they cant pay their $25K mortgate. Thats why they HATE Trump
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20 Aug
When Jennifer Hudson ‘s family was killed, Trump flew her entire family on his jet & took them into Trump Tower rent free for months all expenses & food paid for!

She will never acknowledge that because she is a coward & the media will never report on this b/c they are corrupt
I don’t know how she can watch a man who was so generous & kind hearted to her.. dragged through the dirt as a racist & not say a peep to defend him
That’s heartless
But I guess she knows the Hollywood/media complex would come after her. These celebrities are slaves to the system
So Jennifer Hudson & her extended family members stayed at Trump Tower Chicago. FREE of charge because Trump out of the kindness of his heart, took care of her in her most desperate time of need. Sad she will not acknowledge this today.com/popculture/tru…
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17 Aug
People on the right are saying Kamala is far left
People on the left are saying she is too far right.

The truth is she is a globalists; that means she wants socialism for the masses while she protects the interests of the globalist 1% elites like wall st., silicon valley
The billionares like Bezos advocate for socialism because they know they will be exempt. Bezos pays almost nothing in taxes but he wants YOUR wealth redistributed. Kamala is gonna help him do it. She is for hire.. she will say and do anything for the globalists
Destroying the middle class is their goal. That is what they have been doing for the last 3 decades until Trump came and put a stop to it. They signed trade deals that killed American jobs, not because they are stupid.. they are not stupid.. they know..That was the plan.
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