Increase your active income so you can increase your passive income

Increase your passive income so you can break free from the rat race

Break free from the rat race so you can control your time, spend more time with your family, enjoy life & live a life with less stress
Increasing your active Income

- Get a raise at work
- Sell a product, service or information
(Products can be physical and/or digital )
- Trade options, stocks
- Flip houses
- wholesale real estate
- Do hair / nails / write resumes
- Personal training
- Teach something
Increasing your passive income

- Invest in stocks that pay dividends
- Buy rental properties
- Own a business you don’t work at
- Invest in bonds that pay interest
(Google muni bonds)

• • •

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19 Sep
28 life lessons worth sharing

1. No one has it all figured out

2. Being nice is overrated, be kind, be fair, be understanding, not “nice”

3. To love is to be vulnerable, let your guard down

4. Good or bad, you can learn from everybody
5. Embrace all of your emotions, don’t ignore them, don’t mask them, embrace them

6. Traveling alone is better than with bad company

7. Unlearning is just as important as learning
8. No one prepares you to watch your parents grow old

9. Own up to your mistakes /Do what you say you’ll do

10. Maturity is accepting you won't get answers to the shit that hurt you the most, heal anyway
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28 Aug
Woke up to a $73,159 check

Not a bad for a week’s worth of work

But let’s talk about money and wealth creation
1. If you woke up this morning and didn’t make a single dollar while you were sleep, time to re-evaluate your money game
2. Your sources of income can’t only be related to the amount of hours worked

“If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”

- Warren Buffet

You should own an instrument that makes money without your man hours then you’ll wake up to money
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24 Aug
Back when I was deployed in Iraq (2011)

It was a slow day at work, my buddy & I was arguing over if the 3 Peat Lakers team were led by Kobe or Shaq

My supervisor called me in his office and said

He said Private Johnson,

Who avg the most points in the NBA last season?
I proudly said

“Kevin Durant, Sergeant”

He said “ What about the year before that?

I repeated “Kevin Durant Sergeant, and D Wade the year before that”

I was happy to tell him

He said

“Private Johnson, what’s the maximum effect range for your M4?” (My rifle)
I told him

“I’m not sure Sergeant but I know where I can find the answer”

He asked me what is the process of reporting a death of the battle field

“I’m not sure about that one either Sergeant but I know where I can find the answer”

He smirked..
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5 Aug
You aren’t going to get wealthy if you don’t know the difference between active income and passive income

You might get rich but you won’t get wealthy

If you compare flipping houses to rentals or options to dividends you clearly don’t know the difference
If you get $5,000 from your rentals and blow it all on a vacation, the next month your $5,000 will reappear

If you get $5,000 from wholesaling a house and blow it, you have to go wholesale another house to get that money again

Active income vs passive

Please understand this
So if I say I’m investing $5,000 into div paying stocks that pay me $500 per year and you say

“Why wait all year for $500 when you can take that $5,000 and flip 3 cars and get $2500 profit each”

Active income vs passive bro

You missed the point
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14 Jul
The modern mind fuck

People think working is honorable but owning businesses is evil

People think shopping is fun but selling is sleazy

Buying a home is dope, renting houses out is evil

Society hates when you get on the other side of the cash register
If you go shopping and get a new pair of shoes people will say
“Damm those are fire”

When you want to produce shoes they will say “Why do you charge people $99 for something that only cost $15 to make, that’s not right bro”
When it’s time to buy a new car everyone says

“You Worked so hard you deserve it”

But when you take the money you would’ve spend on the car and invest it people say

“Everything isn’t about money bro, live a little” AKA overspend and borrow for useless toys
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9 Jul
$1,000 to a 6 Figure Side Hustle in 12 months

$30 - Shopify
$30- Logo
$500 product (100 units x $5)
$115 shipping
$250 Instagram shoutouts
$75 product photos

= $1,000

100 units x $65 sale price

After discounts & giveaways

Avg sale $49 x 100

Sales = $4,900

Time = 2 months
Reup & Repeat

$2,000 product (400 units x $5)
$400 shipping
$1,000 IG shoutouts / FB ads
$150 product photos
$150 Shopify + aps

Spent = $3,700 (Keep other $1200)

After discounts & giveaway

400 units x $53 avg sale price


Time = 2 months
4 months in

Spent = $4,800

Sales = $26,100

Keep in mind you’ll have to pay taxes but your customers pay sales taxes for most sales, to keep this simple, we aren’t going to calculate taxes and Shopify fees per sale

Anyway... let’s keep going ⌚️x💰
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